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by Jesús Zabala - 5 min read

How to Incorporate Playboy Necklaces Into a Festival Outfit

Festival season is coming up, and we want to ensure you are ready to roll. If you are wondering how to incorporate Playboy necklaces into a festival outfit and how to style your accessories, you came to the right site.

Accessories have long been used as means to convey a message. However, striking a balance between your outfit and jewelry can be difficult.

Throughout this article, we will share our golden rules on festival wear and provide pointers on styling Playboy jewelry. We will also discuss necklace length and share some necklace layering tips.

Keep on reading to learn more.

How to Incorporate Playboy Necklaces Into a Festival Outfit
Source: jewelrylab.co

Festival Attire Golden Rules

Before we go on to explain how you can style your Playboy necklace, first, let's cover the basics. Festivals are fast-paced, energetic, and fun, but there are rules. And the golden rules of festival fashion are: 

Avoid wearing pieces you care about 

One of the most important things is to resist the temptation of packing your finest jewelry and clothes. Festivals are messy, and likely, you will not wash properly over several days. You wouldn’t want to hold a grudge against yourself or your friend for clumsy ruining your best outfit. 

Festivals might be your chance to wear something you could never wear to the office or a night out, but they aren’t the place for your finest attire. You should be better dressed by combining a simple T-shirt with a vintage Playboy bunny necklace, then dressed in stylish yet uncomfortable wear. 

As mentioned above, festivals can get messy. You definitely don’t want to come home with damaged or stolen jewelry. Make sure that you pack your pieces properly to ensure they are safe and keep dirt at bay. 

Aim for comfort 

Comfort is your friend. Festivals last for long hours, and you will likely spend most of your time dancing and moving around. Nobody wants an outfit that will restrict their movement or limit their fun. 

Stay away from overly complicated pieces. Choose comfortable clothing that will allow you both to look your best and feel your best. Remain practical and choose jewelry that matches the majority of your outfits.

However, mixing the metals can be tricky. If you want to play it safe, try to match your festival attire with the occasion. Pick out one set of jewelry for the day and a different one for nighttime.

How to Incorporate Playboy Necklaces Into a Festival Outfit

Putting together a festival outfit is a delicate art. The outfit requires balance. You cannot go over the top and show up wearing the most elegant and delicate piece of clothing you own, but not making an effort is also not the best. 

Before we go on to explain how to incorporate Playboy necklaces into your festival outfit, we first must identify what your outfit is. 

How to Incorporate Playboy Necklaces Into a Festival Outfit
Source: jewelrylab.co

What to wear to a festival 

Lightweight wear 

During summer, the sun is hot, and temperatures are high. Since most festivals are during summer, you will need an outfit to help you stay cool in the heat. T-shirts or flowy tops are ideal festival outfits. 

You can also go for a lightweight button-up. Some like to go for a striking look by wearing a bold-colored shirt paired with a statement piece like the Trust No One Necklace.


One of the easiest ways to style a festival outfit is by selecting a single color and picking different shades of that color to complete the outfit. However, leaving the outfit like that will be of no help if you wish to leave an impression. 

To elevate your outfit, you will need to experiment with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets

Necklace pendants and chain size

Pendant necklaces have been around for a long time and seem to never go out of style. A pendant can go with any type of necklace chain size. In general, many people think that pendants go best with longer chains, but this isn’t necessarily true. 

For example, our Lucky Day Pendant Necklace is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16″ to 31″. 

Necklace length

Finding the right necklace length will depend both on your personal preference and your neck length. However, keep in mind that anything fits comfortably below your neck and collarbone.

Here are some basic guidelines that you should keep in mind when choosing the length of your necklace. 

16″ necklaces 

These are the shortest necklaces. This necklace comes very close to the neck and is commonly known as a choker. It remains visible at all times and will likely grab the attention of many. 

18″ necklaces 

This necklace is not as short as a choker. It sits on the collarbone area, but it will definitely show when you are wearing a shirt. Many think that 18″ is a suitable length for a thin chain. 

24″ necklaces 

This chain length is the one many prefer for wearing a pendant. This is due to the fact that 24″ reaches somewhere mid-chest. Some individuals see this as the perfect size, as this necklace length helps create a well-balanced look. 

If you are someone who is looking for a necklace to wear over your shirt that is not too short nor too long, it is likely that 24″ is your length. 

30″ necklaces

30″ necklaces are reserved for taller people. They look more proportional as the 30″ length reaches somewhere around the bottom of your chest. 

However, longer necklaces can appear like showing off on some. This is why you must be extra cautious when fitting them to your style. 

Necklace length

Styling your festival look 

When it comes to men wearing necklaces, many think that they have to go full-on Johnny Depp to be well-dressed at a festival. However, as we mentioned throughout the text, simplicity is the best festival fit. 

Wearing a simple one-color T-shirt with a Carved Playboy Bunny Pendant Necklace is an excellent idea. This combination will provide both a plain background and some texture to your style. However, for individuals with a more eccentric style, one necklace might not be enough. 

Styling your festival look
Source: jewelrylab.co

Tips on layering necklaces

If you want to include more than one necklace in your festival outfit, you can do so. Here are some tips on how to incorporate Playboy necklaces into a festival outfit when multiple necklaces are involved. 

  • Wearing more than four necklaces is a bit too much
  • Keep it fashionable, and pair your Trust No One Necklace with another necklace that hangs more loosely, like the Black Onyx Gold Plated Necklace.
  • Always make sure that the color of your necklaces is well-matched
  • Match your necklace with other accessories. You can also add a Playboy Bunny Ring to your finger or browse through our ring collection to find a better fit. 


As you can notice, fashion requires a lot of contemplation and planning. On the flip side, it is versatile and styling your look leaves space for much creativity. 

Addressing how to incorporate Playboy necklaces into a festival outfit is not an easy thing to do. This is especially true due to the nature of fashion being diverse. 

Still, through different approaches, you can find various guides for styling your look. Finishing off, remember, much about fashion is confidence. So, whatever you choose to wear, own it.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.