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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Which Celebrities Have Been Seen Wearing Playboy Necklaces?

Famous people love experimenting with their looks. They often come up with new outfit ideas that make them look extravagant and unique, and some are courageous enough to embrace the famous bunny symbol. Keep reading to find out which celebrities have been seen wearing Playboy necklaces.

Popular fashion icons want to make a statement on the red carpet whenever a camera is pointed at them. Thus, wearing a necklace with the eye-catching bunny symbol gives celebrities public and media attention.

The Playboy Bunny is connected to glamor and beautiful women. But some people consider it controversial. Nonetheless, millennials love this trend and often take inspiration for their outfits from celebrities.

Which celebrities have been seen wearing Playboy necklaces
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Which Celebrities Have Been Seen Wearing Playboy Necklaces?

We combed through the Internet to discover which celebrities have been seen wearing Playboy necklaces. From actresses and singers to models, many famous people love rocking the cute Playboy rabbit head in their outfits.

Some simply do it to gain attention from the public and media outlets. Others are bold enough to include the bunny symbol in their daily attire. But regardless of the reason for wearing it, a shiny Playboy bunny necklace has been a favorite among celebrities. 

Besides being a trademark symbol, the world-famous Playboy logo has been a huge inspiration for jewelry makers.

Aside from hosting the Playboy mansion and starting the Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner also inspired celebrities to experiment with their style. For this reason, Playboy is considered a household name in America. The bunny symbol is recognizable, especially when put on a chain necklace.

Let’s see which celebrities cherish the Playboy symbol even to this day.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City is one of the most popular TV shows ever made. We all know the star actress Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw is a huge fashion inspiration for many. In the show, she experiments with different patterns, colors, and styles.

In addition to her beautiful gold locks, her choice of jewelry is also memorable. Fans still talk about that one episode in which Carrie wore the Playboy symbol on a chain necklace. She layered the statement piece with multiple minimalist necklaces- a trend that’s immensely popular even to this day. 

Her look is supposed to appear playful and innocent yet sexy and notable. Carrie’s unique personality makes the symbolism of the Playboy necklace even more interesting. Her approach is subtle, but her energy is addictive to men.

Kendra Wilkinson

Starting out as a Playboy model, Kendra Wilkinson is a well-known American TV personality who lived in the Playboy mansion for quite some time. As she was acquainted with Hugh Hefner at the time, we came through various instances where she wore a Playboy necklace

Whether it’s to commemorate her time with Hugh, to pay respect, or simply because it’s a chic piece of jewelry, we can definitely say that Kendra paved the way for wearing the Playboy symbol around the neck. She has been seen wearing the symbol at a conference organized by Playboy. 

Cardi B

One of the most famous American female rappers is Cardi B. She is unafraid to speak her mind and express her unique style through her outfits. Every public appearance by Cardi B is written and talked about by her fans and the media. 

Recently, Cardi B made her own Playboy bunny necklace show-off. She loved the symbol so much that she added additional bling to it. Her necklace is bigger than the traditional rabbit head put on necklaces. The massive jewelry piece was custom-made and designed just for her

After she made her statement jewelry piece, she became Playboy’s creative director. She expresses her love of bedazzles and chunky jewelry by adding diamonds. Her one-of-a-kind piece is made of 14K gold, costing $400,000.

Billie Eilish

This young singer's unique style and bold jewelry choices gained popularity. If there’s one celebrity who would proudly wear the Playboy necklace, that’s Billie Eilish. Her version is bulkier and edgier, complimenting the colorful yet sporty outfit choices.

Cindy Margolis

The gorgeous blonde Cindy Margolis is an actress, a spokesmodel, and a former Playboy bunny. Her long career as a model gave her the confidence to proudly wear a Playboy necklace.

Being a Playboy bunny for so long, she even appeared with a Playboy bunny necklace in 2006 and expressed her love and dedication to her Playboy family by kissing the necklace on the carpet.

Should You Hop on the Trend?

Finding out which celebrities have been seen wearing Playboy necklaces can inspire you to try the trend for yourself. Many jewelry stores sell necklaces with the famous bunny symbol, usually silver, and gold.

The popularity of the Playboy necklace doesn’t mean only famous people can wear it. You can express your fearless side by putting the famous bunny on your necklace chain.

Should you hop on the Playboy necklace trend
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Chain necklaces of sterling silver can either have the bunny symbol attached or stamped. Smaller sterling silver Playboy necklaces are more wearable and versatile. Choose one that fits your style and combine it with a casual yet stylish outfit.


Playboy necklaces of gold are more eye-catching and attention-drawing than silver. Their golden hue cannot be matched, providing the opportunity to wear the bunny symbol even with elegant outfits. Gold-plated Playboy necklaces are also a great option for everyday wear.

Gold-plated Playboy necklaces
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are any male celebrities seen wearing a Playboy necklace?

There are no records of male celebrities wearing Playboy necklaces. But many famous rappers, singers, and actors have been seen wearing other Playboy apparel. For example, Jay Z has worn a Playboy logo printed all over a yellow shirt. 

Do all Playboy bunnies wear Playboy necklaces?

Not all Playboy bunnies can be seen wearing Playboy necklaces. But those who do have inspired many celebrities to create seductive and feminine looks. The Playboy models embody female attractiveness and mystery unapologetically and with confidence.

Does the Playboy symbol appear only on necklaces?

The Playboy symbol isn’t limited to necklaces. It can also appear on earrings, rings, shirts, and jackets. Some celebrities, such as Halsey, have tattooed the logo on their body. But wearing a necklace with the iconic bunny is the most subtle way of showing your daring style and personality.


It’s interesting to see that the celebrities that have been seen wearing Playboy are all women. The actresses and singers are obsessed with the fierce looks of Playboy bunnies and consider them very influential in the fashion world.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to wear a Playboy necklace. Browse the Internet and discover how famous artists and models style these accessories to get inspired by their ideas.

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