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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

What Is the Average Ring Size for a Man?

Choosing a ring can be a fun experience, but not knowing the right size could make the job difficult. The width of the band, the shape of the finger, and the style of the ring are all elements that could affect the fit and look of a ring. Before going into these details, it's important to know what is the average ring size for a man.

In this article, we’ll look at male ring sizes, what is considered an average size, and how to measure a ring size. 

What Is the Average Ring Size for a Man
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What Is the Average Ring Size for a Man

Most people want to make sure the ring fits perfectly for their loved one but don’t know what is the average ring size for a man. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

Many characteristics could affect the average ring size for men, like weight and finger shape. However, the most common ring size for men is 9

Information on How to Determine the Proper Ring Size

It's important to understand that some men have larger or smaller fingers than the average. It shouldn’t be an issue if a guy is outside the average size. Jewelers could resize a ring if needed. 

However, it would be better to stay as close as possible to the right size, so there isn’t any space for unnecessary changes.

Another thing to pay attention to is the purpose of the ring. For example, if someone is buying a wedding ring, they need to make sure the person will comfortably wear the ring every day.

On the other hand, if someone is buying a fashion ring, they need to find a ring that doesn’t have a lot of movement. 

Before buying a ring, knowing the correct ring size is important, and it will make finding a ring easier. The dominant hand could be slightly larger than the non-dominant, so measuring the finger of the hand on which the ring will be worn is recommended. 

For those looking for cool men’s rings, we offer a range that could be worn for any occasion, from casually hanging out with friends to a formal dinner.

How to Measure Ring Size

Finding the perfect ring size might be difficult for those shopping online or looking to surprise someone with a gift. Luckily, measuring a ring size is a simple process that can be done at home. 

A printable ring sizer, a piece of string or a strip of paper, a pen, and a ruler could be useful for measuring a ring's size. 

Printable ring sizer

Printable ring sizers are available for downloading and printing. Cut the sizer as instructed and wrap it around the finger that you will wear the ring on. 

However, remember not to press it too tightly and that it slides easily. The sizes are marked on the ring sizer and are quite easy to read.

String or paper

If you don’t have access to a printable ring sizer, you could use a piece of string or a strip of paper to measure the finger. Wrap the string or paper around the finger where you plan to wear the ring on and mark the point where the ends meet. 

After doing this, the next step is to measure the length of the string or paper in millimeters with a ruler. 

Measuring the ring size at the right time of the day is important. Our fingers might swell during the day. So, for the correct measurement, measuring around the end of the day when the finger is largest is most recommended.

String or paper
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How to Measure a Ring for a Surprise

If you want to buy a ring as a surprise, there are some sneaky ways to get this done. 

One way of doing this is by borrowing an existing ring and using a ring sizer to match the size.

Another way to do this is to measure an existing ring with a ruler but remember to do it in millimeters. 

Or you can measure the finger while the person is sleeping and use those measurements to find their size. This way is risky and could ruin the surprise, especially if that person is a light sleeper.

Before measuring, it's important to know that some countries use different sizing systems. In the United States, ring sizes should be measured in half or quarter sizes, while in other countries, they might be measured in millimeters or letters. 

That’s why it's recommended to double-check the sizing system before buying a ring to make sure it's the right size.

Types of Men’s Rings

There are many types of men’s rings to choose from, and finding the right one will make someone special feel loved. Rings are a perfect detail that could make an outfit look complete. 

Here are some types of rings for men:

Wedding bands

Wedding bands are classic men’s rings. They could be made from gold, silver, or titanium. They are mostly worn on the ring finger to symbolize the love and commitment to their partner.

Signet rings

Signet rings are among the oldest types of rings. They have been used for centuries. Usually, they are made from gold and have some sort of symbol or monogram, which could have a symbolic meaning in some families. 

In the past, a person wearing a signet ring would use it as a press-on wax to get a seal that presented their identity and authority. 

Signet rings
Source: jewelrylab.co

Pinky rings

Pinky rings are usually worn on the little finger; it doesn’t matter on which hand. They come in different designs and styles. The pinky rings can also be a signet ring. 

Pinky rings can be made from many different materials, and they are a great fashion accessory. Some men might like to wear pinky rings that have gemstones or engravings. 

Thumb rings

Thumb rings are rings that can be worn on the thumb of either hand. They could be made from various materials like stainless steel or metal. Thumb rings can be simple, minimalistic, bold, and eye-catching, depending on the person’s taste. 

There are many designs to choose from, and each could complement a different style, from casual to formal. Among the most famous thumb rings are skull rings, which can be combined with many different types of clothes.

Materials Used for Men’s Rings

As previously mentioned, men’s rings can be made from many different materials. Now, let’s see more about each material because it is one of the most important things to consider when buying a ring. Why is this so important? 

When we buy a ring, we want to choose one that will last for generations and not break in the first few days or cause a rash.

Here are some of the most famous materials used for men’s rings.


Gold is among the most popular material for men’s rings, which has been used for centuries. The gold could be yellow, white, or rose. Usually, the higher the karat of gold, the more valuable it is.

For example, 14k gold is among the most popular jewelry choices, but 24k might be the purest gold. 

However, 24k might not be used for making jewelry as much, because it is soft and could deform easily. Even though it's a very valuable metal, it might not be the best fit for jewelry.

Gold is classic and timeless and could be easily resized. Keep in mind that gold could be expensive, easily damaged, or even cause allergic reactions in some people. 


Silver is a metal that is easily molded and shaped, and it's among the most popular materials for rings. It could be combined with any outfit for all kinds of occasions. For making jewelry, 925 sterling is the most common.

Silver can be affordable, hypoallergenic, and could be polished to a high shine. However, over time, silver tends to get darker and could get easily damaged.

No worries. Even though silver might tarnish after some time, professional jewelers can easily clean it and return its shine.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a very popular metal because it is strong and durable. Among the reasons stainless steel is popular is its resistance to corrosion and rust. This means it could stay shiny for a long time.

Stainless steel can also be hypoallergenic, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. This is an affordable alternative to other metals. Sadly stainless steel might not be very easy to resize.

Stainless steel
Source: jewelrylab.co


Platinum is a metal famous for its durability and strength and could be ideal for wearing every day. It’s very resistant to any damage and different temperatures. 

The purity of the metal makes it hypoallergenic, which means it shouldn’t cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin.

Platinum might be more expensive than other materials and harder to resize.


Titanium is a lightweight and durable metal used often for making jewelry. Titanium could be ideal for everyday wear because it can be difficult to damage and shouldn’t rust or corrode. 

A titanium ring is perfect for those afraid of damaging their rings. Titanium rings are easier to resize and are hypoallergenic. 

Tips on How to Clean Rings

It's important to keep the rings clean to preserve their quality. Of course, rings could get dirty after wearing them for some time. So, here are some tips on cleaning and keeping them looking as good as new.

Using dish soap and water

One of the simplest ways to clean rings is to use a few drops of dish soap in warm water. Soak the ring in the mixture and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, then use a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush to gently clean the ring. 

After that, rinse the rings in cold water and dry them with a clean cloth.

Using toothpaste

Apply a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush or some other soft-bristled brush. Gently scrub the rings and then rinse them with water. After that, dry them with a clean cloth.

Using baking soda

Mix a small amount of baking soda with water to make a paste-like texture. Then, use the paste mixture just like with the toothpaste. Rinse the ring with water afterward and dry it. Baking soda could help remove stains and restore the shine of the rings.

Have the rings professionally cleaned

If the rings are very dirty, another way to clean them can be by bringing them to a professional jeweler for cleaning. They have equipment that is made specifically for cleaning jewelry.


Finding the right ring size for a man might be difficult, but getting a perfect fit with the right tools is possible. The average size for a man could depend on many factors like weight and finger shape. Many tools can be used to find the right size, like a ring sizer tool, a string, or a chart.

However, remember that the width of the band, the design, and other things could affect the fit of a ring. If unsure about what is the average ring size for a man, it is better to talk with a jeweler. They should provide accurate measurements and help with finding the perfect ring.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.