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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

Why Are Thick Chain Necklaces Popular?

The minimalist trend has recently dominated runways, fashion trends, and styles. Thin ring stacks, tiny hoop earrings, and small, minimalist necklaces have been the go-to choice for many designers and fashionistas. However, this trend has overtaken the world long enough, so maybe that's the reason why are thick chain necklaces popular.

These stylish chain necklaces are perhaps the oldest accessory ever known to be worn by humans. Their meaning and significance have indeed shifted over the years, but the trend still remains. Countless designs and styles are created daily, so no one runs short of options for their taste.

Continue reading this article to learn about these historical pieces of jewelry. Discover their historical value and reasons why are thick chain necklaces fashionable and in demand today. You'll also learn how to wear them and make a true statement with thick chain necklaces.

Why Are Thick Chain Necklaces Popular
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What Are Thick Chain Necklaces?

By definition, chain necklaces are a pattern of connected hoops or links to create a circle-shaped necklace. The only difference is that thick chain necklaces are more prominent, thicker, and can make a surreal statement. Typically, these pieces are made from metal, but you can also find wooden or silicone chain necklaces.

We have utilized chains for a broad range of purposes. In most cases, necklaces are used as metaphors for love and human connection. This circle-shaped jewelry represents an infinity conception since it has no beginning or end. The interconnected pieces represent us as a vast network of human connections.

As we can see, fashion trends and styles can be inspired by just about anything. To acknowledge the current styles and conform to the latest fashion trends is what fashion-forward is all about.

Now that bulky, statement, and thick accessories are on the rise, be sure to join the trend and express your inner fashionista. Adding a silver chunky chain necklace to your outfit can elevate your look and enhance your attraction levels.

The history of thick chain necklaces

The first thick chains were discovered in ancient Babilonya, hidden away in royal graves. This fabulous jewelry started to show approximately around 2500 BC and had the classic loop-in-loop design. From them, many cultures took over the trend, and this design spread all over the globe.

Later on, the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all wore thick gold chain necklaces while hanging precious stones and pendants on them. They wore these pieces of jewelry to display their status, wealth, and position. However, further on in the Renaissance period, people saw this jewelry as more than just a fashion accessory.

Why are thick chain necklaces modern today?

This jewelry’s initial fame and craze began among today’s influencers, designers, and celebrities. Since they started to accessorize with this jewelry, thick chain necklaces popularity has risen. They have become immensely popular in the music and fashion industry. Additionally, designers are at the forefront of fashion, so many look to them for inspiration and guidance for upcoming trends.

So, people, including the working class, were able to join in on this trend. This was because many designs and styles were created that were both affordable and accessible. Thick chain necklaces began to appeal to a wider population, so this movement took its initial turn.

Reasons Why Are Thick Chain Necklaces Popular

There are many ways to accessorize and wear these timeless pieces since they are a new hype in today's fashion. Both men and women can pull off a stylish look with thick necklaces. Many designs and styles are here to satisfy anyone's fashion taste.

However, as there are many reasons why these jewelry were famous in the past, they have a purpose today. With the rise in popularity among designers and fashion-forward individuals, thick necklaces have become signature pieces of jewelry.

Here are some of the most common reasons why are thick chain necklaces popular:

How to Wear Your Thick Chain Necklace
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Fashion statement

Designers and fashionistas often see thick chain necklaces as eye-catching pieces and fashion statements. They're large, striking items that finish off a fashionable, edgy look. Depending on the chain's properties, every style and design can have a different impact on one's style.

A proper thick necklace can complete your attire from a casual, daily attire to a remarkable, faultless appearance. The variety of necklace accessories that are accessible to anyone can make accessorizing fun and exciting.

This also encourages young designers and fashion enthusiasts to dress more stylishly and advance fashion trends.

Perfect match for any style of any era

Seasons have changed, but the fashion trend of thick chain necklaces yet remains in force. Their historical significance and value have helped bring these timeless pieces trendy to this day.

Thick chain necklaces have a unique ability to make you stand out from the crowd. They've carried that ability throughout the decades from ancient times to the modern age. In the Renaissance period, these chains worked well with garments and dresses, while in the Victorian era, they were best matched with corsets and waistcoats.

In the modern age, they can work with practically anything. Whether you're wearing a casual outfit or preparing for a fashion show, these necklaces will bring out your best features.

However, the best part about these historical pieces is that they have limitless designs and styles you can choose from. So, you can match any outfit with any thick chain necklace, depending on your preference.

Self-esteem and confidence

Jewelry has the absolute power to boost self-esteem and confidence. It's able to bring out the best features of your appearance when the right one is around your neck. Thick chain necklaces can add a touch of glamor and elevate your look to the next level.

Furthermore, this is an essential step for you to embrace your creative personality and uniqueness. It can make you feel unique, fashionable, and confident. When wearing your perfect fit for a suitable occasion, you can make a fashion statement and significantly impact your self-esteem.

How to Wear Your Thick Chain Necklace

It’s a well-known fact that you need accessories and jewelry to complete any outfit. Properly incorporating these items for the right occasions will leave an impactful impression and a striking statement.

Here are a few simple steps you can wear your thick necklace to join in on the trend:

  • Wear a thick chain necklace with a simple, comfortable outfit for a fashionable urban look. By adding this statement piece, you'll make your appearance striking and memorable.
  • A long thick chain necklace may work well with an art deco look. It's perfect for adding a relaxed and easygoing touch yet looking trendy and stylish.
  • Statement thick chain pieces have just the right touch to elevate your night-out looks. They can appeal to many people and make your outfit chic and fashionable.
  • If you're someone who follows the latest fashion trends, an out-of-the-ordinary, trendy thick silver chain necklace is just for you. Try it with a glam outfit, and you'll find it easy to style but look glamorous and majestic.
  • Try combining a statement thick chain necklace with a collared shirt for work attire. This will elevate your outfit and make you seem sophisticated and professional.
How to Wear Your Thick Chain Necklace
Source: jewelrylab.co


In conclusion, thick chain necklaces will never go out of style. These outstanding pieces carry sentimental, historical, and, most importantly, fashionable value to them.

They're an endless loop of rings linked together, forming a circle. They have significant meaning and symbolism many seem to love. This gives these accessories further reasons why are thick chain necklaces in style.

Furthermore, knowing how to wear these pieces is crucially important. Whether you're going for a sophisticated or chic look, there's a piece for every style.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information on why are thick chain necklaces popular.

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