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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Mens Ring Styles

Rings have always been a part of lifestyle, starting from ancient history up to today. Whether it is a wedding ring or a fashion item, there are countless mens ring styles. If you need help combining them with other fashion details, we are here to help you. Keep reading for helpful information about men’s ring types, purposes, and materials.

Types of Rings
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Types of Rings: Mens Ring Styles

Almost all of us have a refined taste in rings that we want to combine with a particular outfit or wear on a special occasion. If you still need to find the perfect model, we will introduce you to the types of rings we hope will help you choose.

Signet ring

This is a ring with history, and it takes us back thousands of years through history. It was usually worn by people who had a high social status. Namely, the signet ring consisted of a coat of arms or a family crest and was usually worn on the pinky or index finger.

This ring was essentially used to seal letters by pressing the ring into hot wax. Nowadays, several variations of mens signet rings do not necessarily contain a family crest or coat of arms.

Wedding band

The wedding band is not only a fashion accessory for men. It is also a symbol of love and eternity. Namely, until the middle of the 20th century, such rings were popular only among women. After that, wedding bands are gaining significant popularity among men as well. Today, these rings have a variety of designs to suit every style and budget.

Pinky ring

In the past, this ring was a symbol of leadership and power. Its name comes from how it is worn, i.e., on the pinky finger of the left and right hands. Today, this ring can be found in many styles and contains different materials like stones and metals. In addition, the pinky ring is gaining popularity due to the possibility of combining it with different types of clothes.

Pinky ring
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Fashion ring

At first glance, all rings belong to the group of fashion rings. However, such rings do not belong to the above ring styles. In addition, fashion rings are not worn for traditional or family reasons. These rings highlight your character and carry a story you identify with. Therefore, their design may include a designer logo, engraved graphics, or gemstones.

Ring Material

Besides mens ring styles, material is another factor you should pay attention to. After all, you want to avoid ending up with a ring made of poor-quality material that can be easily damaged and difficult to maintain. For this purpose, we will present you with some high-quality materials that are easy to maintain.


Gold has always been synonymous with elegance and quality. This material is traditionally used for wedding rings, but it is also popular in making different styles of rings. And not only that, gold is one of the highest quality and most resilient precious metals characterized by quality and durability. 

Regarding purity, you can opt for gold rings with a high percentage of gold, i.e., 24K. If you decide on this option, you should be careful and maintain it because these rings can get scratched or broken. On the other hand, many people opt for 18K and 14K gold rings which are alloys of gold with other metals such as copper, nickel, or silver.


Although it is known as a cheaper variant of gold, this material can be found in a more expensive variant, depending on its purity. Namely, silver is a shiny, bright metal, and you can easily combine it with any piece of clothing.

The most popular variant of this material that can be found on the market are rings with 925 fineness. This means that rings that have this fineness contain 92.5% silver. As with gold, many men opt for silver rings alloyed with other metals. 

For this purpose, copper is added, which only contributes to the ring's strength without reducing the silver's brilliance. In addition, on the market, you can find rings with a high percentage of silver, or 99.9%. Such rings have more weight; the negative side is that they can be scratched or damaged more easily.

Silver RIng
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In recent times, titanium is becoming very popular due to its positive characteristics. Namely, unlike the others, this metal has very little weight, is hard to scratch, and does not cause allergies. 

For comparison, a ring of titanium weighs twice as much as a ring of platinum or a quarter of a ring made of gold. As for color, titanium has a silvery color, but it can be dyed and found in copper, black, or gold. 

In addition, this material can be alloyed with other metals, such as gold, increasing its resistance to scratching and damage.


Platinum is another popular material used to make different kinds of jewelry, including rings

Namely, this metal is equally valuable as gold because of its rarity. We would single out strength and durability as positive features and not cause allergic reactions. Additionally, this is an ideal material you can use with a gemstone. 

The only downside of this material is its price, which can be high compared to other materials.

What to Look For When Buying a Ring

Buying a ring at first glance seems simple, but it can be challenging. First of all, you should consider several factors that will help you in your choice. Therefore, the most important parameters for choosing your ideal ring are size, style, and your budget.

Ring size

Before buying a ring, remember to measure the finger on which you will wear the ring. You can do it at home, using flexible tape, or on the spot at the jewelry store. In addition, if ordering online, follow the measuring instructions on the brand's website.


The mens ring styles should always follow the dressing style and have to define your character. Therefore, the first thing to do is to look in your wardrobe and see which colors dominate. In this way, you will be able to create a palette of colors with which you can very quickly determine the color of the stone or ring material that fits your wardrobe. 

Here you need to be careful when combining because the wrong choice can lead to non-complementary colors that do not match your style. For this purpose, you can ask for a second opinion before deciding which ring to buy.


Before buying a ring, you should pay attention to the budget. Budget almost always defines the ring's material, design, and size. So, determine the lowest and highest limit before deciding on your ring.

Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Take Care of Your Ring

Care and maintenance of your ring will further contribute to its longevity and quality. For this purpose, it is best to visit a jeweler who will ensure that your ring is restored to its luster. 

If you want to do the job yourself, you'll need a soft-bristled toothbrush, a mild detergent, and a cotton cloth. In addition, you will need to avoid abrasives, chlorinated water, and other chemicals that can damage or discolor the metal.


We hope we have helped you discover the details you need about mens ring styles. In addition, we are convinced that you will have no trouble choosing the ring that suits your style.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.