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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Are There Different Chain Styles in Black?

When it comes to jewelry, chains are a trendy and bold piece to make you look better and complement your outfit. But are there different chain styles in black? Stay tuned to discover! 

Black chain necklaces are popular because they add a bold and edgy touch to your look. This article will explore the various chain styles available in black, giving you a range of options for many styles and preferences.

Different Chain Styles in Black

Are There Different Chain Styles in Black?

Black chains are a popular choice for anyone who considers accessories an important part of their personal style. Are there various types of chain styles in black? Yes! Chains come in many shapes, lengths, sizes, and materials, allowing you to find your favorite piece. 

Chain necklaces can come in various styles, such as curb, Figaro, box, rope, snake, herringbone, byzantine, cable, marine, wheat, ball, Rolo, Cuban, foxtail, Franco, and popcorn.

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Different chain styles in black explained

Whether you want to make a statement or complete your look, necklace chains are essential jewelry pieces. My list involves contemporary necklace chains like links and cables and timeless options like Figaro and rope chains. 

Stay tuned to learn more about the top necklace chain styles in black.

Curb chain

This is one of the most well-known chain styles in black. You can recognize it by its series of interlocking links that lie flat, creating a beautiful and classic design. The curb chain links are twisted and interlocked with each other, making this type of chain strong and durable.

When it comes to the black color, it adds a modern and stylish look to the chain, making it a unisex piece of jewelry. Due to the versatility, adaptability, and popularity of black chain necklaces, curb chains come in different sizes and thicknesses.

Figaro chain

The Figaro chain was invented in Italy and got its name from the main character of the famous Italian opera The Barber of Seville. This necklace has a unique pattern composed of two or three small round links followed by a larger oval link. This dynamic pattern creates a beautiful and balanced design. 

A Figaro chain gives a bold and stylish look because of its pattern, while the black color makes it more modern. Although this kind of chain is mainly used for men’s necklaces because of its masculine appearance, it is not uncommon to see it on women’s necklaces.

Box chain

The box chain, also known as the “Venetian chain”, is a simple, symmetric, and elegant option. Its main characteristic is the square links that are connected tightly together. This pattern provides durability.

The black color makes this necklace sophisticated and suitable for formal and casual wear. The box chain is often used as a pendant chain due to its delicate look.

Rope chain

The rope chain features two or more chains twisted together. The spiral-like design resembles a rope. A black color will highlight the pattern, making it suitable for delicate or chunky jewelry.

Mixing metals like yellow gold and silver can also create an eye-catching effect. So, look for black silver chain or gold chains if you need something unique.

Snake chain

This type of chain looks like the skin of a snake. It comprises closely linked spherical metal elements, resulting in a round zig-zag pattern. The black snake chain is a popular choice for necklaces because it leaves a modern and elegant touch. Moreover, the black color adds a mysterious note to the overall look.

Snake chains are comfortable to wear, and they are preferred as everyday accessories. Moreover, they are delicate, making them excellent necklaces for pendants.

What does wearing a black chain mean

Herringbone chain

This chain type is a flat necklace with V-shaped links in varying directions. That is why the herringbone chain resembles the bones of a fish. A black herringbone chain gives a modern and sleek look, and it is loved by men and women equally.

The black color highlights the chain’s pattern, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. The black chain is a versatile jewelry piece that suits formal and casual occasions. While thinner versions of this chain add a delicate touch to your outfit, the thicker versions make a statement.

Byzantine chain

This is a complex style that originates from the Byzantine Empire. It is characterized by a series of interlocking links that look like a rope.

The color highlights the visual appearance of the chain, drawing attention to the pattern. Its unique design is ideal for those looking for distinctive accessories.

Cable chain

This chain is the most popular choice for men. It features connecting oval links and looks like an actual chain. This type of black chain is usually used with pendants or charms, making it more statement-making than wearing it alone.

Marine chain

The marine chain is also called the anchor chain, and it is most suitable for sea lovers. It is made of oval links with horizontal bars in the middle. A marine chain interlocks like a cable chain, and it is flat like a curb chain.

Wheat chain

The wheat chain necklace has oval links going in one direction, just like the wheat stalks. The simplicity of wheat chains makes them excellent chains for pendants.

Ball chain

This chain is made of ball-shaped links connected with small breaks. The ball chain, called bead chain, is frequently used for dog tags or key chains.

Rolo or belcher chain

This design is among the oldest ones, originating from the 18th century. Brits call it belcher, while Italians call it rolo.

The rolo chain is made of round links that are symmetrically connected. Rolo chains are solid and distinctive.

Cuban chain

The Cuban link chain is a variation of the classic cable chain, and it is characterized by oval-shaped links intertwined like a rope. Although this design is seen as traditional, it still has a modern note.

Foxtail chain

This is a very unique and complex design. A foxtail chain is formed of a looped chain link of two rows connected by a series of flat links running along the chain’s center. This pattern gives the effect of a fox’s tail.

Franco chain

The Franco chain is becoming more and more popular. It features V-shaped links known as chevrons. Franco and foxtail chains have similar patterns. The foxtail chain has a textured surface, while the Franco chain has a smooth surface.

Popcorn chain

This beautiful and lightweight chain is also known as Coreana. It is made of a series of flat or concave links. The pattern looks like a popcorn strand, giving your outfit a playful touch.

Can you shower with a black chain on

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shower with a black chain on?

If the sterling is shiny, avoid getting it wet. Soaps, cleaners, and water might damage the gunmetal color.

What does wearing a black chain mean?

Wearing a black chain necklace is first of all mysterious, then bold and edgy, but at the same time trendy and elegant.


So, are there different chain styles in black? The answer is yes. You can find many chain styles in black, each with its own special characteristics and aesthetics.

Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design like the one on the curb chain or a bold and modern look like the Figaro chain, a black chain style suits everybody.

The black color adds mystery, edginess, and boldness to the overall look, and the various patterns will express your personality.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.