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by Jesús Zabala - 7 min read

How Should a Pinky Ring Fit?

Choosing the right accessories to match your outfit perfectly can be complicated. When it comes to jewelry, you should focus on the suitable material, design, and size. So how should a pinky ring fit exactly? This article will elaborate on choosing the right fit so you never pick the wrong size again.

One of the biggest concerns for fashion enthusiasts is their beloved ring slipping off their finger. Since premium jewelry isn’t cheap, it would be devastating if you’d lose a precious accessory.

The second common problem is feeling uncomfortable because the ring is too tight. You don’t want to miss out on an outstanding occasion just because you’re too distracted by a throbbing feeling on your hand.

Continue reading to discover how a pinky ring should fit and the methods used to choose the right one!

How Should a Pinky Ring Fit
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How Should a Pinky Ring Fit

Before learning how a pinky ring should fit, please note that there isn’t such a thing as the “perfect fit.” Our body is influenced by many elements, and it goes through constant changes. Whether it’s caused by a hefty meal or changes in the hormonal balance, some of them are too small to notice. So, although your ring used to fit when you tried it, it may become loose or tight after a few hours. 

Since pinky rings are the most common ones to lose, you should always ensure they’re a tight fit. But watch out not to cut any blood flow and hurt yourself. To check if it fits nicely, the knuckle should prevent it from slipping off. You should also be able to take it past the knuckle with only a gentle push or pull.

Furthermore, a ring that is too tight will be hard to turn around your finger. It’ll also leave an unpleasant mark on it. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for men's small pinky rings, feel free to check out our collection! We offer many unique designs with various materials. So use this article as a guide when making your next purchase.

How to Measure the Perfect Pinky Ring Size

Now that you’re informed about how a pinky ring should fit, you should also learn how to measure the ring size. Knowing which option works best for you is crucial if you can’t check the ring out in real life. In most cases, knowing your ring size is most beneficial for online purchases. Thus, here are several ways to measure your pinky ring size:

  • Consult a professional
  • Invest in sizing tools
  • Measure your ring size at home

Consult a professional

The first thing you can do when getting a valuable pinky ring is consult a professional. Remember that almost every jewelry store has a plastic sizer. However, not everyone has the experience to measure your size correctly. Mistakes are often made due to sales clerks’ inexperience which may cost you both time and money. 

So if you plan on investing in a valuable pinky ring, choose an experienced professional to take your measurements. Furthermore, you can always get more precise results by visiting different jewelry experts. Don’t rush when deciding to invest in a pricey accessory. Always ensure you’re getting the right fit for your money.

Invest in sizing tools

The next thing you can do to measure your ring size is to invest in a ring sizer yourself. If you don’t want to bother visiting a professional jewelry store, different tools can help you out. The two main tools you’d want to consider are the plastic and metal ring sizers. 

The plastic one usually comes as a bendy ruler. First, you need to wrap it around your finger. Then, you glide the plastic pin until your finger feels tight and comfortable. You’ll notice that the ring sizes are written on the side, and the pin will show you your ideal size.

If you choose a metal one, you’ll get a little chain with several metal rings attached. Each ring indicates a different size, so you’ll have to try them out individually. Once you’ve found which one fits you best, it will determine your ring size. 

Another tool you can make use of is a ring size chart. With many options found online, pick one and print it. Then, you can use a previously bought pinky ring and compare it with the different sizes on the paper. Just lay your ring down and ensure it fits the circles’ lines.

Invest in sizing tools
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Measure your ring size at home

If you don’t have any sizing tools available, there’s a DIY trick to measure your ring size at home. First, you need to get a small piece of tape or string. Then, you should wrap it around your finger and mark the place where it overlaps with a pen.

The next step is to measure the length of the market string or tape with a ruler. Lay it down on a sturdy surface to ensure it's straight. Once you’ve gotten the precise measurements, you need to divide it by 3.14.

The number you get is the size of your ring’s diameter. Lastly, you should find a suitable ring size chart online and see which ring size is the right fit for you. Remember that there are different sizes based on your location, so take the time to find a suitable chart.

Measure your ring size at home
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Tips When Choosing the Perfect Pinky Ring

Now that you know how should a pinky ring fit and how to measure it, here are some useful tips for choosing the perfect size we came across:

  • Always consider the knuckle size
  • Watch out for the ring-band size
  • Be aware of the time and temperature
  • Choose easily resizable rings

Knuckles size

The knuckles play an important role when choosing your pinky ring fit. They’re the part that keeps this jewelry in place and prevents it from falling off. Always ensure you can easily glide the ring from the tip of your finger to the bottom. 

Even though this may be easier for those with small knuckles, they have a bigger risk of losing their ring. That’s why choosing a tight fit is more appropriate in this case.

On the other hand, people with big knuckles may have a hard time putting the ring on. If that’s the issue, choose a looser fit that you can gently place through the area without much effort.

You can also try putting the ring several times to ensure it doesn’t come across any blockage. Furthermore, try dangling your hand gently to see if the jewelry falls off without you pulling on it. This way, you’ll ensure that the pinky ring will stay on your finger no matter what you’re doing.

Ring-band size

When choosing the perfect ring size, remember that these accessories come in different shapes and designs. Thus, some rings may have thicker or thinner bands than what you’re used to. So when trying a new design out, always pay close attention to this element.

Remember that thick bands may fit your finger tighter than thinner ones, even if they’re the same ring size. So try out different types of bands and choose the ones that fit your specific hands. This also comes down to the ring’s material, so you may also want to experiment with different types of metal.

Time of day and temperature

As mentioned above, it’s perfectly normal for your fingers to change size during the day. Temperatures and diet choices play an important part in ring sizes. When it’s cold, your fingers tend to be thinner, while they’re larger in warmer weather. 

That’s why we suggest you measure your ring size during the afternoon or right after you’ve had lunch. Plus, it’s recommended that you do so at the appropriate room temperature. If you notice that your ring is too loose or tight, don’t blame the jewelry store right away. Wait for a couple of hours and see if the size is still an issue.

Easily resizable rings

Investing in an easily resizable ring is always a smart option. Everyone’s body changes over time, so you can’t expect this jewelry size to always fit you. Many elements are in play, such as your diet, exercise, and hormonal balance. Regardless of the reason, we often gain and lose weight during specific periods.

Resizable rings have a gap in their band that can later be used for adjustments. They offer the opportunity to make them smaller or bigger than their original size. Once again, this usually comes down to the ring’s material. So when looking for a resizable ring, choose ones from silver, gold, and platinum.

Easily resizable rings
Source: jewelrylab.co


When choosing the right ring size, always measure your finger precisely. If you can’t get hold of a professional, you can use sizing tools or string to take the measurements yourself. However, remember that trying the ring on will work best in most situations.

Furthermore, your pinky ring should fit tightly without causing you discomfort. When putting it on, ensure it glides easily on your finger. Pay attention to the knuckles since; they’ll hold this precious jewelry on your finger.

In the end, all this explains how should a pinky ring fit so you’ll wear it worry-free. We hope this article helps you next time you choose a pinky ring, and don’t forget to check out our website for some amazing designs!

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.