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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Designs of Chunky Chain Necklaces

From maximalist to minimalistic styles and back to maximalist, the fashion trends have once again done a complete 360. Jewelry has followed this same pattern, and chunky necklaces are totally in once again. Considering this, there are currently dozens of different designs of chunky chain necklaces on the market to choose from.

Designs of Chunky Chain Necklaces
Source: jewelrylab.co

What Are the Different Designs of Chunky Chain Necklaces

Each chunky chain necklace is bound to be unique because many factors come into play about how the final product will look. From the materials to the chain link style, learn what makes a chunky chain necklace complete.

Different materials

Chain necklaces, in general, are normally found in silver and gold. This way, the same style of chunky chain necklace can be worn by both - people with warm and cool undertone skins. However, there are varieties of the two materials as well.

Chunky silver chains

A silver chunky chain necklace is made of sterling silver. The official mark for this material is 925. This represents the percentage of silver in a certain piece of jewelry. Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5 % pure silver, and the other 7.5 % is another durable material. 

Also, sterling silver chain necklaces are suitable for any outfit and can be worn on various occasions. The only thing to pay attention to is how the necklace is styled for each occasion.

For those people who aren’t a big fan of the shiny look, there’s a wide choice of chunky chain necklaces made from oxidized sterling silver. This gives the chain a look as if it was made of a dark gray stone. In some cases, oxidized sterling silver can be black, which looks almost like a black rock.

Especially oxidized sterling silver chain necklaces should be a top pick for anyone looking to rock a unique-looking piece of jewelry and stand out.

Chunky gold chains

Chunky chain necklaces started out being gold back in the day. Most likely taken from hip-hop culture, chunky gold chain necklaces were the talk of the town and still are today. 

Gold chain necklaces can be made from pure gold, or they can be gold-plated. Gold-plated jewelry is essentially jewelry made from a durable material that is then covered with a thin layer of gold.

It takes a lot of confidence and the mind of a stylist to make a chunky gold chain look good and not tacky. For those who find this piece of jewelry difficult to style, the second best option is to buy rose gold.

The sophisticated chain is perfect for everyday wear with light-colored clothing. The pinky sheen of the material gives off an elegant vibe.

Different chain link styles

A large number of diverse designs of chunky chain necklaces owes much to a large number of chain links. 

There are over a dozen types of chain links, and it seems like new ones are being designed every year. 

Let us show you which are the most commonly used links for chunky chain necklaces:

  • Cable chain or anchor chain - with basic oval and round links, this is the most common traditional anchor cable link chain. The links are connected both horizontally and vertically.
  • The gourmette chain - it is a twist on the standard basic chain link, where the links are round or oval. However, they’re twisted and usually with a diamond cut. 
  • Twisted curb chain - as the name proposes, this chain is made up of links such as on the gourmette chain, but in this case, they’re twisted.
  • Parallel chain - the parallel chain is built on top of a basic link chain or circular link chain but with double links.
  • Round link chain - a chain with soldered circular links linking them.
Different chain link styles
Source: jewelrylab.co

The length

Chain necklaces come in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. However, time and time again, designers and fashionistas have proven that there’s one standard length for chunky chain necklaces.

The best length for chunky chains is the shortest length. Also known as chokers!

Chunky chain necklaces are best worn as close to the neck as possible. The longest we recommend going is when the bottom of the necklace is aligned with the collarbone.

Additional details

For some, a plain bulky chain necklace isn’t enough. They need a bigger shock element. This is where detailed chunky chains come into action.

Ring details

We've noticed a rise in the popularity of ring details on chain necklaces. These chunky chain necklaces designs are all made out of links except for one piece. One link is replaced with a larger circle that connects the two ends of the necklace.

The ring is intended to fall right between the two sides of the collarbone. The ring is supposed to sit near the suprasternal notch.


A pendant hanging on one of the chain links isn’t commonly worn because of the size of the chain links in bulky necklaces. However, some people don’t believe that less is more and like their necklaces large and chunky. Pendants on large chain necklaces can be anything from crystals to medallions. This also means that chunky chain necklaces are customizable.

Normally they are the same size as the chain links. This doesn't mean the market doesn’t offer chunky chain necklaces with chunky pendants. Some sellers allow customers to customize the size of pendants.


For those who appreciate the old-money aesthetic, designers have come out with chain-pearl fusion necklaces. Pearls are commonly paired with cold chains.

These necklaces can be similar to the chain necklace with a ring where a large pearl connects the two ends of the chain necklace.

In other cases, we are met with a 50-50 situation. These necklaces are half chains and half pearls. This allows the wearer to wear either a chain or a pearl necklace, or both at the same time. 

This is done by placing the point where the chains and pearls meet to sit on the suprasternal notch or a little above it.


Chunky necklaces, in general, are statement pieces and not everyone is comfortable wearing such big pieces of jewelry. However, for those who love to accessorize like there’s no tomorrow, there are many designs of chunky chain necklaces to choose from. Our advice to anyone willing to rock a bold necklace is to wear it with confidence and a head held high.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.