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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Designs Used for Black Chain Necklaces

Not all black chain necklaces are made the same. Some have a bulkier appeal, and others are more minimalistic. Though their size is the most obvious difference, chain necklaces also vary in style. Like other chains on the market, black chains are also available in many designs. 

In this post, we will cover the most prominent designs used for black chain necklaces and discuss their appeal. We will also provide pointers on effortlessly how to fit a black chain necklace in your outfit. 

Join us in our black chain necklace exploration and see which design speaks to you best.

The Most Popular Designs Used for Black Chain Necklaces

The Most Popular Designs Used for Black Chain Necklaces

The pattern and shape of the links in a chain necklace add to the appeal of each model. The size of the links and the form of the necklace determines how you will style it into your outfit. But the first thing that grabs your attention is the design

We can say that the design blends all the elements we mentioned so far. For instance, a black chain necklace with pendant has an entirely different appeal than a chain necklace without a pendant.

Within the sections below, we will cover the most common designs used for black chain necklaces. We will also include some of our models to give you a better idea of what each chain design looks like.

Trace chain

The trace chain is arguably one of the most delicate chain necklaces. It is made of either oval-shaped or round links, each one uniform in size. Trace chains are available in a variety of lengths and widths. They have a modern yet elegant charm, which brings them their popularity.

The trace chain is one of the simplest chains on the market. Due to their delicate nature, they are often accessorized with simple pendants. This helps achieve a more fashionable look. 

In an attempt to give our black chain necklace a unique appeal, we created a rugged model. The Rugged Silver Necklace offers a distinct charm that can help alter a simple outfit.

Belcher chain

Unlike trace chains, belcher chains tend to be stronger and sturdier. In fact, belcher chains are a variation of trace chains. They are usually composed of broad D-shaped or round links. Just like the trace chain, all the links are uniform in size. 

Originally, the belcher chain was only a part of men’s fashion, but today there are various models on the market. 

Due to their robust design, belcher chains make a popular choice for a standalone, statement necklace. Still, the belcher remains one of the most popular designs used for black chain necklaces because of its versatility. 

This type of chain may easily accommodate pendants, be stacked with other necklaces, and also comes in different lengths and gauges. Our Sakha Necklace makes a good example of a belcher. This necklace also features a pendant symbolic of Yakutian culture.

Ball chain

Ball chains, also known as bead chains, feature small metal spheres or balls on a thin metal wire. Small holes are drilled on both ends of each ball through which the wire is threaded. 

The ball chain includes rivets that hold the balls in place. A variety of beaded ball chains is available, with some having the balls more tightly placed than others.

The balls in our Black Onyx Necklace are evenly spread, creating a sense of balance and adding elegance to your style. Other ball chain varieties may feature no space between the balls. Usually, these come in the form of pearl necklaces.

Curb chain

Compared to the other chain necklace types we mentioned, curb chains are heavier-looking and more tightly interlocked together. The curb chain links are twisted and flattened and tightly squeezed together or hold space between them.

The curb chain has many variations, among which the most popular is the Cuban chain. Thin curb chains are more subtle, and their twist is not as apparent. 

Thicker curb chains are more noticeable and make a great statement necklace. Our Gopa Necklace curb chain has a bulkier design and a circular link at its center. The twist here is obvious and can be easily paired with many outfits. 

Black chain necklace designs vary, but finding a double-link curb chain is a rarer sight. 

Rope chains

Rope chains are delicate pieces of work that aim to draw attention to your neck with their pattern. A rope chain consists of links woven together to resemble a rope. These chains have a robust design yet amazingly reflect light, giving them a sense of elegance. They are especially popular among men. 

Thinner rope chains look stunning with pendants. When going for a more urban black chain style, you can choose one, such as our Tangerine Crystal Pendant Necklace. This thin rope chain creates a good balance with black ink silver and the pale orange pendant. 

Thick rope chains look fashionable both as a standalone piece and paired with a pendant. Our Ukra Pendant Necklace has a solid appearance with and without its triangular pendant. There are many variations of the rope chain. The French chain is one of the most popular due to its unique twisted texture and heavier weight.

How to Style a Black Chain Necklace

A black silver chain necklace leaves plenty of room for creativity. How you incorporate them into your style mainly depends on the effect you want to achieve. Still, you cannot go wrong with a black chain necklace, especially in 2023 when chain necklaces are immensely popular. 

Thick chain statement piece 

Thich chains are a great way to accessorize a simple outfit and draw attention to your neck. In recent years, thick chains have been the “it” accessory. Bulky necklaces are omnipresent and worn everywhere, from street fashion to the red carpet. 

As we noted, there are plenty of different black chain necklace designs on the market, and the thicker pieces, such as our XL Link Chain, are usually worn as a centerpiece. However, the maximalist trend creates a safe space for experiments, and many individuals like to go over the top and stack on oversized necklaces.

We should mention layering thick necklaces is a fine art, and you should be extra careful when doing so. You wouldn’t want to end up overcrowding your neck and looking like a Christmas tree. 

Thick Chain Statement Piece

Layering chains and charms 

Sentimental jewelry will never go out of style, at least so it seems. Consider this a reminder and take it as a chance to express yourself through your style. Rather than wearing just a single thick black chain necklace as a statement piece, you can layer multiple thinner ones.

Adding pendants to each of your chain necklaces will make them easily noticeable. You can add everything from gemstones to tokens to express your personality and share your story. 


Now that we’ve covered the most popular designs used for black chain necklaces, we may conclude that the choice is entirely up to you. We agree that it can be a tough one, but having the basics in mind is bound to make it easier. 

Whether you are more fond of the oval-shaped links in the trace chain or the beads of the ball chain is a matter of personal preference. 

Overall, when choosing a black chain necklace, it is useful to remember that a lot of versatility is in your hands, and practically, you cannot go wrong.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.