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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

Length Variations for Thick Chain Necklaces

Thick chain necklaces are a timeless piece of jewelry and a form of self-expression. They are able to enhance our look, boost our confidence, and provide a striking statement. However, choosing between length variations for thick chain necklaces can take time and effort.

Fortunately, in this article, you’ll discover simple sizing charts that will help you choose the perfect fit. Doing so makes your outfit seem effortless and allows the chain to gently hug your neck.

The length of the chain necklace is often an overlooked detail that can make all the difference for your style. Continue reading to discover size variations and options to consider when choosing a piece of thick jewelry. Learn which factors you should keep in mind and how this can affect your look.

Variations for Thick Chain Necklaces

Length Variations for Thick Chain Necklaces

Chains come in many lengths and shapes and sit differently for each person. The necklace’s measurement plays a huge role in styling and layering them. That’s why knowing the thick chain necklaces length variations is crucial.

However, when it comes to thick chains, there are a few standard lengths you can find anywhere. Experimenting with different lengths can help you find the perfect long thick chain necklace that best compliments your style and body proportions.

Using a measuring tape is the easiest and fastest way to determine the desired length. Make sure you take your measurement snugly enough so it doesn't slide. Try not to measure it too tightly as it may come off shorter than what you want.

Furthermore, you may find these necklaces in inches or in terms like “matinee” or “choker”. So, what are the length variations for thick chain necklaces?

Below you’ll find size charts to help you better understand these designs so you can choose the perfect one for you.

Thick chain necklace lengths for women

Necklace type

Length (inches)

Length (cm)


14 inches

35 cm


16 inches

41 cm


17-18 inches

43 cm to 46 cm


20-24 inches

51 cm to 61 cm


26-28 inches

66 cm to 86 cm


36-42 inches

91 cm to 106 cm

Thick chain necklace lengths for men

Length (inches)

Length (cm)

18 inches

46 cm

20 inches

51 cm

22 inches

56 cm

24 inches

61 cm

30 inches

76 cm

Thick Chain Necklace Types

As you can see, necklaces come in various lengths and sizes. Choosing the length of your thick chain depends on what you plan to wear with it.

When it comes to women’s chain jewelry lengths, there are six categories you can choose from. Although jewelers may vary or add some designs, these are the most common and standard ones.

On the other hand, men’s sizing charts are smaller, with lesser options. Even if there are five categories to choose from, they’re equally important in understanding which thick chain will fit best for your look.

Anyone can benefit from learning the difference between these chain types and where they lay on your body. This way, you can confidently choose the best length that perfectly fits your style.

Collar thick chain necklaces

First on my list are collar necklaces for the women’s category, which are the shortest length for chains. It measures 14 inches and gently wraps around your neck. This makes a remarkable fashion statement and adds an edgy look to your outfit.

These pieces of jewelry are an excellent fit for crew necklines and perfect for layering with other short lengths. Collar thick necklaces are a fantastic accessory for petite women. However, if you’re self-conscious about your neck, it’s best to avoid this attention-grabbing style.

Choker thick chain necklaces

Chokers are a classy, edgy trend that peaked in the 90s. Later on, they regained popularity in the 2010s and were on and off from there.

They measure around 16 inches long and rest loosely around the base of your neck. For most people, they sit above the collarbone. Thick choker chains are a beautiful statement piece with an open blouse or a crew neckline.

They’re not as snug as collars and will peek out from beneath your collar. These fashionable pieces also look great with strapless blouses, V-necks, and scoop styles.

Furthermore, like the collar, chokers draw attention to the neck area. This is a great way to embrace your neck features and rock a confident, elegant look.

Princess thick chain necklaces

Thick princess chain necklaces measure at the length of 18 inches. They’re universally flattering and best compliment the V-neckline style. With this combination, you can take your look to the next level and establish an eye-catching appeal.

Typically, these timeless pieces rest on your collarbone. They offer a feminine approach and flawless look to any height or body type. You can also wear these thick chain necklaces with a turtleneck which will bring a professional and sophisticated vibe to your style.

Princess necklaces often come with various pendants since this length offers an excellent focal point to your outfit.

At this point, categories for men’s necklaces also start with 18-inch chains. This jewelry rests at the base of the neck and offers a stylish look with any outfit. It provides an excellent option for wearing thick silver chains and layering.

Princess thick chain necklaces

Matinee thick chain necklaces

Matinee necklaces are perfect for formal gatherings or for elegant, classy women. They measure from 20 to 24 inches in length and rest somewhere along the neckline. Usually, they end below the collarbone or at the top of the bust.

Thick chain matinee necklaces have become a recent trend among celebrities, designers, and fashionistas. So wearing chains from this category will surely come off as a stylish fashion statement.

Furthermore, they fit best with deep V-neck or halter necklines. These chains also look flattering with closed button-downs, high necklines, and other simple clothing options.

In this category, men’s length options for 20 to 24 inches are the most common choices for masculine fashion. These types of thick chains rest above the collarbone, on it, and below it. They make suitable spots for rocking a thick gold chain and are excellent for layering.

Opera thick chain necklaces

The opera necklace length is gracious and grand-looking, precisely as its name suggests. It measures from 26 inches up to 28 inches and falls along the neckline. These beautiful thick pieces typically extend from your bust to the top of your waist.

Opera necklaces are best combined with deep V-necks and open necklines. They also fit flawlessly with turtlenecks and halter options.

These thick necklaces are also great statement pieces that draw attention to the bustline. They’re suitable for anybody's proportion, but plus-size women will find them extra pleasing because it prolongs the torso.

Layering these pieces is also a great way to showcase your creativity and uniqueness. Layering an opera thick statement piece with one or two thinner ones is an excellent start.

Rope thick chain necklaces

Rope thick chain necklaces are one of the most extended chains in the women’s length category. Anything that stands above 36 inches for jewelry accessories is considered a rope necklace.

These glamorous necklaces fall along the neckline and stand below the waist. They’re perfect for layering since you can wrap these necklaces around your neck and create a fashionable masterpiece.

Furthermore, rope chains worn once around the neck are ideal for taller women. However, women of any height can look stunning with these pieces. They can be suitable for any type of neckline, especially round and halter styles.

It looks lovely with elegant and classy clothing since it has formal attributes.

Rope thick chain necklaces


In conclusion, thick chain necklaces can either be statement pieces or fashionable everyday wear. With countless variations of styles and designs, anyone can find something for their taste.

However, the length of the necklace should never be neglected since it can change your whole appearance. You can combine your necklaces to pull off any look depending on your style, body proportions, and neckline, whether you're going for a sophisticated, casual, or formal appearance.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the length variations for thick chain necklaces.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.