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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Measure Men’s Silver Chains

Jewelry sizing can often get confusing. There are a lot of different opinions out there, and it is easy to stumble across claims about the best necklace length. Before we start explaining how to measure men’s silver chains, we must note that there is no one-size-fits-all that works for all. 

This post will reveal how men's necklace measuring works. We will discuss the most popular chain lengths and widths for men and offer advice on common measuring techniques. We will teach you how to balance your chain according to your body type and take a look at chain length and thickness correspondence. 

Let's begin.

How to Measure Men’s Silver Chains
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Common Chain Lengths for Men 

Before we explain how to measure men’s silver chains, check out our standard-length pure silver chain for men

18-inch chain 

The 18-inch chain is widely accepted as the shortest men’s chain. At this length, the necklaces fit tightly around the neck and fall just around the base of the neck. Being the shortest, it works best for men with smaller neck sizes. 

An 18-inch chain is a suitable option if you want to showcase the entire necklace. Such chains are fully visible as they lay above the shirt collar. 

20-inch chain 

The 20-inch chain is among the top choices for men. This necklace falls just beneath the collarbone and offers plenty of versatility. Based on preference, you can wear it both inside or on top of your shirt. You can expect the 20-inch chain to fall somewhere between the first and second buttons of your shirt. 

22-inch chain 

The 22-inch chain is another one of the most popular picks among men. It can also be worn both inside and outside your shirt. It falls a few inches below the collarbone and is the perfect length for adding a pendant or medallion. 

24-inch chain 

At this length, you can expect the necklace to fall either precisely at the middle of the sternum or an inch or two higher. When choosing a longer necklace such as this one, you want to put it out on display. To enhance its visibility, you can add a pendant, dog tag, medallion, or cross. 

30-inch chain 

The 30-inch chain is among the longest necklaces for men. These necklaces are worn as statement pieces and are meant to go on top of your shirt. You can expect a 30-inch silver chain either at the base or just below the sternum. You can pair this chain with shorter, thicker necklaces or add a pendant or medallion to increase its visibility.

Men Chain Thickness 

Thickness is another aspect you should consider when measuring men's silver chains for the right fit. The chain width determines how you can style the necklace and whether the chain is a standalone piece or can be layered. A variety of chain thickness options are available to men, but the most common necklace designs vary between 2mm and 7mm in width. 

A 2mm chain is comparable to a headphone cord, while a 7mm chain has the thickness of a standard pencil. Bulkier necklaces, measured between 7mm to 10mm in width, are worn outside the shirt and are usually accompanied by a pendant. White chains thicker than 10mm are considered statement pieces, and these are worn outside the shirt. 

How to Measure Men's Silver Chains

There is a variety of measuring techniques for men's silver chains, and throughout the section below, we will cover the ones we consider work best. 

Measuring your neck size 

A great way to determine what proportion a men’s silver chain should have is through your neck size. Simply wrap a soft tape measure around your neck and add 2-4 inches to your measurement to calculate your minimum recommended chain length. Remember to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor while doing so. 

An 18-inch necklace is a good choice if your neck size is between 13 to 14 ½ inches. A 20-inch chain is a suitable choice for men with 15 to 16 ½ inch sizes. While if your neck measures between 17 to 18 ½ inches, a 22-inch chain is the best choice. 

Keep in mind that these are just general estimates, and sizes may vary. 

Measuring another necklace 

If you already own a necklace, you can use it to get a better idea of how the one you are looking to purchase will fit. Unclasp the necklace and lay it on the table. Take a ruler and measure the whole chain, including the clasp. If you don’t get a precise number, just round up to the next number. 

Take note of the length, as this is the marketable size of the necklace. You can now use it as a general guideline for purchasing other necklaces. 

Choosing a silver chain based on body type 

How a chain necklace will fit a man is determined by a range of factors. When measuring men's silver chains for the right fit, you should also take your body type into account. Most will agree that the safest option for a man is to go for a 20-inch necklace.

The aim of the 20-inch chain necklace is to sit at the base of your neck. Still, if you are 5′4″ or shorter, an 18-inch silver chain will be a better fit. The 20-inch chain doesn’t suit shorter men as it may weigh them down visually. 

More broadly built men should consider the 22-inch chain if they want their necklace to sit comfortably. To these groups of men, a 20-inch chain can feel very tight and appear as a choker. 

Longer chain necklaces (24 inches and above) wear long on most men. These make a great choice for men with longer torsos. The fact is that the longer the torso, the smaller the necklaces will appear, as it takes less room on the body.

How Does Chain Thickness Affect Chain Length? 

There is no strictly defined gauge scale that corresponds to the length sizing guidelines. As a rule of thumb, we say that thinner chains should be shorter while longer chains should be thicker. It means if you find that a 2mm 24-inch chain looks good on you, go for it!

The best advice for finding the perfect width/length combo for a silver chain is to select what makes sense to you and what looks good on you. Generally, men with broader build wear thicker chains, while slimmer guys wear chains with a gauge below 4mm. This, of course, depends on personal style preferences. 

When shopping for a thick chain necklace, you will find them to be longer. But you can also find pieces such as our Small Rectangular Chain Necklace, which is available both in 16 and 18 inches.

In contrast, thinner men’s chains are usually available in smaller lengths and are paired with a pendant. However, this is not set in stone, and thinner necklace models may vary in length from 16 to 30 inches. For example, our Hanu Pendant Necklace is available in sizes 16 to 31.5 inches. 

To suit different tastes and tend to our diverse audience, the majority of our JewelryLab necklaces are available in 16 to 31.5 inches in size.

How Does Chain Thickness Affect Chain Length
Source: jewelrylab.co


In conclusion, we should note that to learn how to measure men’s silver chains properly, you must be familiar with the basic dimensions and sizing guidelines. We wouldn’t recommend adhering strictly to the length and thickness measurements mentioned in the text. These are only some general pointers to have in mind while searching for men’s silver chains.

To find a men’s chain that works for you, you should consider your height and body figure. These factors determine how the necklace will fit into your body structure. Still, pay attention to your style preferences and look for a chain necklace that matches your outfit.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.