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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

How to Wear Rings for Men

Wearing rings is very common for women. However, men can also wear them to look fashionable. There are no specific rules on how to wear rings men. Choosing what type of jewelry men want to wear is personal and depends on their unique fashion style.

Men usually wear engagement and wedding rings. But they can also accessorize their hands with watches. Additionally, some men wear rings to express cultural significance. Others wear them simply to fit their personal style.

Historically, noblemen wore rings to convey their high social status and wealth. In modern times, people don’t put too much emphasis on the traditional meanings of men wearing rings. Instead, they choose a ring they like and find a way to wear it on a daily basis.

How to Wear Rings Men
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Wear Rings Men

Men wearing rings are seen as confident and brave. They are not afraid to express their fashion sense. Some want to send a specific message with a mens gold signet ring. However, the question of how to wear rings men still remains since some guys don’t understand their meanings.

Therefore, we will guide you through some traditional rules of how a man should wear a ring. Also, we included some tips on how to choose a ring that looks appealing to you. But take the below-mentioned rules with a grain of salt.

We encourage you to consider ring etiquette associated with men’s fashion. However, men can wear whatever they like. They should focus less on ancient beliefs and meanings and more on personal satisfaction.

Right or left hand?

Men often find it unclear whether they should wear rings on their right or left hand. Believe it or not, wearing rings on each hand is associated with certain symbolisms. 

Thus, keep reading to determine whether you can put a ring on either hand or you have to do it with forethought.

Left hand ring meaning

Generally, rings on a man’s left hand are associated with cultural meanings. In ancient times, men wore rings on their left hand to show they were part of certain traditions. They honored their cultural beliefs by wearing rings on their left hand.

However, you shouldn’t base your ring-wearing as a man on this meaning. If you want to wear a ring on your left hand because you think it looks cool, go for it! 

Right hand ring meaning

Dominance and courage are associated with the man’s right hand. Guys who prefer wearing rings on their right hands want to show how brave they are and get attention from others. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear an eye-catching ring on your right hand.

Ring placement

Men can wear rings on whatever hand and finger they prefer. Regardless of the ring placement, it’s easily noticeable on a man’s hand. Therefore, don’t let them wear you. You wear the rings. Show them off confidently, and don’t hesitate to make a statement.

Do you want to know more about how men can wear rings on each finger? Let’s dive in! 


Wide rings with thick bands can often be seen on a man’s thumb. Men who wear rings on their thumbs want to show they are influential and unafraid of being the center of attention. Usually, guys who wear rings on their thumbs also have rings on other fingers of the same hand.

Wear a chunky thumb ring to show everyone you are approachable and talkative. However, you don’t need an overly glaring thumb ring. Instead, express your bold side by wearing a bigger but simple ring on your thumb.

It’s very rare for men to wear rings on their thumbs. But wearing a thumb ring on your dominant hand will easily catch people’s attention. Even with a simple handshake, your thumb ring may spark an interesting conversation.

Index finger

Historical leaders and powerful men generally wore signet rings on their index fingers. The reason for this is to show their social status. Nowadays, young men can be seen wearing index finger rings to express they are part of a certain community.

The index finger is not associated with authority and power by chance. Men who wear rings on their pointer fingers strongly believe in their abilities, and no one can tell them otherwise. 

If you are a man who stands his ground unapologetically, an index finger ring is perfect for you.

Index finger
Source: jewelrylab.co


Middle finger

Have you ever thought about wearing a ring on your middle finger? Not every guy has the courage to put a statement ring in the middle of their hand. This ring placement is actually very uncommon, and only a few men do it.

If you try this trend, ensure the middle finger ring is not too large. A bulky ring on your middle finger can interfere with completing daily tasks. Instead, choose a ring with a plain band to wear comfortably on your middle finger.

Many middle-finger ring-wearers want to show they live a stable and balanced life. They are unafraid to show their manliness and draw attention to their hands. Don’t be weirded out by middle finger rings. They are rarely associated with vulgar or inappropriate meanings.

Ring finger

Wedding rings are usually reserved for the ring finger. However, that’s not always the case. Even unmarried men can wear rings on their ring fingers. You can place a decorative ring on your fourth finger that won’t resemble a wedding ring.


You may have seen members of the Royal Family wear rings on their pinky fingers. The King usually wears it to honor his family’s tradition, which originated from the Victorian Era. Therefore, men’s pinky rings are often associated with wealth and prosperity.

However, many mobsters and mafia lords in movies also wear pinky rings. Remember, you can wear a ring on your pinky finger without looking like a mafioso. Instead, rely more on its astrological meaning to embody intelligence and strong intuition.

Source: jewelrylab.co

Measure the size

The most important thing to consider if you want to wear rings is that they fit properly on your fingers. If a ring is too small for your finger, it will be uncomfortable to wear. If it’s too large, it will slip off your finger.

Men’s ring sizes differ from women’s since men have larger fingers. Thus, use a ring sizer or an online sizing chart for accurate measurements. Also, you can visit a jewelry store and have your ring size measured professionally.

Choose a ring type

You can choose from numerous different ring types to fit your style. There are both casual and elegant ring options on the market. Most ring types pair well with any outfit of choice. But if you have a specific preference, choose a unique design.

Plain rings

Simple rings usually have a plain band. They are perfect for casual outfit combinations, and they are very versatile. Some men wear minimalistic rings as a part of their daily attire. Small details like these can completely transform your look and give you an edgy vibe.

Stone rings

Stone rings are more elegant ring choices. They are larger than plain rings and more easily noticeable. Usually, their band is plain, but it’s covered with a colorful stone. These types of rings are perfect for the index and ring fingers.

Symbolic rings

Some rings for men have religious and zodiac symbols. Guys who want to show they are one-of-a-kind with strong beliefs wear symbolic rings. However, these rings can hardly be worn daily since they are usually large and too bulky.

Signet rings

Carved signet rings have been worn for centuries. They carry cultural meanings, and there’s little to no chance people won’t notice them on a man’s hand. 

Wearing signet rings is a bold choice since they traditionally have carved-in family symbols. Some even request custom-made signet rings with specific symbols.

Signet rings
Source: jewelrylab.co

Engraved rings

The thumb is a good placement for an engraved ring. Most rings with engravings are slightly heavier and bulky-looking than most ring types. Thus, choose an engraved ring wisely to ensure it doesn’t weigh your hand down.

Tips for Men Wearing Rings

We managed to break down some simple rules and meanings of how to wear rings men. However, you should consider the following tips if you want to wear rings properly:

Less is more

Since wearing rings can be exciting for men, some might go overboard. If a man has too many rings on one hand, it can look like he is trying too much. Two rings per hand are classy and enough. But how to wear multiple rings as a man?

Well, if you want to layer your jewelry, try not to overdo it. For example, wear a watch or a bracelet on one hand and rings on the other hand to avoid overcrowding.

Color coordination

If you are a man who loves wearing watches, match the color of the metal with your rings. Coordinating the color of your jewelry looks better than wearing different types of metals on your hand. It’s more cohesive and well-thought-out compared to contrasting metals.


Before purchasing a ring in a jewelry store or online, get informed about its maintenance. You want to ensure its longevity by taking care of the metal. There are some DIY solutions for polishing metals. But don’t try anything before you get a piece of professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men wear rings to express their sexuality?

Some people sexualize men’s thumb rings. Many believe that men wearing rings on their thumbs express their bisexuality or homosexuality. Also, men often wear black rings to express their asexuality.

Are men’s rings expensive?

High-quality men’s rings can be expensive. However, that’s not always the case. You can find handmade rings for men online that are sold for reasonable prices. Rings with stones and engravings are more expensive than simple rings.

Should men stack rings on one finger?

How you choose to wear rings as a man is a personal choice. Some prefer wearing one or two rings. Others stack multiple rings on one finger. Smaller rings are perfect for stacking on top of each other on one finger. Some men stack decorative rings on top of their wedding bands.


Fixed rules on how to wear rings men are non-existent. Men’s fashion constantly evolves, and jewelry for guys is a creative way to show off your style. 

Modern times allow men to experiment with wearing different rings on their fingers. Traditional meanings are put on the back burner.

Don’t get caught up in symbolism. Focus more on quality rather than on quantity. Carry yourself confidently, and don’t fear a little bling on your finger.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.