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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Layer Men's Silver Chains

A silver chain is one of those pieces of jewelry that you will always want to include in your collection. But have you asked yourself how to layer men's silver chains with various outfits? 

Continue reading, as we will give you some tips and layering strategies for men's silver chains.

Layering Silver Chains for men

Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Layer Men's Silver Chains

Due to the quality and durability of the material, the silver chain is quite popular among the male population. Whether it's a mens long silver chain or a silver chain with a pendant, you can combine this fashion accessory with different outfits and wear it on different occasions. 

For this purpose, we will give you some creative techniques for stylishly stacking men's silver chains jewelry with your fashion expression:

Formal occasion 

A formal look is necessary if you are attending a business meeting or business lunch. In addition, you can add the silver chain to the story and complete your fashion ensemble.

For that occasion, be careful not to overdo it; using a simple thin silver chain is best. That way, you will highlight your aesthetic and elegant side.

Streetwear look

You can combine the silver chain with different clothes and accessories if you want a streetwear look. One of the more creative options is layering with chains of different sizes, shapes, and styles. 

In addition, you can combine silver chains with additional fashion accessories such as a ring, earrings, wristwatch, or bracelet.

Casual look 

The casual look exudes simplicity and adds an artistic touch. If you decide on this style, it is best to use only one piece of silver chain, which you can combine with a plain white T-shirt

Since the casual style is simple, avoid multi-layered chains and additional fashion accessories.

Combination with other accessories

In addition to clothes, you can combine the silver chain with various fashion accessories. If you combine different styles, pay attention that the color and shape complement each other. 

For example, you can combine the silver chain with a leather bracelet. That way, you will get a simple and complementary look.

Useful Tips for Layering Multiple Men's Silver Chains

If you combine several pieces of silver chains, you should keep several factors and rules in mind. However, such rules should be flexible and encourage your creative spirit. 

To that end, let's see what to look out for when creating a layered look with men's silver necklaces.

Choose a main silver chain

When one thinks of a main silver chain, one thinks of the chain that should make the most impression. Namely, if you combine several silver chains, try to make one of them the focus of attention. 

Usually, these chains are thicker and have a unique texture than others. In addition to the main chain, you can add another thinner silver chain that will support the main one.

Pay attention to the colors

When you have decided to layer silver chains, try to match their color to the rest of the jewelry. For example, if you have decided on a silver chain, your watch, ring, or bracelet should be the same color. That way, you will get a fashion ensemble that will look flawless.

Combine silver chains of different lengths

If you want to combine several chains, remember that they should be of different lengths and textures. If you get silver chains of the same length, you will cause chaos in the combination, and your chains will likely get tangled.

In addition, pay attention to the distance between the chains. For this purpose, leave a distance of 5-10 centimeters (1.96-39.93 inches), contributing to a better balance and aesthetics.

Ideal Silver Chain

Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Choose the Ideal Silver Chain

Adding a silver chain to your fashion style will give a new look to your character and convey a powerful message. That's why there are several factors that you should pay attention to before buying a silver chain. 

For this purpose, we will mention the most important ones we hope will help you in your search.

Silver chain size

Chain size is the first factor you should pay attention to. Therefore, you should know the occasion for buying the silver chain. When you look at different models of silver chains, you will notice that they come in different sizes and lengths

Therefore, if your silver chain is intended for a formal occasion, it is best to opt for a shorter, more elegant chain to complement your outfit. 

On the other hand, if you want this kind of fashion accessory for a more casual occasion, long and stylish silver chains will fit the story perfectly.

The durability of the material

The material's durability is related to your budget and how much you are willing to pay. If you want a higher quality chain, you can't go wrong with a silver or gold chain. However, before buying the chain, familiarize yourself with the composition of the metal and its durability. 

On the other hand, if you buy online, in addition to the material's composition, look at customers' opinions and whether it is worth getting the product.

Your character

If you want to convey a certain message, you should choose a silver chain that matches your character. If you want to convey a strong message, you can opt for a silver chain with more details or several smaller chains. 

Also, if you opt for a more subtle option, you can opt for a simpler variant. For this purpose, you can choose a simple and elegant thin silver chain.

Dress style and occasion

The occasion and style of dress also play a huge role in choosing a silver chain. That's why before you buy, you should ask yourself what the purpose of your silver chain is.

Although a silver chain can be combined with almost any outfit, sometimes you can make a bad combination that will send the wrong message. 

Therefore, if you opt for a more formal look, then thin and simple silver chains are a great solution. On the other hand, if you want a more casual style, a silver pendant chain will do the trick.

Care of Men's Silver Chain

Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Take Care of Your Silver Chain

Maintenance and cleaning are essential after you learn how to layer men's silver chains with various outfits. Silver can easily reach chemicals that can damage it and reduce its shelf life. 

Therefore, these are some of the things you can undertake to preserve the shine of your silver chain:

Keep it from harmful chemicals 

Some cleaners or household products can harm the silver chain. So, keeping your jewelry away from such chemicals is best, preferably in a separate jewelry box.

Thorough cleaning 

Pay attention when cleaning the silver chain. Some jewelry, due to its texture, requires deep and detailed cleaning. For this purpose, you can use a brush with soft bristles and a silver cleaner.

Wipe your silver chain after wearing 

Silver chains, like other jewelry, can accumulate sweat and chemicals that can adversely affect the quality of the metal. Hence, before putting it in the jewelry box, wipe it well with an anti-tarnish cloth, which will maintain the shine of the metal.

Avoid wearing your silver chain while exercising

If you wear a silver chain while exercising or doing other physical activities, there is a high probability that your chain will get tangled or torn. In addition, sweat can negatively affect the quality of the metal. So, avoiding wearing the silver chain is best if you plan any sporting activities.


The silver men's chain is a piece of jewelry that is quite popular because you can combine it with any outfit. Whether casual or formal, this piece of jewelry will add freshness to your fashion statement and set you apart from the rest.

We hope you have learned how to layer men's silver chains with various outfits and take care of your favorite jewelry. Although there are rules for combining, always include your imagination and fashion taste. Fashion rules are just a guide to help you and not dictate your dress style.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.