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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

What Can I Add to my Thick Chain Necklace?

Thick chains are the “main event” in maximalist fashion. The reason why people lose their heads over chunky chains is simple: they can transform the simplest outfits into stylish looks.

Still, for some, wearing just a thick chain feels like something is missing. If you are one of those individuals asking yourself what can I add to my thick chain necklace to make it more authentic, then we got you covered. 

In this post, we will offer insight into some of the most popular chain necklace accessories and how they can bring freshness to your look. 

Let’s begin!

What Can I Add to My Thick Chain Necklace

What Can I Add to My Thick Chain Necklace? 

Although the chunky chain link necklace is a standalone statement piece, adding a pendant or a locket can elevate your look. A thick gold chain necklace for men may appear different from the ones advertised for women, but we see that many pieces fit both into male and female outfits.

Thick chains offer plenty of versatility compared to other necklace types. When layering necklaces, they take center stage and become the main accessory. However, this depends on the type of thick chain necklace you choose. Not all chunky necklaces can be accessorized. 

A round tribal necklace and an urban thick silver necklace make an excellent choice when you consider adding a pendant or a locket. These necklaces can include a pendant in their original form, but not necessarily. 

To sum up briefly, when wondering if there’s anything you can add to a thick chain necklace, know that you have plenty of options, including the following: 

Adding a pendant

One of the most widespread pendants we see today is the triangular pendant. It is available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. From minimalist and art deco to tribal, this pendant enjoys widespread popularity.

The downward-pointing pendant is considered a sign of creativity and a symbol of the feminine. The upward-pointing pendant is a representation of masculine forces and represents aspirations. 

Urka pendant thick silver chain 

This necklace features a rugged triangular pendant. At first glance, the Urka chain allures with its tribal appearance, but it also has a rebellious charm perfect for those who like to introduce an element of fierceness into their outfit. The thick chain and the rugged triangular pendant are both silver and fit well together, making a stunning example of statement jewelry.

Gropa thick silver chain 

Link chain necklaces have been a major theme in recent years. The Gropa necklace is an oversized silver link chain with a circle at its center. This chunky link chain is another great statement piece that can be altered further. You can stand out in the crowd by taking it a step further and adding a pendant to the center circle.

Gropa thick silver chain

Adding a locket /charm 

The list of things you can add to your thick chain besides a pendant might be longer than you think. To elevate your necklace’s appearance, you can add a charm, a clip, a locket, a pearl, or a locket. Make sure that the accessory you choose is as bulky as your necklace to add to the effect. 

Unna smokey quartz pendant necklace 

This sterling silver chain comes with an oversized smokey quartz pendant. It is available in various lengths, from 18 to 41 inches. It is a great choice both for men and women and can be easily styled into a futuristic cyberpunk outfit. It is a good example of how adding a simple charm to your chain becomes a huge remark. 

Layering a thick chain necklace 

Sometimes the answer to what can I add to my thick chain necklace is pretty simple. You can leave the thick chain necklace in place and layer it with other shorter or longer chain necklaces. Layering a thick gold chain necklace is the latest trend in maximalist fashion.

For example, combining the big chain link necklace with the arka pendant necklace is a good start. But, if this is not your style and you are looking for something to help pull all the attention to the jewelry stacked up on your neck, you can combine it with a rugged chain necklace. 

Piled-on Jewelry 

If you want to achieve a bold look, you might want to try the “more is better” mantra. You could stack large rings on your fingers or a chunky chain bracelet to match your chain necklace. 

However, if you are not comfortable experimenting with texture and metals, you can add our big abstract chain bracelet to your outfit to match your chunky chain necklace. If you still feel like something needs to be added and wondering what else can I add to my thick chain necklace and bracelet for a complete look, feel free to browse through our large rings collection. For a complete look, add a pair of large earrings, such as our ucca earrings. 

Piled-on Jewelry

Final Thoughts 

Still wondering what can I add to my thick chain necklace? Let's summarize our main points if this thought is still roaming in your head. What remains most important is to choose an accessory for your necklace that fits your unique style. You can add everything from a pendant and a locket to a clip, gemstone, or even a pearl. 

You can purchase a chain necklace that already includes one of the accessories we mentioned in its design. Or, you can purchase an accessory separately and add it to a thick chain you already own. 

If you don’t want to add anything to your chain but still want to compliment your look, you can opt for other bulky accessories. Consider stacking up on chunky rings or adding a pair of oversized earrings or a statement bracelet to match your chain. 

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.