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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

How to Cut Choker Chain

Thinking about shortening the length of your necklace to fit your neck and combining it with your preferred outfit? You should know that minimalist necklace chains are more delicate than large and bulky chains, and this makes them easier to cut. Keep reading to find out how to cut choker chain to make it smaller.

The process of cutting a choker chain is not complicated. All you need is a good cutting tool and stability. The worst thing you can do during choker chain cutting is to damage the necklace. So, be careful during the process.

Chokers can come in various shapes and sizes. The chains attached to them can be small, dainty, or bulkier. Regardless of the shape and size of your choker chain, we suggest a safe way of cutting through it to make it smaller and fit properly on your neck.

How to Cut Choker Chain
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Cut Choker Chain?

Let’s say you found the perfect sterling silver choker chain to wear for different occasions. It may suit most of your outfits. But the sizing might be a bit of a problem, and it may look odd when put on because it’s too long. Don’t worry; we will teach you how to shorten a choker chain.

Although the chains of certain chokers may be bigger and appear impossible to cut through, there is always a solution. With the use of the right tools and proper techniques, you can learn how to shorten a choke chain in no time.

Necklaces that are too long don’t go with any outfit. But unique and handmade chokers are versatile and wearable. Let’s dive into some basic practices and preparations for a successful choker chain-cutting process.

Specify the cutting length

Before anything, you must determine how much of the chain you will cut. To do this properly, measure the length of the choker chain and mark the spots on the link you wish to cut with a marker. The specific markings will guide you when you make the cut.

Use strong cutters

Not all types of cutters can cut through metal. Thus, you need pliers or wire cutters to shorten the length of your choker chain. Luckily, you can find strong cutters easily nowadays. Visit a jewelry or craft store to find suitable and high-quality cutters.

You can also consult a jeweler on which cutters are the best for this purpose to ensure you do your choker chain justice without causing unnecessary damage.

Secure the choker chain

You made your markings and got strong cutters. Now it’s time to learn how to position the choker chain while cutting. To ensure precise cuts, place the jewelry piece on a flat surface and secure it in place. The choker chain shouldn’t move or slide anywhere. This is to prevent hurting yourself with the cutters or unintentionally damaging the metal.

You can ask someone to hold the links securely while cutting or find an alternative way to attach them to something. Sturdy locks and clasps can work perfectly for this job.

Secure the choker chain
Source: jewelrylab.co

Cut the links separately

The easiest way to cut a choker chain is to divide and cut the links separately. Not only will this require less pressure on your part, but it will also secure more accurate cuts. By the end, you will be left with two metal pieces you can easily discard after cutting.

How to Prevent Damage to Choker Chains During Cutting

Choker chains can easily get damaged during cutting. That’s why you have to do it carefully. Even if it takes you longer than expected, doing everything to prevent your choker chain from damage will pay off in the long run.

Some believe that using force is the key to cutting through sturdy chains. But more often than not, technique and precision lead to the best outcomes.

Choose the right cutters

You probably won’t need large cutters to cut through small choker chains. Also, small handy cutters won’t get the job done if you aim to cut bulky choker chains. Thus, always ensure you have the right cutters on hand.

Don’t twist and turn

The choker chain metal can get easily damaged if it’s pulled and stretched too much. You can cut through the chain instead of twisting and turning it. You shouldn’t have a problem making precise cuts if the cutters are sharp enough.

Avoid using too much pressure

If the chain on your choker is small, you won’t have to use much pressure to cut through it. Cutting through larger choker chains will require slight pressure. But that doesn’t mean you should use so much force that you end up damaging the jewelry piece.

Avoid using too much pressure
Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I resize a choker chain without cutting it?

Shortening the length and altering the size of your choker chain is possible without the need for cutting. Instead, you can place a pendant on your chain and secure the clasp on another link to fit your neck. You will be left with a hanging chain in the back, easily covered with clothing.

Should I cut choker chains?

Every adjustment we make to jewelry pieces can damage and negatively impact the original quality. But cutting choker chains is sometimes necessary to ensure the accessory fits properly and looks amazing every time you wear it.

How to choose the right choker chain size?

Professional jewelers can assist you in finding your perfect choker chain size. But you can also measure your neck size at home using a string. The most important thing to remember while measuring is that the necklace won’t fit tight or loose around your neck.


Learning how to cut choker chain is important if you want to make it shorter and better fitting. There is nothing wrong with finding ways to wear your favorite jewelry pieces, even if they don’t fit right initially. Thus, you won’t have to stop rocking that gorgeous choker chain whenever and wherever you desire.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.