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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How do Black Chain Necklaces Complement Various Necklines

Finding yourself stuck in a loop of wearing just a single necklace type can often result in hassle when trying out something new. The most important rule in jewelry styling is to follow the neckline. Even though you know that the neckline is your outline, a lot of confusion can arise when trying to figure out how do black chain necklaces complement various necklines. 

This post will teach you how to pair black chain necklaces with different necklines. I will also offer tips on how to create balance in your outfits by following easy-to-remember fashion rules. 

Let’s dig in. 

Black Chain Necklaces Complement Various Necklines

How Do Black Chain Necklaces Complement Various Necklines 

Just like any other chain necklace, black chain necklaces can be styled with a fusion of different clothes. However, when accessorizing, you have to try to balance and harmonize your outfit. This means your necklace should properly suit your neckline. But what does this mean? And how do black chain necklaces complement various necklines? 

Simply put, each type of women’s black chain necklace is best suited for a different neckline. While one chain necklace might complement a given style, it might completely ruin the appeal of another. 

If you are someone who owns multiple necklace types, then all jewelry-styling advice is welcomed. Gaining an understanding of how to coordinate them into your outfits is a sure time-saver. 


Wearing a deeper V-neckline draws most of the attention to your cleavage. When going for this style, you can further enhance your look by adding a long chain necklace or a layered necklace. Namely, 16 to 18-inch long necklaces make an appropriate fit for this neckline. 

Our Black Onyx Necklace is a great black and gold chain that you can pair with a plethora of different colors to add contrast to your outfit. 

Angular pieces of jewelry also match the V-neck style. If you want to introduce some sophistication or add a more gothic element to your outlift, you can wear a multi-layer choker. 

Scoop necklines 

Scoop necklines offer a U-shaped cut. Lower scoop necklines leave extra space and can accommodate a broader, layered necklace. Smaller scoop necklines leave just enough space for a shorter necklace with a small-volume pendant or a heavy layered choker. 

Complementing varied necklines with black chain necklaces can be confusing as cuts can vary greatly. 

If you have a medium-sized scoop line, you can add the 16-inch Atlas Necklace. This gold chain link can easily blend into a fun disco outfit or flatter a simple casual outfit. You can pair a shorter neckline shape with a minimal coin necklace like the Jaguar Coin Pendant that falls just above or below the scoop neckline. 

Crew necklines 

Crew necklines are also known as bib collar necklines. This is a rounded, close-fitting neckline that goes well both with a short and a long necklace. It is one of the most common higher necklines and a good chance to show off your shorter, bulkier designs. 

Just make sure that the chain falls parallel to the shirt’s or the dress’s neckline. If you want a bulkier black silver chain to complete your outfit, check out our Mita XL Chain Link Necklace

Pairing this neckline with a longer necklace creates a fuller chest appeal. But, if you want to avoid a full chest, then stick to shorter bulkier chains. 

Halter necklines

The halter top is designed to show off the shoulders and make them appear slimmer. This is why many would advise against accessorizing with a necklace. Instead, most women prefer to match this neckline with a pair of statement earrings. Still, this largely depends on the halter top design. 

If you are wearing a halter top that forms a triangle and goes up to your face, adding a neckpiece will help you drive attention to your neckline. This only works with longer pendant necklaces. When choosing, go for one like the Ukra Pendant Necklace or the Best Wishes Pendant Necklace. Pendants that point down help create a balance between the neckline and the accessory. 

Off-shoulder and strapless necklines 

Strapless and off-shoulder blouses and dresses are a great way to showcase your collarbones and neckline. These designs allow you to flaunt your femininity and compose an elegant outfit with minimal effort

When trying to remember how do black chain necklaces complement various necklines, all you have to keep in mind about the strapless look is that less is better. 

Short elegant pendants and statement chokers are the only two necklace types that harmonize strapless and off-the-shoulder outfits. The Snake and Rose Minimal Chain is a good example of a necklace that accentuates the shoulders and collarbones without stealing the attention. 

If short elegant necklaces are not your thing, you can go a bit off-script and wear a thick statement choker. 

Off-shoulder and strapless necklines


A turtleneck covers most of the neck, so it is best to top it off with a short chain or a small drop necklace. However, you should also be careful of overcrowding the neck

A layered necklace with a longer pendant can help you achieve elegance. A long cord necklace will elongate the neckline and draw attention away from the neck. A black chain necklace will help create the wanted effect and add more charm to a simple outfit. 

However, if you are keener on the shorter statement chain appeal, you can take a look at our 18-inch XL Silver Chain Link Necklace

Square necklines 

A square neckline adds contrast to your natural body lines and creates an angular look. This neckline is usually reserved for more formal settings and party wear. Geometric necklaces that feature rectangular or square pendants are best suited for square necklines. 

The Big Chain Link Necklace is a great match for a square neckline. But I wouldn’t recommend it as a go-to choice for formal wear. Instead, put on this necklace when you want to add a buzz-worthy accessory to a simple going-out outfit. 

Collared neckline 

A collared neckline and button-down shirts can be difficult to accessorize as the buttons already decorate the neck. Though enhancing a neckline in a limited space can be challenging, it is not impossible. The safest choice for a collared neckline is a simple, elegant necklace with a small pendant. With the Ryu Necklace, you can add a simple, artsy element to your outfit without taking up much space. 

A statement pendant necklace also works with a collared neckline. You can style a prominent chain with a pendant resting just above the collar opening. To add a chic element to your formal outfit, choose a necklace with a simple pendant. 

Boat neckline 

Boat neck dresses and boat neck tops widen the shoulders, meaning they are best paired with necklaces that add length to the neckline. This is a high neckline, and it is best matched with shorter neckwear. 

When trying to figure out how do black chain necklaces complement various necklines, it is safe to say that sometimes they just don’t, and this is one of those.

Layering thin pendant necklaces will help add more volume to your neck. Choose smaller patterned necklaces, and be careful not to overcrowd your neckline

Sweetheart neckline 

Sweetheart necklines are widely popular in bridal wear but are not limited to it. This neckline has a deeper decolletage and requires a wide round necklace to achieve balance. However, since the neckline is attention-grabbing on its own, it is best to go with simpler pieces than overcrowding it. 

Stay away from necklaces with sharp angles, as these can cause disruption or look overly blunt. Instead, choose a mid-length black chain necklace with a small circle pendant to draw attention toward the heart of this neckline.

Sweetheart neckline


When trying to sum up how do black chain necklaces complement various necklines, the most important aspects to consider are the neckline openings and the necklace design. Some necklines, like the crew and V-neck neckline, leave more space for experimenting. Others, such as scoop and boat necklines, are more restrictive. 

Some necklines, like the halter neckline, don’t necessarily go well with neckwear. It's worth noting that personal style and neck length are also worth considering. In some situations, not playing by the rules can be a good thing. Still, the standard neckline-necklace rules are a trustworthy fashion guide. 

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.