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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

How to Fix a Broken Thick Chain Necklace

When your favorite thick chain necklace breaks, it doesn’t have to be the end of its story. With some knowledge on how to fix a broken thick chain necklace, you can restore its beauty and wear it with confidence once again. 

In this article, you’ll go through the tools of fixing a broken thick chain necklace. There’s no need for expert skills, just your determination and a touch of DYI spirit. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and discover the joy of fixing a broken thick chain necklace!

How to Fix a Broken Thick Chain Necklace
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Fix a Broken Thick Chain Necklace

A broken thick chain necklace can be a huge letdown, especially if it has sentimental value or is a favorite accessory. You might be wondering how to fix a broken thick chain necklace. Don’t worry. You can quickly repair your broken chain necklace and make it look as good as new with a few steps and basic tools. We’ll help you learn how to repair broken thick chain necklace, making it simple and easy to follow.

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Now, let’s get back to it!

Examining the damage

The first step before starting with the restoring process is to examine the broken necklace. This troubleshooting part is especially important because it helps you figure out what kind of break it is. Is it a broken chain link? Is the chain twisted or tangled? Or is the clasp broken? 

Gathering the tools

You’ll need a few basic tools and supplies to fix your broken thick chain necklace. Before you start, gather a small pair of pliers, preferably needle-nose pliers, jump rings, and a clasp if needed. These pliers should allow you to manipulate and mend the necklace’s many components. 

Additionally, having a jewelry repair kit on hand might be a good idea. A jewelry repair kit is a handy collection of tools and supplies for repairing and maintaining jewelry. Typically, it should have the most important components and tools needed for basic jewelry repairs. 

The components in these kits might vary, but most commonly, they have jump rings, clasps, crimp beads, wire cutters, pliers, tweezers, cord or wire, and an organizational case where you can keep the small components.

If you don’t have the needed tools, you should be able to find them at craft stores or order them online. 

Fixing a Broken Thick Chain Necklace

After you’ve examined the damage and gathered the tools, you can start fixing your chain necklace. You might be wondering how to fix a thick chain necklace based on a specific problem. Here’s how you could do it. 

Fixing a Broken Thick Chain Necklace
Source: jewelrylab.co

Fixing a broken clasp

If the clasp on your thick chain necklace is broken, here’s how to repair it

Suppose the jump ring of the clasp is opened or broken. Use pliers to close the ring or replace it with a new one. If the jump ring needs replacing, don’t forget to return the clasp to the new one before closing. After putting the clasp back on, make sure to close the ring securely. 

If the clasp can be repaired, carefully adjust it to its original position using small pliers. Make sure it is correctly positioned and works properly. If the clasp is broken beyond repair, it will need to be replaced. 

To do so, use pliers to open the jump ring that connects the old clasp and the chain. Then, attach a new clasp to the jump ring and close it. Make sure that the jump ring is securely closed. 

Untangling a chain

If your thick chain necklace is tangled, you should start the process carefully and patiently. Examine the tangles by placing the necklace on a flat surface. Using your fingers or tiny pliers, separate and untangle the links. Take your time, don’t rush. By rushing, you might damage the chain even more. 

If the tangles are complex, you can carefully maneuver the links with a thin tool like a needle or pin. Remember to work slowly until the chain is untangled.

Repairing a broken link

In the case of a broken link, start by determining the exact location and severity of the break. After discovering that, use small pliers to bend the broken ends of the link back into place, making sure they overlap and align properly. 

Apply gentle pressure with the pliers to close the gap and restore the link’s original shape. 

If the broken link has bigger damage, you can remove it from the chain. Carefully open the adjacent links on both sides of the broken links using pliers. Remove the broken link and set it aside. Next, try to return the damaged links to their original shape and prepare them for reattachment. 

When reattaching the links, close the adjacent links using pliers. If the links are beyond repair, it might be best to remove them entirely and replace the damaged links with identical ones. 

Repairing twisted links

If your thick chain necklace has twisted links, it's important to treat them. Begin by placing the necklace on a flat surface. To untwist the twisted links, gently use your fingers or small pliers. Make sure not to use too much force or bend the links. 

Work your way through the twists one at a time until the chain is flat and untangled. You could use a needle or a pin to help untwist any difficult links if necessary. Once the chain has been untangled, inspect it to make sure all of the links are properly aligned and that the chain moves freely. 


Give your repaired thick chain necklace a gentle tug to make sure the chain and clasp are secure. Examine the repaired area to make sure it looks good and is aligned. If everything looks stable, you did a good job. You’ve successfully repaired your broken necklace! You can confidently wear it once again. 

Additional Tips About Broken Thick Chain Necklaces

When it comes to repairing thick chain necklaces, there are some cases where you may not be able to repair certain types of chains at home. This should help you understand when it might be best to look for help from a professional jeweler. 

Additional Tips About Broken Thick Chain Necklaces
Source: jewelrylab.co

Asking for a professional help

Here are the thick chain necklaces that may be challenging to repair at home.

Delicate designs

Thick necklaces with delicate designs like Byzantine chains or complex filigree work might be challenging to repair at home. The complex design of these decorations often requires specialized tools and skills to restore them fully. 

Trying to repair them without proper knowledge may end up causing bigger damage or a change in their original look. In these cases, asking for help from a professional jeweler who has worked with delicate chains is recommended. 

Metal type

Thick chain necklaces made of metals like stainless steel and titanium may need professional repair. These metals might be less bendable, making them harder to manipulate without professional tools. 

Repairing these chains may require techniques like soldering, which professional jewelers best perform with the necessary equipment and knowledge. 

Big damage

If the damage on your thick chain necklace is big, like several broken links that might be difficult to restore at home, it might be best to visit a professional jeweler. They should decide the best plan of action for repair. 

If you don’t have tools

If you don’t have the needed tools for a specific repair, getting professional help might be the best option. Trying to fix complex damages without the necessary tools may lead to more damage or an unsuccessful result. 

Chains that can be mended at home

Here are some types of chain necklaces that could be mended at home.

Silver chains

Silver chains might be more bendable than other metal chains, making them easier to repair at home. For example, if you have a broken thick silver chain necklace, you should be able to repair it at home with the right tools and some basic skills.

Gold chains

Gold also might be bendable. For example, if you have a broken, thick gold chain necklace, you might be able to fix it at home. However, it might be better to ask for help from a skilled professional for precious or delicate gold chains. They should give you the best repair solutions. 

Tips for Preventing Thick Chain Necklaces From Breaking

Preventing your thick chain necklace from breaking is important so you can wear it for years to come. Here are some tips to help you avoid damage and keep your necklace in good condition.

Be careful 

You should be more attentive when putting on the necklace. Pulling it might weaken the links and lead to breakage over time. Handle your chain necklace with care to avoid unnecessary problems.

Store properly 

When you’re not wearing your thick chain necklace, store it properly to protect it from damage. You should avoid tossing it in a drawer or leaving it tangled with other jewelry. Instead, lay it flat, put it in a jewelry organizer with individual hooks or compartments, or store it in pouches designed for necklaces. 

Avoid exposing the necklace to chemicals

Chemicals could harm your chain necklace. Removing your necklace before swimming in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, or the ocean is recommended. These environments might cause the metal to tarnish. 

You should also remove your necklace when applying lotions, perfumes, or sunscreens. In these items, there might be some ingredients that could harm the necklace.

Regular inspections

You should inspect your thick chain necklace regularly for signs of damage. Check the chain for any loose links or weakened clasps. If you notice any problems, you should address them as soon as possible. 

Small issues should be addressed on time to avoid further damage. 

Regular inspections


Knowing how to fix a broken thick chain necklace doesn’t have to be a scary task. By following the steps suggested in this article, you should be able to restore your necklace and wear it again. 

Remember to handle the repair process carefully, use the right tools, and take your time to make sure it's a secure fix. You can restore the broken thick chain necklace with a little patience and effort. By repairing it, you’ll be able to keep its sentimental worth and add elegance to your style again. 

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