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by Jesus Zabala - 7 min read

Types of Men’s Silver Chains

When it comes to men’s jewelry, silver chains have been a common jewelry choice. They are stylish, versatile, and available in many designs and patterns. In this post, I will discuss various types of men’s silver chains, each with its own unique appeal. 

They are available in both minimalistic and intricate designs. Therefore, every man can find one that complements their personal style. I will also provide details on styling these classic and fashionable pieces.

Different kinds of Men’s Silver Chains

Source: jewelrylab.co

Choosing the right accessories completes your look and creates a powerful fashion statement. Silver chains are popular pieces for accessorizing as they are durable and versatile. You can wear them for casual, semi-casual, and formal events.

Rope chain

Rope chains got their name due to their intertwined design. They feature small oval links that resemble a rope pattern. These chains add texture to the outfit, creating a modern look. They are flexible and sturdy, making them difficult to break.

A sterling silver rope chain for men can be worn on its own or layered with other accessories. Depending on individual style preferences, you can opt for a thin, delicate design that will complete your look. 

You can also go for a thick and bold chain as a centerpiece of your outfit. Rope silver chains work well with pendant necklaces and simple everyday wear. A rope silver chain has a casual vibe and can enhance your style with minimal effort.

Figaro chain

Figaro chains originate from Italy and are another popular option among stylish men. They have a distinct pattern, featuring two or three small circular and larger oval links. Figaro chains are available in several sizes and thickness options. 

This chain type is a beautiful, sleek necklace, perfect for men who want a refined look. A Figaro chain can elevate even the most simple outfit. These chains are elegant and stand out from other regular chains.

They are versatile and go well with outfits for different occasions. You can wear it on its own or add a pendant like a cross or a medallion. Figaro chains are less likely to get tangled and are comfortable to wear. 

Curb chain

The curb chain is one of the most simple and classic types of men’s silver chains. It has interconnected identical flat, uniform links. Its simplicity creates a sleek appearance and makes curb chains suitable for formal and casual occasions. 

A thick curb chain has a timeless design and exudes masculine energy. It is ideal for men looking for a jewelry piece they can wear on any occasion. Curb chains are often lightweight, versatile, and easy to wear. 

You can wear this type of chain as a standalone piece for an eye-catching look. However, you can also combine and layer it with pendants. This chain goes well with other necklaces, allowing you to experiment with your style.

Box chain

As the name suggests, a box chain has square-shaped links that fit together and create a smooth pattern. The so-called Venetian chain adds elegance to an outfit and creates a polished appearance. 

A box chain necklace can give a luxurious effect. Its captivating design creates an impression, making the box chain a powerful fashion statement. The box chain is sturdy and a versatile piece of jewelry. 

You can wear it on its own or combine it with pendants, medallions, and other simple silver chains. Box chains are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. They are available in various thickness options.

Byzantine chain

The origin of this chain dates back to the Byzantine Empire. It has an intricate design and a complex pattern of interwoven links. This chain is ideal for men who seek a unique and ornate appearance. 

This chain creates a modern look and exudes luxury. Given its bold design, you can wear it as a statement fashion piece. Byzantine necklaces are types of men’s silver chains that can elevate any outfit.

Its design makes the chain suitable for special occasions. It is a good option for men who want to wear bold, standalone pieces. This chain adds a sense of style and personality to your look. 

Wheat chain

The name of this type of chain derives from its similarity to stalks of wheat. The wheat chain is made of four strands of twisted oval links woven together in an intricate way. This unique jewelry piece adds a captivating texture to an outfit.

The wheat chain is versatile, so you can wear it on its own or style it with other necklaces. This chain combines strength and elegance, creating a bold and stylish look. 

The rigidity makes the wheat chain among the strongest types of chains. Since it is durable, the wheat chain is a great option for hanging a pendant. They look similar to rope chains but can be rounded and flat. 

Herringbone chain

The herringbone chain has a sleek design. The chain got its name as it resembles a herring fish’s bone structure. It’s characterized by a series of small V-shaped links that lie flat against the skin. 

The interlocking links make the chain very sturdy and give the necklace a texture. These chains create a luxurious and liquid look. They are very flexible and drape smoothly around the neck. They are a popular choice for casual and formal settings. 

The herringbone is a bold type of necklace that is suitable for special occasions. It doesn’t work well with pendants and looks the best when styled independently. You can find these types of chains in various lengths and sizes

Snake chain

Snake chains are popular jewelry pieces due to their sleek design. They feature a series of curvy metal rings that form a chevron pattern, resembling a snake’s skin. Round snake chains are very popular and lay nicely on the skin. 

The flat chain is comfortable to wear and adds a modern touch to an outfit. Given its complex design, the snake chain is sturdy and suitable to wear with heavy pendants. There are two types of snake chains - round and flat. 

You can wear this type of necklace on its own as a dainty chain with everyday wear. The snake chain comes in various lengths and widths and is an excellent option for layering. A snake chain also goes well with other types of jewelry.

Cable chain

The cable chain usually comes into people’s minds when they think about a chain. It is a staple jewelry piece that you can combine with outfits for different occasions. These chains are sleek, and they are comfortable to wear.

They are made from oval and round uniform links connected with a single joint on each side. Cable chains go well with various pendants and are easy to style. It goes well with other types of jewelry, like dainty necklaces and bracelets. 

The classic and durable cable chains can effortlessly elevate any outfit. You can wear them alone or make the chain work as a foundational layering piece to create a modern look. Cable chains are designed to hold pendants or charms.

Other Categories of Men’s Silver Chains

Source: jewelrylab.co

Other Categories of Men’s Silver Chains

Silver chains are timeless pieces that every man should have in their jewelry collection. Above, I discussed some of the most common types of chains that are popular among stylish men. Other varieties of men’s silver chains include: 

Rolo chain

The rolo chain, also known as the Belcher chain, is a variation of the cable chain. It is made from links that are rounded outside but flat on the inside. 

Bead/ball chain

A ball silver chain is made from spheres joined with connector bars. This type of chain works well with small pendants. 

Figarruchi chain

These chains are similar to the Figaro ones. They have the addition of a reinforcing bar within the link, like an anchor chain.

Cascade chain

The cascade chain has a classic minimalistic design. It is delicate but strong, ideal for casual and special occasions

Cocoon chain

This is a durable and long-lasting chain with an intricate design. The cocoon chain adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Foxtail chain

This chain resembles a foxtail plant. It is an excellent addition to an understated outfit. 

Omega chain

It has a similar design to a herringbone chain but with flat pieces. This type of chain is flexible and not prone to kinking. 

Serpentine chain

The serpentine chain has S-shaped links. They typically have a thin profile, making them easy to layer with other necklaces. 

Snake with bead chain

As the name suggests, this is a snake chain with beads set at a certain distance. 

Spiral chain

This chain is created from individual spiral links and creates a unique pattern.

Marine/anchor chain

This necklace's design is inspired by ship anchor chains. The oval links have a horizontal bar in the middle, creating unique patterns.

Popcorn chain

This is a tubular chain with a specific texture. It features rounded and hollow links connected to each other, creating a popcorn-like design. 

Crisscross chain

This type of chain features metal panels, each crossing over the next, creating a twisted look and glittery effect. 

Singapore chain

This chain is a combination of the curb and rope chain with a strong structure and a liquid look. 


There is a wide range of types of men’s silver chains. Whether you prefer a classic dainty look or a more distinctive and intricate design, you can find a silver chain that suits your individual style.

Each type of chain is versatile in its own way and has its own characteristics. Therefore, you can add a personal flair to your attire by selecting the right chain for you. Silver chains are timeless and refined pieces that can enhance your style. 

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.