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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Choker Chain Size

The chain size is probably not the first thing you consider when buying a choker. But if the choker doesn’t fit properly, it won’t look good when put on. Thus, keep reading to find a choker chain size that suits your neck and accentuates your facial features.

If you are wondering what size chain for choker necklace you should pick, you are not alone. The shape and size of choker chains can vary, offering versatility and multiple choices for people with different fashion tastes. It can be difficult to decide which one is the best.

But don’t worry; we offer helpful tips for measuring and choosing a suitable size for your choker chain. Contradictory to its name, a choker should never fit too tightly or loosely around your neck. Instead, it should sit comfortably on the base of your neck without dangling.

Choker Chain Size

Source: jewelrylab.co

Choker Chain Size Guide

Some choker chains are one-size-fits-all. However, you never know for sure whether this standard size will fit you. A metal choker with chain should feel pleasant on your neck. The industry presents a choker chain size suitable for women and a different one for men.

Of course, there are multiple choker lengths for men and women to suit a variety of neck sizes, face shapes, and fashion styles. Luckily, there is a choker chain size for everyone; you will definitely have the opportunity to give this trend a whirl.

So, what size is a choker chain? The approximate size of a choker chain for men is between 18-30 inches. For women, it ranges from 18-24 inches.

Neck size

The universal size for choker chains is 38-40 centimeters (14.96-15.74 inches). But a choker chain should always be 5-10 centimeters (1.96-3.93 inches) bigger than your neck size to feel comfortable on. 

Let’s see what size of a choker chain would suit you best, depending on the length of your neck.


Many believe that people with short necks can’t rock a choker chain because it makes their frame very wide. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you can choose a thinner choker chain, approximately 20-25 inches long.


Long-necked people have no problem wearing any type of choker. So, what size chain is a choker suitable for long necks? To determine that, we must see how it looks on the neck base. Thus, an ideal choker chain size for a long and thin neck ranges between 15-17 inches in length.

Refer to the small chart included below to get a clear understanding of choker length measured in inches and centimeters.

Choker Length (Inches)

Choker Length (Cm)


35 cm


40 cm


45 cm

Face shape

To decide what is a good size for a choker chain, you also have to consider the shape of your face. Not every choker has the power to emphasize your best features or look flattering. 

Take a look at our recommendations.

Face Shape

Chain Size


Wear: shorter chokers to create a frame balance.

Avoid: overly long, broadening, or loose-hanging choker chains.


Wear: tiny chokers with attached pendants that elongate the length of the neck.

Avoid: short and bulky chokers that emphasize the face’s roundness and make it look wider.


If you have this face shape, you are extremely lucky. The narrowness of your chin allows for experimentation with all types of choker chain sizes.

How to Measure Choker Chain Size

Measuring your neck size is important before you purchase a desirable choker design. You can do this at home using an Online Sizing Chart or visit a professional jeweler to get the most accurate measurements.

We recommend prioritizing the precision of choker chain size calculations to ensure you will wear the jewelry piece snuggly yet comfortably for a long time.


A simple piece of string can do wonders for measuring your neck size and referring to it while buying a choker chain.

Wrap a string around your neck and compare the measured length to an Online Sizing Chart to discover which size of a choker chain will suit you the best.

Remember, after you get the string proportions, add 5 centimeters (1.96 inches) to the measured size. This ensures the choker is not overly tight and discomforting around your neck.


Using tape is another very easy and adequate method of measuring your neck size. Similarly to the string method, all you have to do is place the tape on the base of your neck to see how the choker will look. 

Once you measure the size, add 2 inches for perfect choker dimensions.

Professional tools

Your local jeweler will likely have professional measuring tools on hand to determine the choker chain you can buy. If you don’t have time to measure your neck size at home, visiting a jewelry store is the way to go.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a perfect choker size for my neck?

Finding the perfect choker chain size for your neck is never guaranteed. However, you can find the approximate length and make adjustments if needed. Altering the size of a choker chain is rarely needed since the existing lengths fit most neck sizes.

Should you wear chokers every day?

There are no rules when it comes to jewelry. You can implement chokers in your daily attire, especially if their design is simplistic. These types of choker chains are versatile and wearable for every day.

Can you measure a choker chain size with a ruler?

Using a ruler is an alternative but effective way of measuring a choker's size. All you have to do is lay the chain on a flat surface and position the ruler from one end to another to get the full measurement of the choker.


We hope we have helped you find your ideal choker chain size. Before you purchase a jewelry piece, always ensure its appearance matches comfort

A choker chain in the right size will complement any outfit you decide to wear while at the same time emphasizing your beauty.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.