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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Organize Your Playboy Necklace Collection

Playboy necklaces are unique jewelry pieces. The famous rabbit head logo is a symbol that has existed for many years. If you have multiple Playboy necklaces, you can experiment with different looks. Keep reading to discover how to organize your Playboy necklace collection.

High-quality Playboy necklaces are usually made with silver and gold. The materials used to create these jewelry pieces make them valuable. Thus, you must find appropriate ways to organize them to ensure their durability and quality retention.

We created a short and simple guide on keeping your Playboy necklaces in one place that is easily reachable for you. Although Playboy necklaces might not be as versatile as minimalistic jewelry pieces, you can still wear them often and with different types of outfits.

How to organize your Playboy necklace collection
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How to Organize Your Playboy Necklace Collection

There are a few ways of organizing fine jewelry, such as Playboy necklaces. These unique accessories can be a part of your regular jewelry collection. But if you want to give them special attention, organize your Playboy necklace collection separately.

Most of our Playboy bunny necklace collections have the symbol stamped on the charm. The subtle addition of the logo makes smaller necklaces wearable every day. Other varieties of Playboy necklaces are bulkier and more sparkly for bold outfit combinations.

We have organizing solutions for you if you own multiple small Playboy necklaces or a combination of dainty and bulky jewelry pieces. We provided ideas suitable for everyone’s budget and space availability. Take a look at all of them to decide which one is the best for you:

Use a jewelry box

Your cherished and valuable Playboy necklaces can have their own space in your home. Use a jewelry box for this purpose and keep it closed. This will prevent dust from collecting on your necklaces and ruining their quality.

You can choose a fancy jewelry box that looks great on your vanity or a simple decorative box. Both organizers work. But ensure the necklaces don’t tangle inside the box by leaving space between them when not keeping the box on a flat surface.

Unique jewelry pieces, such as Playboy necklaces, can also be stored inside jewelry boxes lined with soft fabrics. If you want to put the necklace back in the box quickly and you suddenly drop it, the soft material will prevent damage to the necklace material.

Try jewelry trays

Have you seen sparkly jewelry trays in vintage movies? You can organize your Playboy necklaces in one of these trays. But make sure you lay them flat on the tray to prevent the chains from intertwining.

Also, you can organize your gold and sterling silver Playboy necklaces on separate trays. You can also reserve one tray for your Playboy necklaces of mixed metals.

Try jewelry trays

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Opt for drawer organizers

Organizing your Playboy necklaces in a drawer is perfect for color and size coordination. You can store your silver and gold-plated Playboy necklaces in separate drawer compartments. Also, you can buy a larger compartment to store the bulky Playboy necklaces in the same drawer as the smaller ones.

Purchase a lock box

If you paid a lot of money for a Playboy necklace, you probably want to ensure no one will steal it. Thus, to guarantee the safety of your Playboy necklace collection, you can purchase a lock box. Organize your jewelry pieces lengthwise, close the box, and secure it with a lock.

Quick DIY solutions

Instead of purchasing necklace organizers that can often be costly, you can make your own at home. You will only need a few supplies to assemble your DIY organizers to display all Playboy necklaces you proudly own. 

Picture frame organizer

A Playboy necklace collection displayed on a picture frame can be a great addition to your makeup vanity. Remove the photo of the frame and replace it with a neutral-colored one. Then, add hooks on the top of the frame, acting as holders for your Playboy necklaces.

Picture frame organizer

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Wall-mounted necklace holder

If your Playboy necklaces have long chains, mounting a necklace holder on your wall is a great solution. Not only does this organizer look amazing, but it can also hold heavier jewelry. Thus, take a piece of wood, add hooks to it, and drill holes in your wall to secure the holder.


Another way of vertically hanging your Playboy necklaces is by creating a corkboard necklace organizer. Corkboard is a very lightweight material that is resistant to heat, preventing your jewelry from getting damaged.

Find an old picture frame in your house. Replace the picture with a corkboard piece that fits the frame. Attach pins on the corkboard and hang your Playboy necklaces on them.

How to Protect Your Playboy Necklace Collection

To ensure you know how to organize your Playboy necklace collection while keeping it safe and protected, we provide some useful tips:

Keep it away from children

Young children love cute animals such as rabbits. If they come across your Playboy necklace collection, they might mistake the bunny pendants for toys. Also, many Playboy necklaces can be small and dainty. Children can unintentionally pull them and destroy the quality.

More importantly, children tend to put everything in their mouths, thinking it’s edible. Ensure the cute little rabbit doesn’t become the reason for a serious problem. Thus, keep your Playboy necklace collection away from children’s sight.

Avoid heat exposure

Avoid exposing the jewelry pieces to extreme heat when organizing your Playboy necklace collection. Display them in a non-humid, room temperature area. Heat can damage the materials necklaces are made of. Due to this, the chains might become more flexible and easily breakable.

Clean your organizer

Regardless of whether your Playboy necklaces are made of sterling silver or gold, you must maintain and clean them properly. Placing your necklaces in a dusty drawer or organizer can produce an unpleasant smell of the jewelry pieces. Thus, clean your Playboy necklace collection organizer as often as possible.

How to Protect Your Playboy Necklace Collection

Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Playboy necklaces high-quality?

Some cheap Playboy necklaces on the market have a plastic bunny symbol attached to them. But these are lower in quality than silver or gold-filled Playboy necklaces. Choose high-quality jewelry pieces if you want to wear them for a long time. 

How to organize Playboy necklaces in a small space?

The best Playboy necklace organizer for small spaces is the drawer. We all have one drawer in our house to store unnecessary things. Empty one small drawer in your room, clean it thoroughly ,and organize your Playboy necklaces by color, size ,or style.

Are Playboy necklaces expensive?

Authentic, high-quality Playboy necklaces can be expensive. But, some online jewelry stores offer more affordable options. The best way to ensure you get a good-quality Playboy necklace for your money is by opting for handmade pieces with durable materials.


We hope we helped you learn how to organize your Playboy necklace collection. You don’t need fancy organizers. Instead, you need a little creativity to create unique displays for your cherished jewelry pieces. But ensure you keep them clean and slightly separated to prevent tangling.

If you keep all your Playboy necklaces in one place, there’s no way a piece will get lost or forgotten. But you can also keep them separated and organized by categories. It all depends on your preference and organization space in your home.

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