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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Most Popular Thick Chain Necklace Designs

Thick chains are some of the easiest pieces to wear. As the latest maximalism trend shows, chunky chains can be styled into a wide variety of outfits. But first, you have to decide what type of thick chain will be your centerpiece. This post will reveal some of the most popular designs of thick chain necklaces and focus on what makes each different from the others. 

I will talk about the type of wear they fit into, their pattern, structure, sturdiness, and much more.

So, let’s begin!

Most Popular Designs of Thick Chain Necklaces

With the rise of chunky chains, the market is flooded with options. Some are worth your while, but others can be just flashy. If you want to invest in quality bulky neckwear, take a look at our chunky chain necklaces collection.

Throughout the paragraphs below, I will discuss different designs of thick chain necklaces and offer tips on how to incorporate them into your style. 

Curb chain

The curb chain is widely accepted as a simple classic chain. This thick chain necklace design is one of the most popular choices, both among men and women. Its structure is made of flat, uniform links that are closely interlocked. The curb chain is one of the most classic neckwear pieces. 

Today, many different form variations are available on the market. Some of the more common finishings you can find include an open curb, closed curb, rounded curb, square curb, and more. To get a better idea of what a thick silver chain curb design may look like, you can check out our Rugged Chain Necklace.

Curb chain

Cable chain

Moving on to another thick chain necklace design that belongs to the group of old-school chains. The cable chain also has a classic appearance. The inspiration for it is thought to come from the iron chain used for anchoring ships. This is why it’s also known as a Mariner chain. There are two major variations of the cable chain - a flat link and a round-edge design.

The cable chain style is defined by a series of identical oval and round links. You can see how the links are connected in our Arka Chain Necklace, which has a rugged finish that adds to its appearance. The cable pattern is widely preferred as a thin pendant necklace. However, the design also looks eye-catching as a thick necklace. 

Wheat chain 

Wheat chains are among the more complex designs of thick chain necklaces. Four standard oval links are twisted together to achieve the braided effect of the wheat chain. The woven style of the wheat chain makes it one of the most durable choices. 

What’s unique about this design is that the thicker the necklace, the more apparent the pattern. From a distance, this chain might resemble a cable chain, but up close, its configuration is much more fashionable. This thick chain necklace is a great accessory if you want a simple piece of jewelry that will help you achieve an elegant look. 

Rope chain 

Rope chains are arguably one of the most popular designs around the world. The rope chain model has a twisting pattern that reflects light from all angles. This creates a luxurious effect and draws attention toward your neck. 

The rope-like pattern of this design is achieved by twisting together two or more gold or silver (or another material) segments. 

Adding this type of thick gold chain will add a lavish look, while a thinner rope chain with a pendant is one of the easiest ways to add freshness to your outfit. The rope chain is a textural type of chain and one of the longer-lasting, durable designs. 

Figaro chain 

The Figaro chain was first born in Italy. This model features a series of two to three shorter links of uniform size with a longer link between them. The large link is usually oval, while the smaller ones are round. The chunky Figaro chain is a great statement piece that brings about a sense of sophistication

This iconic design is very versatile and leaves space for plenty of creativity. For example, a thick silver chain with a Figaro pattern can be paired with thinner, simpler pieces like a cable or sleek herringbone chain. 

Paperclip chain

Paperclip chain 

In recent years, the paperclip chain has risen to fame and become the chain necklace you wear to be both trendy and elegant. Its structure consists of elongated loose rectangular links that create a very airy aesthetic. This contemporary chain style is thought to date back to World War II when Norwegians started wearing paper clips as a symbol of unity. 

The paperclip design is very versatile, and you can find small and thick paperclip configurations in our Ula Chain. More prominent models are also available, like our Big Chain Link Necklace

Paperclip chains have been long used in fine jewelry craftsmanship, but rose to prominence in alternative wear just a few years back. Unlike other more classic chain necklaces, such as the cable chain, this design allows for a bold look while eliminating the visual weight. 

Box chain

Unlike other traditional necklace chains that are usually made of oval links, the box chain features square links. These square links are locked together, giving the chain a three-dimensional appearance. The thick box chain has an impressive design; this type of chain adds both a touch of softness and toughness to your look. 

Both thinner and thick box chains can be worn as everyday necklaces. Thick box chains add weight to your outfit and won’t go unnoticed. 

Small box links usually hold a pendant, while a thick gold chain is worn as a statement piece. 


Final Thoughts 

As you might’ve noticed, versatility was the main theme throughout my list of the most popular designs of thick chain necklaces. Some more traditional models, like the curb chain and the cable chain, share a simplistic yet elegant charm. 

Other more contemporary styles like the paperclip chain and the Figaro chain add an element of structured playfulness. 

Modern designs are better suited for those who like neckwear that offers a bold yet subtle appeal. Classic necklace chains make an amazing choice for individuals interested in clever, sophisticated jewelry.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.