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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Are There Different Chain Lengths in Black

Time and time again, chain necklaces keep coming back as a trend. However, plain silver and gold chains can be boring for some people - so they turn to black chains. However, because they’re not commonly worn, are there different chain lengths in black on the market?

Different Chain Lengths in Black

Are There Different Chain Lengths in Black?

As with gold and silver chains, there are different chain lengths in black. They range from choker length, which is 14 to 16 inches, to 30 inches. 

Length ranges for a women’s black chain necklace compared to men’s are mostly the same. The only difference is that a choker length for women is 14 inches, while for men, it’s 16 inches. All other lengths are unisex.

Now let me explain all the lengths black chains come in and where they sit on the body.

14-16 inch black chains

Choker chain necklaces come in these lengths. An advantage that these short chain necklaces have is that they’re very forgiving regarding the size of the links.

Choker black chain necklaces can be made from thin or chunky chain links. This gives the wearer an opportunity to experiment and get creative.

Also, this length of chain is hard to hide. It will be on show all the time. 

18-inch black chains

An 18-inch chain necklace is the most common length for women. This necklace falls in alignment with the collarbone in both men and women. 

Generally, manufacturers offer this length of chain necklaces as the shortest for men, even though there are 16-inch chains.

This length is most suitable for accentuating the neck, especially because the entire necklace is on show. Since it lays at the base of the neck, it will be completely exposed no matter the top of choice.

20-inch black chains

A 20-inch chain is the most popular chain length for men. This chain necklace lays right under the collarbone. This chain necklace falls at the first or second button on a button-down shirt. 

This is a necklace that could be worn outside of the shirt to be shown off or inside the shirt for a little mystery. 

22-inch black chains

22-inches is a commonly worn chain length for men. This length of chain typically falls around four inches below the collarbone.

I recommend this length for those who can’t decide between chain lengths. 22-inch chains are the right balance between medium and long necklaces. This length represents the bridge between short and long chain necklaces. 

When worn with a button-down shirt, the chain typically falls at the third button. This varies from person to person. The chain can be worn outside or inside the shirt.

24-inch black chains

24-inch chains sit right in the middle of the sternum or an inch or two higher. It really depends on the person’s torso length to determine where each necklace would truly sit.

A general rule for any chain length 24 inches or longer is that the size of the chain links should be smaller and thinner. The bigger the dimensions of the links, the bulkier the look. In some cases, long, bulky chain necklaces end up looking tacky.

Additionally, this chain length is ideal for those who like adding pendants for flair and detail. Because of this, people commonly wear these length chains on top of their clothing.

28-inch black chains

28-inch chains typically fall in between the chest. Long chains like this one normally add to the effect of a long neck and elongate the torso. 

These chains could be worn outside of the shirt and are usually paired with a plain, solid-colored T-shirt.

This chain length isn’t as common as all the other chain necklace lengths. Considering this, finding a true 28-inch black chain necklace is more difficult but not impossible.

30-inch black chains

This is the longest length for men’s chains. Such long chains can be paired with large pendants like dog tags or a cross. 

30-inch chains fall just below the sternum. Because they’re so long, they’re worn outside the shirt. As with the 28-inch chain, I advise pairing them with a solid-colored T-shirt.

How to Choose the Right Length of Black Chain Necklace

How to Choose the Right Length of Black Chain Necklace

Since I’ve already explained where each necklace length will sit, I should explain which length looks better on who.

A rule of thumb for any necklace is that the longer the necklace, the more it will elongate the neck. For instance, a man with a skinny and long neck should wear a shorter necklace. On the flip side, if a man has a bulky and short neck, he should opt to wear a longer necklace.

Apart from neck size and length, height also plays an important role. The taller the man, the better longer necklaces will suit him. If the torso is longer, longer necklaces will look more natural

More or less, the same rules apply to women. Women with longer and skinnier necks should opt to wear shorter-length chains. However, the longest I advise women to go for a chain necklace is 18 inches.

For chains longer than 18 inches, women should consider their bust size. A smaller chest will be able to make a longer chain look much better than a bigger chest.

This is because the necklace won’t sit naturally but rather curve multiple times, which will make the outfit seem not well thought out.

Variations of Black Chain Necklaces

For those who are fans of intricate details and unique color combinations, it’s good to know that there are variations of black chain necklaces. Not all of them come in solid black.

Black silver chain

The second best to black chains are grey chains. These chains are made by taking sterling silver and oxidizing it

This creates the look of a dark grey stone, which will add edginess to the look. This kind of chain necklace is perfect for those who like to be unique and stand out.

Oxidized sterling silver chain necklaces are best worn by people with blue undertones to their skin.

Black gold chain

The elegant combination of black and gold links would suit those with warm and yellow undertones to their skin. 

Some black chain necklaces are made to look more sophisticated by mixing a few gold links or small specks of gold here and there. 


I hope this short guide is helpful in providing all the needed knowledge regarding the different chain lengths in black and how to choose the right one. 

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is to wear jewelry with confidence, no matter the chain length. 

Jewelry isn’t just worn to tie an outfit together, but rather for people to express creativity and personality through fashion.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.