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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How Can Black Chain Necklaces Be Styled?

The dark, rusty, vintage look of jewelry pieces is slowly crawling its way into modern fashion. Men and women enjoy wearing black jewelry due to its distinctive appearance. But how can black chain necklaces be styled?

The matte finish of black chain necklaces provides versatility and is perfect for incorporating into everyday outfits. Unlike shiny materials used to make chain necklaces, black oxidized metal has a muted color and creates a faded effect.

Black jewelry shouldn’t be seen as rusty or inelegant. There are many ways of styling with black chain necklaces and personalizing your fashion style. Accessorizing should be fun and free from any rules.

So, let’s discover more!

How Can Black Chain Necklaces Be Styled
Source: jewelrylab.co

How Can Black Chain Necklaces Be Styled?

Wondering how can black chain necklaces be combined and turned into statement pieces? Don’t worry; we will provide solutions to help women express their style with black jewelry.

Also, we have a few ideas for creating unique looks with a men's black chain necklace. After all, men should be able to rock edgy yet bold accessories better than women. Or can they? 

All jokes aside, how can black chain necklaces be styled? Let’s learn!

Classic outfit combinations

It’s commonly known that black goes well with everything. But a black chain necklace may specifically complement a classic outfit combination such as a t-shirt and jeans for men, a simple button-up shirt and dress pants for women, or vice versa.

High neck tops

Black chain necklaces are very versatile and can come in multiple lengths. If you want to wear your black chain necklace with a high-neck top, choose black chain chokers or shorter chains that sit above your chest.

Low neck tops

It’s easy to incorporate black chain necklaces into outfits with low necklines. Simply choose longer black chain necklaces that come in various thicknesses. Focus on decorating your look subtly without looking as if you tried too hard to make a statement.


You have probably heard that thinner black chain necklaces suit women better, whereas thicker chains are more suitable for men. But this is not necessarily true, since anyone can wear whatever they want if they feel it complements their style.

Just like other chain necklace styles, you can also layer black chains. Thinner black chain necklaces can be layered with thick chains to make your overall look more interesting and creative.

Pendant personalization

Some people see black chain necklaces as uninteresting. But if you attach a personalized pendant to a black chain necklace, your unique style will shine. 

Wondering what to put on a black chain necklace? It can be as simple as a letter, a geometrical shape, or a religious symbol.

Pendant personalization
Source: jewelrylab.co

The Mysterious Meaning Behind Black Chain Necklaces

Black is the darkest existing color, and some even call it a shade. In fashion, people have emphasized the power of black clothing in hiding people’s imperfections and revealing their dark side. 

But does wearing black chain necklaces carry a mysterious meaning? Let’s see!

Protection from negative energy

Jewelry with loops, now known as chain necklaces, has existed since ancient times. Back then, many believed that a rusty-looking, darkened chain necklace should be worn to protect people from negative energy.


Rich men and women throughout history have been known for wearing chain necklaces. Members of the elite wore different chain necklace styles and colors with crystal pendants to express elegance and prestige.

High status

Historically, members of the Royal Family and clergy wore chain necklaces to show authority. However, during the Gothic Era, some influential people also wore black chain necklaces to emphasize their high status.

Types of Black Chain Necklaces

Crafting your look with black chain necklaces can be easy since there are many different styles. Regardless of what black chain necklace style you are drawn to, ensure it suits your fashion style well.


Small black chain necklaces are often considered minimalistic since they can hardly be noticed due to their size. But some people prefer this look. If you are one of them, minimalistic black chain necklaces might be perfect for your everyday outfit combinations.


In comparison to thin black chain necklaces, thicker chains are more visible, creating unavoidable attention-drawing effects. If you are unafraid of customizing your look with bold pieces, you won’t have a problem rocking bulky black chain necklaces.


To change the yellowish color of real gold, manufacturers mix it with other materials and create a black gold chain. These necklaces are highly valuable without providing the radiance the gold material is known for.


Blackened silver has gained popularity in men’s and women’s fashion recently. The metal is exposed to chemicals, creating a black silver chain. This style of black chain necklace is very wearable, providing a “worn-off” look on purpose.

Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear black chain necklaces every day?

You can wear black chain necklaces as often as you want, as long as they pair well with your choice of everyday outfits. Some people’s work environment requires respecting an elegant dress code. Chunky black necklaces may not always provide the most sophisticated look.

Can I combine black chain necklaces with different metals?

People who are unafraid of experimenting with their style have no problem combining black chains with different types of metals. Wearing a dark and a light chain together creates a contrast that many people find aesthetically pleasing when it comes to jewelry.

Does the oxidized look of black jewelry wear off quickly?

Some chain necklaces hold oxidation better than others. After some time of wearing a chain necklace, the black oxidized metal may start to wear off. This is due to the chemicals and sulfur it has been exposed to during its production process.


How can black chain necklaces be styled? We hope we helped you learn how black chain necklaces can be styled to emphasize their beauty and antique look. Remember that you can rock whatever type of jewelry you want as long as you feel beautiful and confident wearing it.

Black jewelry may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But wearing black chain necklaces can become your way of expressing creativity regarding fashion trends if you see their charm.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.