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by Jesus Zabala - 7 min read

Choker Chain Length

Have you ever found yourself drawn to the captivating charm of a choker chain, wondering about the ideal length to achieve that look? Whether you prefer a subtle and delicate choker or a more dramatic statement piece, understanding the nuances of choker chain length can make all the difference.

This article will explore the fascinating interplay between style and choker chain length. We've got something for everyone! 

So, if you like the chic choker chain or prefer a more classic and elegant necklace, keep reading!

Measuring Tips: Finding the Right Choker Chain Length for You

At JewelryLab, every accessory tells a story and carries a deep meaning. We're excited to discover the captivating world of choker chains and uncover their symbolism.

A choker gold chain is more than a fashionable piece of jewelry; it represents strength, elegance, and a touch of rebellion. 

This versatile style, designed to encircle the neck, has existed for centuries. But to find the perfect choker chain for you, it's important to consider the length that suits your style and enhances your overall look. 

Whether you opt for a delicate choker or a bold statement piece, the length of the gold choker chain plays a significant role. It’s a subtle reminder to embrace your unique style and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Let's take a look at some of the common necklace types for men and women. We'll also explore tips on choosing your ideal size based on your body type and outfit.

Common necklace length for women

Style name

Necklace length (inch)

Necklace length (centimeter)

Body position



35 cm

Tight around the neck



40 cm

Against the base of the neck



45 cm

On the collar bone



50–55 cm

Between collar bone and bust



60 cm

Around the center of the bust



76–91 cm

Waist length

Common necklace length for men

Style name

Necklace length (inch)

Necklace length (centimeter)

Body position

Tight fit


45 cm

The base of the neck

Exact fit


50 cm

Around the collarbone

Loose fit


55 cm>

Right above the sternum

Main Necklace Types Explained

Collar necklace (14″ or 35 cm)

Oftentimes, when people Google how long is a choker chain, they come across the collar necklace. These necklaces have intricate patterns or embellishments. This allows them to showcase a fusion of modern and vintage aesthetics.

Their close-fitting nature creates a stunning visual impact. It draws attention to the neckline and enhances any outfit with glamor. For a contemporary look, pair this necklace with a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, allowing the chain to take center stage.

Opt for a metallic collar necklace with gemstone accents to add elegance to a high-necked blouse or formal attire. For a more casual yet fashionable ensemble, style a collar necklace with a crisp white shirt or a tailored blazer.

The versatility makes it a great choice for formal events and everyday wear.

Choker necklace (16″ or 40 cm)

Another popular type that has been making a comeback is the choker necklace. How long has to be a choker chain? The choker chain necklace is 16 inches long and has a close-fitting style. It sits around the base of the neck, creating an alluring and edgy look.

Chokers come in various materials, including velvet, leather, metal, and delicate chains. Its versatility is a gateway for many styles, from bohemian to sleek and modern. A black choker adds a touch of gothic elegance to an evening gown or a black dress. This makes it perfect for formal occasions.

A gold or silver chain choker with a simple T-shirt or a flowy summer dress can create a casual and trendy look. Chokers also work well with off-the-shoulder tops because they draw attention to the collarbone.

Princess necklace (18″ or 45 cm)

Now that we’ve seen what is the length of a choker chain, let’s talk about its sister – the princess necklace. 

The princess necklace falls on the collarbone, creating a flattering and feminine look. You can recognize this necklace by its single-strand design, often featuring a pendant or a gemstone at the center.

This elegant piece can come from materials like gold, sterling silver choker, or even with diamonds or gemstones. It's the perfect necklace for formal and casual occasions.

For a refined look, pair a diamond pendant princess necklace with an evening gown or a cocktail dress. If you want a relaxed vibe, go for a dainty chain with a small gemstone pendant. This can elevate any casual shirt within seconds. 

Did you know?

The term "princess necklace" comes from its historical association with royalty and nobility. This style gained its name due to its popularity among princesses and royal court members throughout history. It allows anyone wearing it to feel like a true princess.

Matinee necklace (20-22″ or 50-55 cm)

This necklace can make any ensemble look elegant. Its longer length, between the collarbone and the bust line, characterizes this necklace type.

Designers often create this necklace with a single strand or many beads or gemstones. The longer length allows for a more dramatic and statement-making effect.

You can pair a tailored blouse or a sheath dress with a pearl or gemstone matinee necklace to get a polished look. Additionally, the matinee necklace complements high-necked or boat-neck tops.

Opera necklace (24″ or 60 cm)

The opera necklace defines itself through its length. It goes below the bust line and sometimes even to the waist. It has one or many strands of beads or gemstones, creating a luxurious and eye-catching look.

Its extended length allows for versatile styling options, making it an excellent choice for formal and casual occasions. When attending a formal event or an elegant evening, pair this necklace with a neckline gown or a sleek black dress.

This pairing drapes the necklace down the torso, adding an element of drama and allure. For a casual look, layer it with shorter necklaces or wear it as a statement piece with a chic blouse and tailored pants.

Rope necklace (30-36″ or 76-91 cm)

Crafters create the rope necklace using various materials, such as chains, beads, or cords, to offer a wide range of textures and aesthetics. Its extended length enables creative styling.

One option is to wear the rope necklace as a single long strand, creating an elegant look. You can also double (or triple) the necklace, adding visual interest to any outfit.

The rope necklace pairs well with various clothing. This includes V-neck tops, tunics, maxi dresses, and more.

Regarding styling options, you can also wrap it around the wrist or use it as a waist belt! If you're a fashion enthusiast, you will definitely appreciate the rope necklace's versatility.

Tips for Discovering the Perfect Length of a Choker Chain

Tips for Discovering the Perfect Length of a Choker Chain

Face shape

For those with a round face, longer necklace lengths, such as opera or rope necklaces, can help create the illusion of height and balance. Oval-shaped faces are versatile and can wear various necklace lengths.

Still, princess or matinee necklaces tend to complement the natural symmetry of this face shape. If you have a square face, opt for longer chains that soften the angles, like opera or rope styles.

Heart-shaped faces pair well with shorter necklace lengths, such as chokers or princess necklaces, to emphasize the delicate chin area.

Those with a rectangular face can choose necklaces that add width, such as chokers or collar necklaces, to create a balanced look.

Neck size

If you have a shorter neck, it's best to avoid longer necklace lengths, as they may shorten the neck further. Instead, choose chokers or princess necklaces that sit higher on the neck.

You can experiment with various necklace lengths if you have a longer neck. Consider yourself lucky in this case because you can choose anything from chokers to an opera necklace to accentuate your neck.

Body type

If you have a petite frame, shorter necklace lengths can complement your proportions.

For those with a curvier figure, longer necklace lengths can help elongate the torso and create a more balanced appearance.


Tall people can wear longer necklace styles, such as opera or rope necklaces, to enhance their stature.

Shorter people may prefer shorter necklace lengths to avoid overwhelming their frame.

Even with these things in mind, styling necklaces has no strict rules. Remember that personal style and individual preferences are significant. Don't be afraid to break the "rules" and experiment!

How Can You Measure Your Desired Necklace Length?

There are a few methods you can use to determine your desired necklace length:

Necklace reference

If you already have a necklace you love and want to replicate the length, you can use it as a reference. Lay the chain flat on a surface and measure it from end to end using a measuring tape. This measurement will give you an idea of the desired length for your new necklace.

Measuring tape

If you don't have a necklace reference, use a measuring tape around your neck. Wrap the tape around your neck, starting at the base where you want the necklace to sit, and note the measurement.

String method

If you don't have a measuring tape, use a string or a piece of ribbon to measure your desired necklace length. Wrap it around your neck, following the same process as with a measuring tape. Once the string is in place, mark the spot where it meets and then measure it with a ruler or a regular measuring tape.

Consider the type of necklace you plan to wear and your desired comfort level. These methods can help you find a perfect fit for your style and comfort preferences.

How Can You Measure Your Desired Necklace Length

Bottom Line

We hope our article has shed light on the intricacies of choker chain length and provided valuable insights into finding the perfect fit for your style.

Understanding the significance of choker chain length allows you to express your individuality and create a striking fashion statement. Whether you prefer a delicate and subtle choker or a bold and eye-catching design, the length of the necklace can greatly impact your look.

By considering neck size, face shape, body type, and personal style, you can confidently choose a choker chain that symbolizes you!

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.