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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How Do Thick Chain Necklaces Add an Edgy Touch to the Outfits?

Accessories are important to your style since they allow you to express yourself and complete your outfit. So, you can personalize your style through the accessories. But how do thick chain necklaces add an edgy touch to outfits?

In the past few years, thick chain necklaces have become very popular. Their popularity is based on the edgy and bold impression they leave. If you are a fashion enthusiast, be sure that thick chain necklaces add a modern twist to your wardrobe and make a statement.

Let’s explore how these necklaces define your style.

How Do Thick Chain Necklaces Add an Edgy Touch to Outfits

How Do Thick Chain Necklaces Add an Edgy Touch to Outfits?

These bold and statement-making jewelry pieces have become very popular in the modern fashion world. This trend was also popular in the ‘90s and returned in recent years. The chunky jewelry trend is present all over social media. From layering chokers and thick chain necklaces to many other chunky jewelry pieces. 

You might have wondered what is so special about this trend. Well, it is the edgy touch and the ability to upgrade any outfit.

Let’s see how thick chain necklaces add an edgy touch to outfits. A thick chain necklace is, first of all, a statement accessory. Moreover, it is versatile and adaptable, and it makes a contrast if worn with feminine outfits

Finally, a chain necklace elevates streetwear. You can mix and match metals or layer them for a bigger impact. For example, a thick gold chain necklace women’s style may do wonders with the outfit.

Unleashing the Edgy Potential With Thick Chain Necklaces

This section will explain in what way you are adding an edgy vibe to outfits with the role of thick chain necklaces.

Statement accessory

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing thick chain necklaces is that they are a statement accessory. They are undoubtedly the focal point of the entire outfit. Thick chains draw attention. 

By wearing them, you are expressing confidence and courage.

Rebellion symbol

Thick chains have a long history of the rebellious spirit of the counterculture. This jewelry piece emerged as a symbol of disobedience during the punk movement of the 1970s. People wore the thick chain necklace as a statement piece against the norms of that period.

You can immerse yourself in the history of rebellion if you add these jewelry pieces to your style. So, this necklace gives the contemporary wardrobe an edgy touch.


The biggest advantage of wearing a thick chain necklace is its versatility and adaptability. You have various design options. For example, there are classic chains, box chains, snake chains, byzantine chains, Figaro chains, and wheat chains.

Besides the design and the finishing material, thick chain necklaces can be plain, but also they can have pendants and gemstones. This variety makes it easy to find your preferred style that embellishes your clothes. 


Thick chain necklaces are easily adaptable and can be worn from day to night. Your daily jeans and T-shirt combination can be easily transformed into a chic evening outfit by adding a thick chain necklace.

Altogether, the adaptability of thick chain necklaces adds a cool and edgy note to your wardrobe.

A contrast jewelry piece

While, in general, women wear thinner chain necklaces, men wear thicker ones. However, this is not a rule. As you can see, many women are dressed femininely and wear thick chain necklaces. This contrasts the outfit, giving a delicate piece of clothing an edgy look.

So, you can complement a sundress, a lace blouse, or a cashmere sweater with a thick chain necklace to mix femininity with power.

Streetwear accessory

Streetwear is one of the most influential trends in fashion in the last few years. It is characterized by relaxed and urban clothing pieces like hoodies, joggers, and sneakers. The “athleisure” style has recently become trendy, a mix of sporty and stylish elements.

Thick chain necklaces perfectly complement the streetwear style and leave an edgy mark. Moreover, thick chain necklaces add a fashionable and glamorous stamp to the streetwear look.

Layers of chains

Another very popular trend in recent years is layering. Layering makes a great impact. You can play around with different chain necklaces, creating a playful but, at the same time, bold style. 

This fashion technique can be applied to both casual and formal outfits. If done right, you can achieve a unique and modern personalized look.

A mix of metals and textures

The idea of wearing the same plated necklace is a real myth. You can mix and match metals and textures for a more striking look. Thick chain necklaces bring together metals like gold and silver. They allow fashion enthusiasts to make catchy looks without creating an overwhelming effect. 

You can wear your thick silver chain with a minimalistic gunmetal choker. Or, combine your thick gold chain with chunky rings. This will create an edgy note to your style.

A mix of metals and textures

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thick chain necklace called?

A thick chain necklace is called a rolo, cascade, or belcher chain. A rolo chain is made of oval or round rings. The links are flat inside, giving it a heavy look.

Should the thicker chain be longer?

If you layer necklaces, remember that the thinner chain should be shorter, while the thicker one should be longer. You can mix chains of different lengths or thicknesses, but it is important to do it correctly to look good.

Are thin chains feminine?

Generally, women prefer thinner necklaces and men thicker. Nowadays, we can see men wearing thin chains and women wearing thick chain necklaces. So, in fashion, everything is allowed. The jewelry piece needs to match your style. 


How do thick chain necklaces add an edgy touch to outfits? Thick chain necklaces are versatile and adaptable. They can contrast your outfit, make a statement, and accessorize your streetwear outfit. They might symbolize rebellion or power.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, the thick chain necklaces will elevate your confidence and style. They are a good choice whether to make a statement or contrast your elegant wear.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.