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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Put on A Choker Chain

Chokers are fashionable jewelry pieces that have grown in popularity over the years. People have found creative ways to wear choker chains for many different occasions. But do you know how to put on a choker chain? If you are unsure, let’s find out together!

Although they are considered edgy, some chokers are elegant and made from high-quality materials worth the price. Putting them on properly is important to avoid damage and making your choker chain unusable.

Choker chains can be worn on the base of the neck and hanging slightly loose, sitting above the collarbone. Since there are many types of collar chains, they differ in design, fastening method, and versatility.

How to Put on A Choker Chain
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Put on A Choker Chain?

The best types of choker chains are statement pieces that have a pendant attached to them. They are eye-catching and unique, which makes them convenient jewelry pieces. Knowing how to put on a choker chain will make the process of dressing up easier and faster.

Imagine you bought a gorgeous gold choker chain necklace but can’t seem to figure out the right way to put it on. Don’t worry - I created a short but precise guide to ensure your favorite jewelry piece looks secure and amazing every time you wear it.

Fastening design

Choker chains can have different types of closures. The fastening design of every choker chain shouldn’t be overly complicated and time-consuming. Most commonly, choker chains are fastened with metal clasps or hooks, while basic chokers are tied with knots.


Cheaper chokers are characterized by having a knot fastening design. Wrap the choker around your neck and tie the ends together to put them on. This practice should lead to secure choker placement with no possibility of unfastening.

Metal clasps

High-quality choker chains are fastened securely with metal clasps. At first glance at the choker chain, you will be able to see multiple loops that fit a variety of neck sizes. Choose the most comfortable for you and place the metal clasp into one of the loops.


Hook attachment is a fastening design most people struggle with when trying to learn how to put on a choker chain. Usually, a choker chain has a hook on one side and a loop on the other. However, jewelry pieces like these can easily get unfastened since they are not securely placed.

Secure attachment

When you feel the choker chain sliding down your neck, then it’s time to securely attach it and prevent it from falling off. You can ask someone else to do this for you or turn the choker around and secure the clasp in place yourself.

Before you attach the choker chain to your neck, ensure it’s not too tight. You can test the comfort of the jewelry piece on your neck in a simple way. Place a finger between your neck and the choker chain. If it fits, you are good to go. If you struggle to fit the finger, the choker chain is placed too tightly around your neck.

You can always adjust the fit if you feel that your choker chain is too tight or loose. Most choker chains allow fit adjustment with the addition of multiple loops. Stay away from chokers whose size can’t be adjusted to avoid discomfort.

Fit adjustment
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Wear Choker Chains

The neckline plays a huge role in wearing choker chains appropriately. They look the best when worn with tops slightly open at the chest instead of those with a higher neckline. However, you shouldn’t limit your outfit choices to wearing choker chains.

They are versatile jewelry pieces that can be worn with different clothing, and you can give them a unique flare by choosing a unique design and material.

Choose the right material

Choker chains come in a variety of different materials. The most high-quality pieces you can choose from are sterling silver choker chains. They are bold and very stylish, complimenting various fashion styles.

Regular chokers can be made of materials like velvet and plastic, but they are lower in quality when compared to metal choker chains.

Ensure it’s not too heavy

Choker chains shouldn’t have a “choking” effect on your neck. Not only is an overly tight choker chain uncomfortable to wear, but it also doesn’t look effortless. Ensure the jewelry piece is not overly heavy and doesn’t weigh your neck down while wearing it.

Pick a choker chain length

I assure you there is a choker chain length suitable for you out there because of the vast variety that exists on the market. The universal length of a choker chain is around 40 centimeters, but you can adjust it depending on your preference.

For layering, it’s best to choose longer choker chains. If you want to wear the jewelry piece by itself, you can experiment with different lengths and decide which is best for you.

Large or minimalistic?

Bulky choker chains are your best option if you are going for that fearless yet creative look. Not everyone dares to wear large jewelry pieces like choker chains. So, if you are one of those people, small and minimalistic chokers won’t excite you.

Decide on a choker chain style

The pendants attached to a chain can define the choker style. You can find choker chains in various styles, from small charms to large geometric figures. 

Statement-style pieces are larger and tend to be more expensive than simpler and smaller choker chains. Bold choker chains are highly durable, long-lasting, and retain their quality regardless of how often you wear them.

Decide on a choker chain style
Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Can choker chains hurt my neck?

Thick choker chains can hurt your neck and cause discomfort if placed too tightly. The metal on a choker chain can put pressure on your neck and lead to irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Should a choker chain fit over my head?

Usually, large choker chains can fit over your head because of their width. However, most choker chains can be manually fastened to sit comfortably on your neckline with the option of adjusting the size to your preference.


I hope I helped you learn how to put on a choker chain. Many people struggle with putting a choker chain on and find it intimidating. Luckily, most choker chains have fastening designs that make it easier for people to put them on safely and securely.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.