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by Jesus Zabala - 7 min read

Metal Options for Thick Chain Necklaces

Thick chain necklaces can be made from many different materials. They differ in terms of durability and appearance. Keep reading to learn which metal options for thick chain necklaces exist and which one would suit you the best.

Often, it’s difficult to determine what material a jewelry piece is made. Imitations may look just like authentic ones. But determining the value of a chain necklace metal is what’s more important. Luckily, there are a few ways to discover the metal type of your accessory.

You may not be able to decide the type of material of a chain necklace just by observing it for the first time. In this article, you will learn about the metal options of thick chain necklaces, the similarities between them, as well as their contrasting characteristics.

Metal Options for Thick Chain Necklaces

Metal Options for Thick Chain Necklaces

While some people love the elegance of a thick gold chain, many others can’t resist the unique appearance of a silver thick chain necklace. The numerous existing metal options for thick chain necklaces provide variety and experimentation with different styles and colors.

Therefore, you can choose between various types and incorporate thick chains into your everyday style. It’s commonly believed that people’s tastes in jewelry are divided. They either prefer gold or strictly silver. 

Some even coordinate jewelry metals with their other accessories, like handbag chains. Others are open to experimenting and try wearing different jewelry styles. In fact, when layering thick chain necklaces, many find mixing different metals very modern and creative.

Since many of you want to know what are the metal options for thick chain necklaces, let’s dive right in!

925 sterling silver 

Silver is a soft material that’s often considered very delicate. To make this material more durable, 92.5 % fine silver is mixed with 7.5 % copper, hence marking 925. Sterling silver is very commonly used to produce thick chain necklaces due to its unique sheen and sturdiness.

Although this material is mixed with copper, sterling silver is highly valuable and expensive when used to make jewelry pieces. Sterling silver thick chain necklaces are versatile and wearable with everyday outfits.

Before you purchase a sterling silver bulky chain necklace, ensure it has the 925 stamp. Many jewelry pieces on the market are reminiscent of thick silver chains, but they could contain nickel, which has a great potential to cause allergic reactions on your skin.

Black oxidized sterling silver

This metal is exposed to sulfides or other chemicals to change the color of sterling silver. After some time, its surface darkens and becomes black. The trend of wearing black oxidized sterling silver chain necklaces has become more popular recently in men’s and women’s fashion.

Gold and gold-plated 

Gold is regarded as one of the most valuable metal options for thick chain necklaces. Real gold never undergoes tarnishing, oxidization, or corrosion. If properly maintained, gold lasts for a long time and retains its quality and original appearance indefinitely.

However, gold is a very expensive material. Manufacturers have made gold-filled or gold-plated chains to produce necklaces that most people can afford. These types of jewelry pieces have a gold layer on top of another metal and are less valuable than the real deal.


A more expensive and stronger material than gold is platinum. It’s also heavier in weight and harder to find. Due to its white and silver hue, platinum produces high-quality thick chain necklaces that last a lifetime. It never fades, oxidizes, and doesn’t require constant polishing.

Due to the quality of this material, its durability level is very high. However, it still contains some softness and can be easily scratched. Some of the best jewelry pieces contain 90% platinum. That’s why it’s considered one of the most precious metal options for thick chain necklaces.

Stainless steel

The mirror finish that stainless steel provides makes it perfect for making thick chain necklaces, creating a unique appearance and sheen. Authentic stainless steel doesn’t tarnish or undergo discoloration. It’s easy to maintain and can be cheaper than many other metals. Also, jewelry pieces made from this material are resistant to corrosion.


Although some people associate brass with gold, these two metals are completely different. Brass creates a reddish-brown hue on thick chain necklaces and is more cost-effective than gold. It’s made by combining copper and zinc.

Some thick chain necklaces made of brass may contain nickel and aluminum. Their value depends on the amount of these metals used in the production of brass. 

Brass Chain

Which Type of Thick Chain Necklace Should You Choose?

Now that you learned the metal options for thick chain necklaces, it’s time to decide which one you like the best. Are you focused on durability or appearance? Do you want to wear jewelry to make a statement or incorporate it into your daily style? Nonetheless, it’s a matter of personal preference.

In addition, before you choose from the thick chain necklaces metal options, consider its price and ensure you can afford it. Most importantly, the type of chain you choose should suit your fashion style well and excite you every time you wear it.

Personal style

Thick chain necklaces are often considered edgy. People who wear them are unafraid to show the bold side of their fashion style and express their creativity. They are even brave enough to stack multiple gold chains on their necks.

But everyone’s style is different. Many people want the freedom to combine their thick chain necklaces with various outfits and wear them for different occasions. These types of people prefer chunky jewelry pieces made from stainless steel, platinum, and sterling silver.

Skin tone

Thick metallic silver and chain necklaces suit people with lighter skin tones. On the other hand, gold jewelry pieces complement darker skin tones. But the truth is, you can wear whatever metal option you want, as long as you like how it looks on your neck.

The “sheen” factor

Gold and silver are very shiny. If you love the radiant look on thick chain necklaces, gold, gold-plated, and sterling silver are perfect for you. The glossy surface of stainless steel can also be a great metal option.

If you are intimidated by the bling effect on your neck, choose thick chain necklaces made of brass and oxidized black sterling silver. They don’t have any sheen, and their colors are muted, creating a faded effect.

Budget allowance

Buying a high-quality thick chain necklace may require you to pay a hefty price. But long-lasting jewelry pieces are an investment, especially those made from platinum and gold. Find a reputable jewelry store offering great alternatives if your budget doesn’t allow high-priced necklaces.

Gold-plated thick chain necklaces look very similar to real gold but are much cheaper. Brass and stainless steel are also some affordable options. Stainless steel can offer a similar appearance to sterling silver for a more cost-effective price.

Statement pieces

To determine which metal option for thick necklaces you like most, it’s important to decide whether you want the piece to be acknowledged by everyone that sees it. It’s easy for thick chain necklaces to catch the attention due to their large size and heavy weight.

Bulky platinum, stainless steel, and gold chain necklaces are impossible to avoid. Not only do they look expensive and stylish, but they also hardly ever go unnoticed. Some people even layer multiple thick chain necklaces to ensure they make a statement.

The minimalist type

Not everyone wants the entire attention of their outfit to go directly toward the necklace. Some prefer to enhance the simplicity and elegance of their clothing pieces. Accessories for them are only a small addition to the overall look.

If you are more drawn to the minimalistic appearance of thick chain necklaces, choose pieces made of 925 sterling silver, brass, and black oxidized sterling silver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest metal for a necklace?

Gold and platinum are some of the strongest metals used to produce necklaces. Thick chain necklaces can also be produced from titanium, the strongest metal ever known. However, titanium pieces are almost impossible to find on the market because of their high value.

Should I choose thick or thin necklace metal chains?

Thin necklace metal chains can be easily damaged because they are small and delicate. They can also get tangled when layered together. Thick chain necklaces are more durable and less likely to get in the way of other jewelry pieces.

Can I wear thick chain necklaces in the shower?

Wearing chain necklaces in the shower or while swimming is not recommended. Regardless of the material used to produce a thick chain necklace, most metals can get damaged when exposed to water and excessive moisture.

Can I wear thick chain necklaces in the shower


Among many metal options for thick chain necklaces, you will be able to find the most suitable one for you. The size and eye-catching appearance of thick chain necklaces will help you stand out from the crowd everywhere you go.

Ensure the jewelry piece you get is worth the price and matches your fashion preference. At the end of the day, choosing a metal for your chain necklace is your decision because you will be the one rocking this trend on your neck.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.