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by Jesús Zabala - 7 min read

How to Style Cute Rings With Statement Nails for a Bold Look

Statement nails have become one of the biggest trends among those who want bolder head-turning looks. Learning how to style cute rings with statement nails for a bold look will give you another edge. 

Nail art allows women to express their creativity through various designs. You do not have to follow fashion trends to make a statement. Choose the nail art that speaks the most to you. 

Your confidence will skyrocket by being true to yourself. Express and elevate your style and outfit by pairing statement nails with cute rings for the ultimate bold look.

How to Style Cute Rings With Statement Nails for a Bold Look

Statement nails have a vast range. There are bold colors and intricate nail art designs that immediately catch the eyes of others. Pairing statement nails with some of our cute rings for women allows you to achieve even bolder looks.

Consider some of the following suggestions for a bold look:

  1. Simple ring designs with bold-colored nails.
  2. A bold ring with multiple silver sterling bands.
  3. Minimalist stackable rings paired with individualized nail art. 
  4. Signet rings and summer nails. 
  5. A bold ring paired with abstract statement nails.
  6. Match the ring’s stone with your nail color. 
  7. Gold rings and statement nails. 
  8. A statement ring with a fun French manicure.
How to Style Cute Rings With Statement Nails for a Bold Look
Source: jewelrylab.co

Show Your Boldness With Statement Nails and Cute Rings

Statement nails truly let you explore your creative side. When it comes to nail art, the only limit is your imagination. If you are a bold person who likes turning heads wherever you go, statement nails are your go-to choice.

Even if you usually go for more subdued nail art, dare to be different and try something new

Our handcrafted and unique ring designs are the perfect pieces to elevate the boldness of your statement nails. Made by the artful metalsmiths of Bali, our jewelry allows you to pick pieces you connect with. 

Combinations That Make a Bold Statement 

Experimentation is the key to unlocking the full potential of your creativity. Do not be afraid to take risks; you never know which will pay off. You can start by trying out some of these combinations and see how they make you feel. 

Simple ring designs with bold colors 

Bold colors like deep shades of pink, red, blue, and other eye-catching colors will pair incredibly well with silver rings. Deep shades of classic colors will forever remain the easiest way to make a statement. 

They are bold and head-turning, and people will do a double-take when you wear a deep shade color. While any silver jewelry will match great with all nail colors, simple silver ring designs are especially cute. 

You will achieve a chic and bold look with many simple silver rings paired with striking red, blue, or pink nails. Plus, simple ring designs don’t distract from your statement nails and allow them to be the focus. Instead, they complement them and complete your bold look. 

We offer beautiful and unique silver rings that allow you to stay true to your tastes and stand out, even with simple designs. 

Simple ring designs with bold colors
Source: jewelrylab.co

Bold ring with multiple silver sterling bands

Another way to achieve a bold look is by incorporating a different design on one finger, while the rest are the same color. An especially bold look is to choose a different design for your ring finger and match it with a bigger ring. Adorn the remaining fingers with simple sterling silver bands. 

Minimalist stackable rings paired with individualized nail art

People with bold personalities are unlikely to be bound by conventional unwritten rules. If you want to try something new and bold, try individualizing each nail with different colors. 

Individualized nail art will give you the ultimate statement nail look. But pairing them with the right rings will elevate your look even more. It is best to pair individualized statement nails with simple stackable rings. 

Stack two or three minimalist rings on two of your fingers, for example, your index and middle fingers. Minimalist stackable rings will not clash with the fun patterns on your nails. 

Signet rings and summer nails

With the summer season knocking on the door, announce it with statement daisy nails. Daisy nails give you a youthful look and are great for every free spirit out there. 

Pair them with several signet rings to achieve a bold, striking look. Daisy nails don’t have to be in the classic white and yellow combination.

Use a combination of any colors you like and pair the daisy nails with simple designs of signet rings to not distract from the nail art. Put one signet ring on your index, ring, and little finger to achieve a bold yet sophisticated look.

Signet rings and summer nails
Source: jewelrylab.co

Bold ring paired with abstract statement nails

You can’t make a bigger statement than incorporating the latest abstract nail art trend. With abstract nails, your fingers will look like an art piece that should be hanging in a modern art museum. 

Plus, you can elevate the look of abstract statement nails by pairing them with a bold and striking ring. Choose one of our bigger sterling silver rings for your abstract nail art to achieve an attention-stealing look. 

Match a bold ring with your nails

If you prefer wearing only one ring, choose a bolder shape and color that matches your nail color. For example, pair a turquoise nail color with a bold ring with a large center turquoise stone. This look will grab the attention of everyone around you.

Gold rings and statement nails

You can’t get bolder than adorning your nails with gold nail art. Choose a golden nail art and embellish your look with some of our gold-plated rings with unique designs. 

While not everyone feels brave enough to wear so much gold, dare to be brave. Gold is the perfect color to achieve a bold look and make a statement.

Statement ring with a fun French manicure

The French manicure is a classic look, which many find boring, especially when trying a bolder look. However, with a fun twist on the classic French manicure, everyone can achieve a striking look that makes them the center of attention. 

Instead of choosing white tips, go for a striking color like neon green or pink. You can also get a reverse French manicure with a colorful nail bed accent. Pair this type of statement nail with a bold ring that will elevate your look even more. 

Rings and Fingers: The Symbolism and Meaning

Another way to make a statement with your rings is with finger placement. According to the ancient art of palmistry, every finger has its own symbolism. This means you emphasize the symbolism by wearing a ring on particular fingers. 

So, when styling our cute rings with your statement nails, consider the finger placement if you want to send a message with your rings. 


The thumb represents self-assertion and willpower, according to palmistry. While in Roman mythology, it represents the god Neptune, symbolizing the character of the wearer. 

If you match your statement nails with a thumb ring, you convey that you are highly creative. 

Pinky finger
Source: jewelrylab.co

Index finger 

The index finger symbolizes the Roman god Jupiter, representing power and leadership. By pairing statement nails with an index ring, you project onto others that you have leadership skills, confidence, and high-self esteem. 

Index finger
Source: jewelrylab.co

Middle finger

According to palmistry, wearing a ring on your middle finger symbolizes responsibility. The middle finger is a great placement for bold rings that perfectly complement statement nails in deep colors. 

The middle finger represents the Roman god Saturn, associated with balance, identity, and wisdom. 

Middle finger
Source: jewelrylab.co

Ring finger 

Although associated with wedding bands, the meaning of the ring finger has roots in ancient times. The ring finger represents the Greek god Apollo, symbolizing romance, love, and the moon. 

You can also wear a ring on the ring finger with statement nails as a symbol of beauty and creativity. 

Ring finger
Source: jewelrylab.co

Pinky finger 

Wearing rings on your pinky finger with statement nails symbolizes intelligence, high negotiating skills, strong intuition, and great listening skills. The little finger represents the Roman god Mercury. 

Pinky finger
Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I wear gold or silver rings with statement nails?

You can wear both. Choose the material that makes you feel more comfortable and confident. One great way to help you decide whether to wear gold or silver rings is by matching the metal with your skin tone. 

Gold rings will complement your looks better if you have a warmer skin tone. If you have a colder skin tone, choose silver rings. 

Can I wear only one ring with statement nails? 

If you buy a bigger ring, or one with an intricate design, like our snake rings, you can achieve a bold look when paired with your statement nails. With a bolder ring design, you can elevate your look with only a single piece of jewelry. 


The best way to learn how to style cute rings with statement nails for a bold look is by experimenting. If you are unsure and only beginning to wear bolder looks, consider some of the tips mentioned above. You will achieve a bold, attention-grabbing look in no time. 

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.