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by Jesus Zabala - 7 min read

How Can Thick Chain Necklaces Be Styled for Unique Looks

Thick chain necklaces are great statement pieces, but when it comes to thick chains, some may have difficulty styling them, especially when you are new to wearing jewelry. It may take a bit to achieve a distinctive style. So, how can thick chain necklaces be styled for unique looks?

In the last few years, thick chain necklaces had a big rise in popularity, which is good news for the maximalists out there. 

The good news is that chain necklaces come in various types and are incredibly fun to experiment with. Thick chains let your creative juices flow, allowing you to achieve an original and personalized style.

How Can Thick Chain Necklaces Be Styled

Source: jewelrylab.co

How Can Thick Chain Necklaces Be Styled for Unique Looks?

Thick chain necklaces are available in various styles and materials. You can buy a sterling gold or a sterling silver chunky chain necklace based on your preferences. If you are unsure of how to style them, consider starting with the following tips:

  • Start with a single thick chain 
  • Layer a thick chain with a thinner one/s
  • Layer two thick chain necklaces
  • Mix different chain types
  • Have fun, and let yourself be creative

    Styling Tips for Unique Looks with Thick Chain Necklaces

    Jewelry allows every individual to chase their unique style. Plus, it can elevate even the most basic outfits. Styling jewelry varies on individual tastes and preferences. The best way to showcase your personality is by being innovative when accessorizing.

    For example, thick chain necklaces are a great way to add eye-catching detail to your overall style. There are different chain necklaces, meaning you can choose one that complements your look.

    You can even buy a customized chain necklace with a pendant to showcase uniqueness. You can also consider the following tips for a unique look with thick chain necklaces.

    Start with a single thick chain.

    If you usually wear simpler and thinner necklaces, you can start by adding a single gold or silver thick chain. The type of material your necklace you pick should compliment your skin tone

    For instance, if you have a warmer skin tone, you might want to consider a thick gold chain. But those with cooler skin undertones should go for a thick silver chain. Whichever material you choose, a thick chain necklace is great for a bold everyday look. 

    Elevate your work outfits with a thick chain. Business casual outfits like turtlenecks, wide-legged pants, and blazers pair seamlessly with thick chains. 

    Layer a thick chain with thinner necklace/s

    Layering a thick chain with a thin necklace is a great way to achieve a unique and chic look. The combo looks stunning with dresses, especially summer dresses, and with the season approaching, now is the time to get a thick chain. 

    Layer the necklaces by length. The thick chain can be hung lower than the thinner necklace. Or the other way around, layer them according to your preferences for a personalized and distinctive look.

    But the thinner necklace will be longer if you buy a thick choker chain. This combo will also create a fun look, perfect for the summer. 

    Layer two thick chain necklaces 

    If you want to achieve a bolder statement look, layer two thick chains. Layer them so that one hangs lower than the other. The combo of two thick chain necklaces is suitable for everyday looks.

    Plus, the combo easily helps you transition your look from day to night. So if you want to go dancing or grab a drink or two after work, leave the necklaces in place and only change your outfit. 

    Regarding men, they can layer two thick chain necklaces on a simple long or short-sleeved shirt to boost a basic outfit.

    Mix different chain necklace types 

    There are many different types of thick chain necklaces, so feel free to experiment and mix up more than one style. Mixing more thick chain types can help you achieve a truly original look.

    You can even layer two thick-patterned chains with one dainty necklace. The three combo necklace looks great with v-neck shirts, which are currently incredibly trendy. Mixing different types of chain necklaces allows you to achieve an individual and elevated style.

    Have fun and be creative

    Jewelry is all about self-expression. While there are tips you can follow to start out, remember that there are no strict rules. If you want to achieve an original and unique look, you must let yourself be creative. 

    Let the bohemian in you take over; soon enough, you will find what works best for you. You can even try mixing all kinds of necklaces, including pearl, beaded, choker, and long chain necklaces. Experimenting is key to finding your own distinctive style.

    Styling Tips for Unique Looks with Thick Chain Necklaces

    Source: jewelrylab.co

    Types of Thick Chain Necklaces

    Chain necklaces date back to ancient civilizations, with the earliest examples dating back to 2500 BC, Ancient Babylon (today, Iraq). Different cultures even added pendants and protective charms to chain necklaces. 

    In modern times the chain necklace entered mainstream fashion during the 1930s. Brought to the high fashion world by Coco Chanel, chains quickly became popular among celebrities and everyday women. 

    In the 1970s, with the height of bohemian fashion, thick chains were worn by both men and women. The evolution of the chain necklace led to today's varied chain link options. Many chain necklaces are available, meaning they cater to individual tastes.

    Some of the chains necklace types are the following: 

  • Anchor chains;
  • Byzantine chains;
  • Curb chains;
  • Figaro chains;
  • Cord chains;
  • Fancy chains; 
  • Anchor chains 

    The anchor chain's design looks like the chains that hold ships' large anchors, hence its name. With an anchor chain, you can easily achieve a bold look. Anchor chains are available in various styles:

    • Classic anchor chain with oval-shaped links;
    • Round and identical chain links joined in an alternating sequence;
    • Anchor chain with balls, also known as satellite chain;
    • Cord chain or twisted chain;
    • Flat anchor chain;
    • Braided anchor chain.

    Byzantine chain

    The byzantine chain, known as the royal weave, is among the most beautiful chain patterns. Byzantine chains have a more complicated design, connecting each link to the next four. The intricate design is certainly a bold choice that will elevate your style.

    Curb chains

    Men usually wear thick curb chain necklaces. The links in a curb chain interlock with each other when laid flat. The links are tightly intertwined, making the curb chain one of the strongest and most resistant to breaking. This style is also the most varied when it comes to width availability.

    Figaro chain

    The figaro chain style dates back to the end of the 18th century. The opera "The Marriage of Figaro" popularized it, referring to the main character who wore a similar design on stage. 

    After the opera's premiere, jewelers started incorporating the chain weave when making necklaces. Like the curb chain, the links interlock when laid flat, but the difference is that every third or fourth in the sequence is elongated

    Another reason for the popularity of Figaro chains is that they are universal, meaning both men and women wear them. 

    Cord chains

    The cord chain gets its name due to its resemblance to a cord. The chain link design is similar to the anchor but is double and twisted. This design creates the effect of two twisting cords spiraling together. 

    Fancy chains

    Fancy chains are a term used to describe any other form of fine metal that you can replicate and join together to form a chain. Most often, fancy chains are variations of the existing standard styles. Fancy chains can be:

    • Heart-shaped links;
    • Chains with gemstones; 
    • Paperclip links.

      Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chain Size 

      When considering which size chain link is suitable for you, consider the following factors.


      Length is important if you plan to layer your thick chain necklaces. This is so that each necklace is distinguishable from one another. Layered chain necklace lengths can be around 20 to 30 inches. You will achieve a cohesive and creative look by layering necklaces at different lengths. 


      Even thick chain necklaces come in different widths. The best way to choose the right width for you is by considering your tastes and preferences. Remember, the thicker the chain, the bolder your look. 


      It would be best to avoid layering heavy chain necklaces as they will likely feel uncomfortable around your neck. You can balance the weight of a thin chain by layering it with lighter ones. You do not want sore neck muscles due to the added weight. 

      Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chain Size

      Source: jewelrylab.co

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      Can both men and women wear thick chain necklaces?

      Today most jewelry is universal, so both men and women wear thick chain necklaces. You only need to worry about choosing the style that meets your tastes.

      Can I wear a thick chain necklace every day?

      If you want to, you can wear your chain necklace daily with formal and everyday outfits. Chain necklaces can elevate every outfit without overpowering it or needing additional accessories. Adding more jewelry depends on personal preferences. 

      Are thick chains in fashion?

      Yes. Over the past few years, thick chains have become incredibly popular in the fashion industry and for everyday wear. 


      Hopefully, this article answers how can thick chain necklaces be styled for unique looks. Besides the various tips and tricks outlined above- The main takeaway when wearing jewelry is to experiment with the chain and let your creativity flow.

      Thick chain necklaces allow you to experiment by wearing them alone or layering them with other pieces. Moreover, you can achieve a bold look while wearing basic outfits by putting on a thick chain necklace. 

      Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.