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by Jesús Zabala - 5 min read

Are Pinky Rings Tacky?

There is no doubt that rings are a stylish accessory. But there is something about wearing a pinky ring that makes people think twice before they put one on - are pinky rings tacky?

Do you want to add a pinky ring to your jewelry box, but you are unsure whether it is a smart fashion decision?

Pinky rings have fallen in and out of fashion. For some, pinky rings are elegant, while for others, they are an outdated fashion trend.

We have the ultimate answer to help you determine whether you should wear one.

Are Pinky Rings Tacky
Source: jewelrylab.co

Are Pinky Rings Tacky?

Firstly, whether pinky rings are tacky or not depends on the pinky ring model. To be honest, there are tacky pinky rings, for sure. But there are also pinky rings that are considered timeless jewelry everybody must own.

Generally looking, pinky rings, as a fashion trend, are not tacky. Wearing a pinky finger ring from our collection can give a refined and tasteful touch to your outfit.

The best pinky rings are modern and minimalistic. They are not as flashy as people used to like and wear in the past, making them tasteful jewelry pieces.

Are pinky rings tacky when worn by women

Pinky rings have been subject to debate more for men rather than women. Not many people would say that pinky rings are tacky when women wear them

Some say it is because there are a lot of different designs available, from minimal geometric rings to unusual heart-shaped pinky rings.

Nevertheless, if you know how to style the pinky ring, it will look incredibly good with all types of outfits.

Pinky rings can add an elegant little touch to everyday outfits. At the same time, pinky rings are excellent for balancing formal attire.

Lastly, you can combine rings with different textures and asymmetrical designs for a refined look.

Are pinky rings tacky when worn by women
Source: jewelrylab.co

Are pinky rings tacky when worn by men

Despite what many people think, pinky rings are not an outdated men’s fashion trend. In fact, they are a sophisticated and classy touch to men’s outfits.

Most people who say that pinky rings are tacky for men are usually against men wearing rings other than their wedding rings. Fortunately, the majority sees pinky rings as a modern accessory.

Pinky rings are quite popular nowadays among men. You can wear a pinky ring to make a big statement and show refined taste.

On the contrary to women, pinky rings are mostly worn by men to complement a sharp outfit. For instance, you can pair the River & Vines ring with a suit, but the same ring wouldn’t look good with your casual outfit.

On the other hand, you can combine only a small amount of pinky rings with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. To illustrate, a wolf ring is an excellent choice to spice up your everyday outfit.

Are pinky rings tacky when worn by men
Source: jewelrylab.co

Pinky Rings History 101

Pinky rings have a lot of history behind them. Throughout history, pinky rings have been worn by both men and women worldwide.

It all started in Europe, where male royals started wearing signets. Many historical icons, including the legendary Oscar Wilde, have donned signets as a sign of royalty and luxury.

Signets were invented for sealing documents. However, the accessory grew from a handy to a sign of modern spirit and self-expression.

More often than not, pinky rings were associated with power, wealth, and honor. In the early stages, only people with high societal positions wore pinky rings.

For example, the English royal family has a tradition of men wearing signet rings. 

As time passed, more and more people showed interest in the new fashion trend.

The pinky rings were also a huge hit in the music business in the mid-20th century. With time, the pinky rings were implemented in the American style and the rest of the world.

Today, pinky rings are a sign of self-love, loyalty, and accomplishment. Pinky rings are considered an expression of one’s personality.

Types of Pinky Rings

Pinky rings come in various designs and shapes. The most commonly worn pinky rings are signet, class, professional, and plain.

Signet ring

As previously discussed, the signet ring was used in the past for sealing important documents. 

Today, signet rings come in different designs. They are typically square-shaped rings with letters or a design carved on them

At our JewelryLab shop, we’ve gone above and beyond to craft signet rings for every taste. We have different designs, from rings with meaningful messages to pinky rings with Playboy designs or a panther.

Class pinky ring

Class pinky rings are widely used in the American educational system. When you graduate from high school or college, you will get a class ring to wear on your pinky. Typically, each generation has a customized pinky ring. 

Class pinky ring
Source: jewelrylab.co

Professional pinky ring

Similar to class rings, professional rings are associated with a certain profession. Generally, professional pinky rings are worn by people who have a significant influence in the industry.

Plain pinky ring

The plain pinky rings are simple. They usually have a base with precious metal. The plain pinky rings are a classy accessory.

No matter that it is called a plain ring, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Our pinky rings have bold designs like the rounded black onyx ring and the unique GABA ring.

Celebrities Following the Pinky Ring Trend

Celebrities most certainly believe pinky rings are not tacky but rather sophisticated and modern. It is safe to say that celebrities also had their part in the comeback of the pinky ring fashion.

Today, celebrities get spotted wearing pinky rings regularly. They are becoming a must-have accessory from movie scenes to the red carpet and live events.

Some of the female celebrities following the pinky ring trend are Meghan Markle, Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift.

On the male side, Al Pacino, King Charles III, Brad Pitt, and Tom Holland are adding a pinky ring to their classy outfits. Musicians from different backgrounds wore pinky rings, including Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, DJ Khaled, Bruno Mars, and Jay-Z. 

Celebrities Following the Pinky Ring Trend
Source: jewelrylab.co


At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is - are pinky rings tacky to you or you don’t find them so? There will always be people who love or hate a certain trend. It all comes down to personal preferences and individual tastes in fashion and jewelry.

But a must-know fact is that the group of people who think pinky rings are refined, stylish, and elegant are bigger than the ones who don’t.

We have reached the final verdict. If a pinky ring has caught your eye, don’t hesitate to add it to your shopping cart, whether you are a man or a woman. Pinky rings add a glamorous touch to every outfit.

Whichever pinky ring you choose, you can be sure you will wear a big trend on your little finger.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.