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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

How to Wear Chunky Chain Necklace


Chunky chain necklaces are taking over the fashion world by being a bold statement piece that can boost your outfit. This accessory pushes the boundaries of style. So, you might wonder how to wear chunky chain necklace without feeling that it’s overpowering your look. 

In this article, you’ll look at the art of wearing chunky chain necklace and some useful tips and style strategies that will allow you to embrace this trend with confidence.

Wearing chunky chain necklace

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How to Wear Chunky Chain Necklace

Chunky chain necklaces are a bold and stylish way to add an edgy touch to any outfit. The large chains create a balance between stylish and daring. However, making them a versatile accessory might be difficult sometimes. 

Here’s a simple guide that should help you wear chain necklaces with elegance and confidence.

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Making a statement

Let’s start with the art of making a statement. A chunky chain necklace may be an ideal accessory for this purpose. This is because of its size, boldness, and interesting design. The trick is in the balance. Combining a chunky chain with a simple outfit allows the necklace to stand out and take the stage.

A sleek black turtleneck or a white T-shirt would be the ideal canvas for your chunky chain necklace. The chain not only stands out against the color but also adds an interesting edge to an otherwise classic outfit.

Going for a minimalist look

Yes, these necklaces are known for their boldness, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn elegantly. You can choose a one-chain necklace if you want a minimalist look. Additionally, you could choose a chunky chain with simple, clean lines. 

Avoid chunky chain necklaces with big pendants or details if you’re going for minimalism.

A monochrome black, white, or gray outfit can help create a sleek, modern style, with the chain necklace providing the appropriate amount of flair without overpowering your outfit

Remember that simplicity is key for a minimalist look. You can combine your chain with minimal or no other jewelry. If you want to wear other jewelry, use small, delicate items that go well with your chunky chain necklace. For example, you could wear some simple studs, a small watch or a thin, delicate bracelet. 

How Can Men Wear Chunky Chain Necklaces

Here are some tips that could help you learn how to wear chunky chain necklace for a masculine look.

Outfit pairing

With their strong, powerful links, chunky chains can be an eye-catching accessory to a man’s outfit. But, because of their big size, they can be very overpowering. 

If you’re going for silver, it's important to know what outfit to wear with a chunky chain silver necklace. For example, you could wear your chunky silver chain with a plain fitted T-shirt or a button-down shirt with a few buttons undone for a more relaxed vibe. 

Because of the simplicity of these pieces, you can also try these combinations with a chunky gold chain necklace. It will stand out without being too flashy. 

You can wear a chunky chain necklace under a blazer or a suit jacket for a more formal occasion. This should allow a bit of the necklace to show. This might give an unexpected and interesting element to your look.

Using your style to tell a story

First, you should ask yourself how you want to look and what your chunky chain necklace says about you. A black necklace might be ideal if you’re trying to present a more rugged masculinity. 

A gold or silver chain may be better if you’re going for a more refined and polished look. Remember that your jewelry can be a piece that could represent the story you’re trying to tell.

Color and metal matching

When it comes to color and metal matching, consistency is key. If you prefer to wear silver jewelry, you can choose a chunky silver chain to keep your style consistent. 

The same applies to chunky gold chains or any other color that you might like. Matching metals can create a unique, eye-catching look.

The layered look

Layering necklaces can create an edgy, high-fashion look. But it's important to do it right to avoid an overwhelmed look. You can combine chains with different lengths, styles, and even colors. This could add depth to your look.

Many recommend keeping the number of chains from two to three to maintain balance, but no strict rules forbid you from wearing more.

Women Wearing Chunky Chain

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How Can Women Wear Chunky Chain Necklaces

Here are some tips that could help you learn how to combine chunky chain necklace for a feminine look.

Layering chunky chain necklaces

Layering not only adds depth to your look but also lets you mix and match different styles for a unique look. You can combine your chunky chain necklace with delicate, thin chains for an interesting contrast. 

You could also experiment with different length chains to create a cascade look. 

Another fabulous way to combine your chunky chain necklaces is to add pearls. For example, you can pair a chunky gold chain necklace with one that has pearls. This combination combines classic and modern styles, adding a bit of glam to the outfit. 

Choosing the right necklace length

The length of your chunky chain necklace could play a big role in defining your entire look. A choker-style chunky chain will create a bold and edgy look, while a longer chain might create a more adaptable and laid-back vibe. 

Creating a powerful look

Chunky chain necklaces are the perfect accessory for those who want to achieve a confident, powerful look. For a powerful look, choose a chunky chain necklace in gold or silver and pair the necklace with a structured blazer or tailored pants. 

The key idea here is to let your chunky chain necklace stand out as the focal point of your outfit.

Coordinated looks

A well-coordinated look is always eye-catching, and chunky chain necklaces give a lot of opportunities for coordination. You can match your necklace's color with other jewelry pieces, like earrings or bracelets, to get a well-coordinated look. 

For example, if you want to wear a chunky gold chain, you could combine it with other gold accessories. And, of course, you could do the same with a chunky silver chain necklace if you want to wear silver with your outfit. 

It's important to note that having some contrast helps your chunky chain necklace stand out as a statement accessory. You should experiment with different combinations to create a stylish and well-coordinated look.

Styling with different outfits

The beauty of chunky chain necklaces is that they can be paired with many outfits. You could wear your chain necklace with casual outfits like a plain T-shirt and a denim jacket or you can pair it with a strapless dress. 

Don’t be afraid to try on different outfits to see what works best for you. 

Tips for Wearing Chunky Chain Necklaces

When it comes to wearing chunky chain necklaces, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure you get a stylish look. Here are some tips you could use and some things you should avoid when wearing these necklaces.

Pair it with simple outfits

Chunky chain necklaces are statement pieces that stand out on their own. So, you should combine them with simple outfits to create a balanced look. If you’re wearing a chain necklace, you might want to stick to solid colors and avoid busy patterns that might compete for attention with the necklace. 

Mix and match

While matching metals could create an interesting look, don’t be afraid to mix metals for a unique and personalized style. For example, gold and silver could create a stylish look with an interesting contrast.

Play with different lengths

The length of your necklace could greatly impact how it looks and feels. You can experiment with lengths like a choker, princess, or matinee to see what works best for you. 

Each length could create a different vibe and fit different necklines. By experimenting, you could find out how certain lengths go with specific clothes, helping you to create a stylish combination. Don’t be afraid to try different lengths to find the perfect match for the style you want to achieve.

Think about the neckline

Your outfit’s neckline plays an important role in how well your chain necklace will fit in. For example, lower necklines like V or scoop necklines might be a good canvas for chain necklaces. 

Collared and halter shirts, on the other hand, might be more challenging to style with a chain necklace.

Things to Avoid Wearing Chunky Chain

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Things You Should Avoid When Wearing Chunky Chain Necklaces

Here are some tips on things you should avoid when you’re wearing chain necklaces.

Avoid over accessorizing 

While these necklaces are an eye-catching accessory, wearing them with too many other statement pieces might result in a disorganized style. If you’re wearing a chunky chain necklace, you should keep your earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry simple. 

Or you could avoid them entirely, so the necklace remains the focal point.

You shouldn’t ignore your body type

Your chain necklace should complement your body type. Short chunky chain necklaces might look great on you if you have a smaller frame. If you have a larger frame, you could choose a long chunky chain necklace. 

The key point here is that the necklace size should be chosen in a way that complements your specific body type. 

You shouldn’t follow trends

Although keeping up with current fashion trends can be fun, keeping a sense of your style is important. This means you shouldn’t follow fashion trends just because they are popular. 

Instead, you should be wearing things that show your style and preferences. Staying true to your style and embracing it could bring you joy and confidence, resulting in a strong look. Not every trend works for everyone, and that’s okay. 

You shouldn’t ignore comfort 

It's important to consider the comfort of wearing a chunky chain necklace. Because of their size and weight, these necklaces might be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. You should choose chain necklaces that are not too heavy because the extra weight could cause pain in your neck.


Hopefully, this article helped you learn more about how to wear chunky chain necklaces. Finding a balance that fits your style is key to mastering this trend. With their bold charm and ageless look, these necklaces have the power to transform any outfit from ordinary to spectacular. 

Remember that fashion is a way to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Wear your chunky chain necklace with confidence, whether you mix it with a plain T-shirt for a casual look or use it to boost a formal look. 

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.