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by Jesús Zabala - 5 min read

What Finger to Wear a Skull Ring?

Skull ornaments have dominated the fashion world for many years. It’s very popular for bikers and goths to wear skull jewelry, especially rings. Skull ring-wearing applies to both men and women. Keep reading to learn about what finger to wear a skull ring on.

The skull ring placement may be different for male and female wearers. However, the idea of wearing skull rings is similar for both genders. Some want to experiment with their style. Others aim to show their edgy side of dressing and fearlessness of wearing bold jewelry.

Therefore, if you want to wear a skull ring, you have to figure out on which finger to place it. Skull rings are considered statement pieces and can often be bulky. They also carry certain meanings that people have relied on and adapted to their everyday lives and fashion styles.

What Finger to Wear a Skull Ring
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What Finger to Wear a Skull Ring On?

Bold rings with skull details are eye-catching and attention-drawing regardless of what finger they are worn on. There are no set rules on finger placement for skull rings. However, I compiled a short guide to teach you on what finger to wear a skull ring and always stand out from the crowd.

The thumb

Historically, thumb rings were worn to express power and authority. Skull thumb rings are a symbol of masculinity. Usually, they are larger and more unique than skull rings for other fingers. Men wear them to show self-confidence and dominance.

Ancient Greek women wore thumb rings to express their strength. Others even wore thumb rings on both hands to emphasize their heroism and bravery. 

Women adopted these ancient meanings and reflect on them in modern times. They wear thumb skull rings to convey a sense of independence and freedom from conventional rules. 

The index finger

The index finger is the most dominant. Everyone will notice that you are wearing a skull ring on your index finger. A skull ring on the index finger can signify that the wearer has strong leadership skills. 

The best types of skull rings for your index finger are bulky and uniquely designed. Index finger skull rings like Jive Silver and Gold Eyes can be composed of one or several skull ornaments. Choose one that fits your style the best and makes the boldest statement.

The middle finger

Wearing any ring on your middle finger is a conversation starter. Especially if you choose a ring with a skull design, all eyes in the room will be pointed toward the middle of your hand. 

Therefore, a sterling silver skull head ring like Knowledge Seeker Ring on your middle finger will suit your edgy style perfectly. 

The middle finger
Source: jewelrylab.co

The pinky

Since the pinky is the smallest finger on our hand, you might think a bold skull ring will look odd when placed on it. But that’s not the case. Instead, choose smaller, interesting skull pinky rings that fit and complement your outfit.

Some prefer wearing larger skull rings for their other fingers but minimalistic ones for their pinky. The good news is that your pinky skull ring doesn’t have to have an ornament attached. You can also find engraved skull symbols like Happy Skull  925 Ring that look great on pinkies.

The Meaning of Wearing Skull Rings

Skull rings carry powerful symbolism and meanings regardless of which finger they are placed on. Some rely on the historical significance of skull rings, while others wear them because they are trendy. 

I’m confident you’ll find the below-mentioned meanings useful.

Hand placement

In addition to skull ring finger placement, significant meaning has been given to hand placement. Most people randomly put their skull rings on whichever hand. Only a few can distinguish between the meanings of wearing skull rings on their left or right hand.

For a long time, it was believed that skull rings should be placed on your non-dominant hand. This is to prevent the bulky skull rings from getting in the way of completing your daily chores. 

The hand placement meaning of the skull ring shouldn’t be seen as a rule. You can wear skull rings on both hands without limitations. 

Historical interpretation

Some historical theories state that the Romans originated the skull rings. It’s believed that a skull ring was used to open the gates of an underground and secret vault in Rome. However, these beliefs are not confirmed or based on evidence. 

Most people associate skull rings with the Victorian era. During these times, some wore skull rings to symbolize the inescapable death and afterlife.

Skull ring orientation

A detail that might seem insignificant when wearing a skull ring is the orientation of the ornament. Can everyone see the symbolic skull head? Or is it hidden underneath your finger? Believe it or not, the skull ring orientation also carries major symbolism.

Facing outward

If your skull ring faces outward, you dare to make a statement. You are unafraid to speak your mind and express your beliefs. In this way, the skull head on your ring is visible to everyone you come in contact with, symbolizing your courageous nature.

Facing inward

Some people are gifted skull rings by their close family and friends. They might see the skull rings as having sentimental value and turn the symbol inwards. 

When your skull ring faces you instead of everyone else, you see it as more than just a fashion accessory.

Facing inward
Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear a skull ring on my ring finger?

You can wear skull rings on whichever finger you please. The ring finger is a common placement for these jewelry pieces. Therefore, both men and women can wear skull rings on their ring fingers without conveying any specific meaning.

Do skull rings look good on thin fingers?

Thick skull rings may not look very appealing on thin fingers. Instead, choose ones with slimmer bands and rigid designs.

Should you wear multiple skull rings on one hand?

You can wear as many skull rings on one hand as you want to. However, ensure each ring fits your fingers properly to avoid the pieces sliding off. Also, avoid overly tight-fitting skull rings. Due to their bulky size and heavy weight, skull rings may make finger movements difficult.


It’s important to know on what finger to wear a skull ring. The wearer should appreciate the unique appearance of skull rings and present their meanings in the best possible way. But if you want to try this trend just for fun, ensure you rock your skull ring with style!

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.