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by Jesús Zabala - 4 min read

Why Wear Skull Ring

 The skull is one of the strongest and oldest symbols known to humankind. No wonder skull jewelry became a popular fashion trend. But the question is, why wear skull ring?

Your clothes and accessories choices let you make statements and express yourself. Although fashion trends are temporary, some accessory themes remain unchanged through time, like skulls.

Keep reading to find out the reason for wearing such rings and everything you need to know about skull rings.

Why Wear Skull Ring
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Why Wear Skull Ring?

People wear skull rings for different reasons. Skulls are mostly related to death, bravery, and rebirth. However, some people wear skull rings just to be trendy.

Bikers and rockers mostly wear skull clothes and skull rings. They are known for living on the edge, taking every opportunity fearlessly. While skulls symbolize death, they carry another important message: life is short, and our time is limited. Thus, you should enjoy life and make the most of it.

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A Few Reasons About Why to Wear Skull Ring

Besides wearing skull rings due to their symbolism or to be fashionable, a few other reasons may be:

Skull rings are timeless

Do you know how we all love to find timeless jewelry from our parents or relatives? Wearing something that stands the test of time has its magic. This is the case with skull rings.

If you have a well-defined style or want to spend less on trendy jewelry, investing in skull rings is the right thing to do.

Skull rings are durable

Rings can be made from different materials. Skull rings are usually made using a conservative approach to the metal, making them durable. The most popular finish is silver. Silver goes well with the motor parts of bikers, with Gothic style, but also it is easy to combine in everyday outfits

Besides the aesthetic part, silver is durable. It is hard to bend or break skull rings made of solid metals. Skull rings can be engraved, polished, roughened, matted, or blackened, making them versatile and attractive.

Skull rings are durable
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A Closer Look at the Symbolism of Skull Rings

Below we will see the most frequent interpretations of skulls.


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see a skull is death. The person who wears a skull ring sees it as a metaphor for their perception of death. 

People who wear skull rings are usually free spirits. They wear it as a statement that they embrace and understand their fate. That is why they are usually people who live life to the fullest.


Skull jewelry is a trend that stands the test of time. People usually associate this trend with motorcycle gangs and other rebels. Therefore, they often mistakenly see skull rings as a symbol of danger. 

On the contrary, rebels wear skull rings to symbolize their bravery, confidence, and toughness.


Some cultures may depict skulls as a symbol of life after death. Some people wear skull rings to celebrate their loved ones who died. In this case, skull rings represent the dead person’s legacy and importance. 

On the other hand, some people wear skull jewelry as a symbol of their own rebirth, growth, and transformation.

Fashion trend

Due to the many interpretations of skull jewelry, the fashion industry took the skull as a theme for clothes and accessories. This trend became everlasting and popular. 

Therefore, some people started to wear skull rings just to be cool. Others see their skull rings as a symbol of their independence, freedom, and attitude that they do not follow the rules set by society.

The skull theme is very versatile. The skull inspiration is never-ending. That is why skull jewelry suits different tastes. One of the most popular jewelry pieces is skull rings, especially the hand-crafted ones. Skull rings can be custom-made, making this type of jewelry very personal and meaningful. 

Undeniably, skulls have become an important motive in fashion. Skull rings match different styles, from Gothic to basic.

All in all, you can wear skull rings because you believe what they symbolize, or you can wear them because you think they look good.

Fashion trend
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which finger should you wear a skull ring on?

In ancient times, skull rings were always worn on the right hand. The reason for that was that The Phantom loved them, and he always punched with his right hand. 

Today, there is no rule on which finger or hand you should wear skull rings. Just wear them as you like it.

What does a skull signet ring mean?

A skull signet ring is a representation of courage and strength. It means that the person who wears it is not afraid of confrontation; they are independent and free-spirited.

Is the skull ring good luck?

In some cultures, a skull ring is believed to bring good luck and keep evil spirits away. Moreover, bikers consider skull rings a symbol of good luck. Since fast motor riding involves great risk, they believe the skulls are amulets.


So, why wear skull ring? Although you can wear a skull ring because you simply like it, there are several other reasons why people wear this jewelry.

Some people, like bikers, wear skull rings because of their symbolism. Skull rings symbolize death but, at the same time, convey a message that life is short and must be well-lived. 

Skull rings are also a symbol of courage, independence, and good luck. Some people feel confident when wearing a skull ring.

However, skull rings are timeless pieces of jewelry.

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