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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

How to Fix Choker Chain

Not ready to give up on your damaged choker chain necklace? I understand! In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain how to fix choker chain issues so that it looks brand new. 

Don’t let a minor mishap stand in the way of your fashionable look. Whether you’re dealing with a twisted chain, broken links or clasps, don’t worry! Take your pliers, set aside some time, and let’s start this rescue mission immediately.

How to Fix Choker Chain
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Fix Choker Chain

Thick or thin, bulky or fine, choker chains are necklaces that are usually worn snugly around the neck. A choker with long chain will still be shorter than an average necklace. Chokers can also have one or many pendants.

Choker chain necklaces can effortlessly blend a touch of edginess and elegance into any outfit and style. These versatile accessories are not easy to separate from. However, a choker chain can easily get damaged if you pull it, tug it, or handle it roughly. 

What’s more, there’s no ‘one fits all’ solution on how to repair a choker chain, instead, it all depends on the extent and the type of damage. That being said, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. 

Identify the issue

Ending up with two shorter chains instead of one doesn’t necessarily mean that your choker chain is irreparably broken. You might've just pulled some of the links open. So you’ll need to investigate further. Use a magnifying glass if needed and take a closer look before developing a repair strategy.

Usually, it’s easy to spot when the chain, pendant, or clasp of your choker is broken or torn apart. A twisted chain is a whole lot trickier. 

If you feel something is off with your precious choker, but you can’t pinpoint the issue, perform a little test. Give your choker chain a little shake. If you see any chains that won’t lie straight or you hear a rattling sound - you’ve got a twisted chain on your hands. 

Fixing a choker chain is not rocket science, but you do need to have the right tools to do it like a pro.

Find the right tools

Done playing the choker chain doctor? It’s time to move forward and pick the tools for your operation. Usually, a magnifying glass and a pair of round-nose pliers are all you need to fix chain troubles. 

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a stubborn clasp, a jump ring opener tool can save the day. 

Doublecheck the length of your choker

Chokers are usually 14 to 16 inches wide. If you wear your choker tightly on your neck, then a chain that’s a few links shorter may not be usable. So, if a link from your chain falls off, try to find it and fix it. If the link is broken or lost, you need to come up with another solution for this problem. 

For example, you can always add another jump ring to make your necklace longer. Always double-check the length of your choker ring before you decide how to fix choker chain with adjustments.

Doublecheck the length of your choker
Source: jewelrylab.co

Close the broken link

To fix a link on your choker chain, you’ll first need to identify which one needs repairing. Once you do, take your pliers. Place the torn link between the two parts of the chain and try to squeeze the ends of the link closer together. Do this as long as you see a gap in the link. 

Be especially gentle with the links of a gold choker or sterling silver choker. Precious metals can be prone to scratching!

Test it

Pull gently on the necklace, and you’ll be able to tell it’s strong enough to wear. If in doubt, take your pliers again and repeat the step of closing the links. Don’t forget to ensure that the repair is secure and that the necklace is back to its original form, ready to be worn again with confidence.

Finishing touches

Cleaning is the next step after learning how to repair a choker chain. If needed, you can clean the choker chain necklace with a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints or residue. This will restore its shine and give it a polished look.

How to Fix a Jumper Ring on a Choker Chain

Fixing the jump ring is as easy as connecting two links of a broken chain. First, you’ll need to equip yourself with a small pair of jewelry pliers and a replacement jump ring.

Pick a jump ring that matches the style and size of the original one, or one that is similar enough. Next, remove the damaged jump ring by bending it outward to create a gap. 

Once the jump ring is open, slide it off the link or the ring it was attached to. Be careful not to pull too hard or put excessive pressure on the surrounding links, as this can lead to further damage!

All you need to do after removing the damaged ring is place a new one in the spot. Make sure you’re fixing it properly.

How to Fix a Pendant on Your Choker Chain

Fixing a pendant on a choker chain is as easy as fixing the jumper ring. That’s exactly what you should do. A new jumper ring will ensure your pendant isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Check the pendant before putting the choker chain on. Ensure it is securely attached, or tighten it once again if it feels loose.

How to Fix a Pendant on Your Choker Chain
Source: jewelrylab.co


Now that you know how to fix choker chain necklaces, you don’t have to give them up at the first sign of trouble. With a little patience and the right tools, fixing a choker is a breeze. Whether it’s repairing a broken link or reattaching a pendant, you can restore your beloved accessory to its former glory. 

So, follow these simple steps, unleash your inner DIY enthusiast, and get ready to turn heads with your favorite necklace.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.