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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How Do Thick Chain Necklaces Complement Various Necklines

Thick necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that humans have been wearing for thousands of years. They’re perhaps one of the oldest accessories known to humanity that still hold great sentimental value. But knowing how do thick chain necklaces complement various necklines is an important step to rock them with style.

It’s a well-known fact that chain necklaces are essential to complete a fashionable look. Properly combining them with your wardrobe will elevate your appearance and boost your confidence.

With so many options in the modern world, it may be hard for us to decide which one looks best. From V-necklines to turtlenecks, complementing varied necklines with thick chain necklaces will surely upgrade your style. If you’re looking for some advice, you’ve come to the right place.

Continue reading this article to discover the most common necklines and which thick chain necklaces fit them best. Explore several tips and tricks to enhance your style and create a remarkable statement.

How Do Thick Chain Necklaces Complement Various Necklines

When it comes to styling your thick chain necklaces, things may get confusing. There are many factors to consider, such as the occasion, season, latest trends, and your personal style. With so many styles and designs, it can take lots of time and effort to decide which one looks best.

If you find yourself wearing the same necklaces with various outfits, you may be stuck in a fashion rut. However, with the right advice and tips, you can embrace your inner fashionista and find the perfect bulky chain necklace. The only important rule for combining necklaces is following your neckline.

When preparing for a night out, remember that your neckline creates a frame to help you decide which thick chain necklace fits best. Here are several guidelines you can follow to pull off any look with any chain necklace:

  • Match the shape and length of your necklace to the shape of your neckline
  • Avoid leaving too much empty space between your necklace and neckline
  • If you're opting for a low neckline, avoid going lower with the necklace
  • Avoid large, statement pieces to avoid a busy neckline
  • Use your chain necklace to narrow a wide neckline, not the other way around

Now that we’ve got that covered, here are neckline and necklace example combinations.

Thick chain necklaces for a V-neckline

Thick chain necklaces for a V-neckline

V-neck attire narrows and elongates the shape of your chest. Following through with the same thick chain necklace shape and length will further enhance this look.

V-necklines naturally create a focal point in your cleavage area, making your thick chain necklace the star of the show. However, pairing this type of neckline with a longer necklace will make your torso look shorter and unfashionable.

Furthermore, a wider neckline gives you more space to experiment with your chains. You can try a statement piece with a larger pendant, or you can layer up some pieces. The best way to come off fashionable is to layer a thick chain necklace with one or two thinner chains. This will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look.

Thick chain necklaces for a round neckline

If you’re wearing a round neckline, like a scoop or a crew, it’s also best to opt for a round necklace. Ideally, your thick chain should be just a little shorter than your blouse or dress.

Pointed or V-shaped necklaces can be one of the worst choices for this neckline. They don’t sit well and may look unfashionable and dislocated. Instead, go for a round shape chain necklace, and you can even layer it with different lengths. This will provide a chic, well-organized look.

Thick chain necklaces for a boat neckline

A boat neckline is an elegant look that widens the shoulders and stretches across your collarbone. For this neckline, choosing a thick chain necklace that provides length and draws attention inward from your neck is best.

A long thick chain necklace will help you achieve a balanced look. Layers will also add a touch of glamor and style, so don't be afraid to experiment with a few different-sized chains.

Thick chain necklaces for a high neckline

A high neckline creates a reverse V-shape look. This narrows your shoulders and lengthens your torso. For this look, it’s best to go for a long thick chain necklace that doesn’t compete with a short, collar-like piece.

When wearing a turtleneck, choose a piece that draws attention downwards away from the neck. Layered necklaces can also fit with this look and provide an edgy, classy vibe. Avoid short necklaces since they can overcrowd your neck area and complicate your outfit.

Thick chain necklaces for halter neckline

Halter tops are an elegant way to show off your style. They display your shoulders and collarbone while wrapping around the back of your neck. These blouses lengthen your torso, much like turtlenecks.

To avoid any disruption of the natural halter shape, you should opt for a long V-shaped necklace. You can even choose a thick Y-shaped chain to create a professional and fulfilled look. This mirrors the shape of your blouse and can further enhance your appearance if you decide to layer up.

Thick chain necklaces for a square neckline

A square neckline creates a more angular look, contrasting your body’s natural curves. Ideally, your thick chain necklace should have these shapes as well. Picking a thick silver chain will complement your shirt’s outlines and blend in.

Any pendant with rigid, square, or rectangular shapes will best suit this look. You can experiment with lengths, but avoid picking a chain that is longer than your neckline. This may make you seem shorter and imbalanced. Instead, opt for a necklace that’s above the garment's neckline

Thick chain necklaces for a sweetheart neckline

A sweetheart neckline is a romantic style that curves inward towards the neck. When choosing a thick chain necklace for this type of neckline, pick a piece that best compliments these curves. 

The most common choice is a drop chain or a pendant necklace that follows the neckline's outlines.

This choice will add a touch of elegance that can flatter any spectator. Avoid any necklaces with sharp edges or angular and geometric shapes since they may create a rough contrast.

You may also opt for a medium-sized thick gold chain with a black sweetheart neckline. This creates a focal point and enhances your appearance and style. Round and soft pieces are the best choices for this neckline option.

Thick chain necklaces for a sweetheart neckline


In conclusion, thick chain necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that won’t go out of style any time soon. Thick chain necklaces carry great significance and have been beloved by many people throughout history. 

However, it may get tricky when attempting to harmonize your thick chain necklace with your neckline. However, this can be easily manageable by following some standard fashion advice. The most important rule to follow when facing this issue is aligning your necklace and neckline.

While V-shaped, boat, halter, and high necklines are ideal for long, pointed, thick chain necklaces, round and square necklines are perfect for delicate and geometric-shaped ones.

Hopefully, this article has given you some good advice on how to combine your thick chain necklaces with your style. Now you know how do thick chain necklaces complement various necklines.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.