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by Jesús Zabala - 6 min read

Popular Gemstone Options for Pinky Rings

It's a well-known fact that jewelry and accessories can enhance and elevate your appearance. Wearing pinky rings with precious centerpieces has been a fashion statement since ancient times. Exploring the most popular gemstone options for pinky rings can help you save time and effort.

This article will cover some of the best options you have in the jewelry market. Learn of these jewels’ historical and present value and significance. Continue reading to discover which one will fit you and your style best.

Popular Gemstone Options for Pinky Rings

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About Pinky Rings

Wearing pinky rings has resurfaced as a trend. Expanding your ring collection to every finger gives you something unexpected to style. These small accessories have been around for centuries. With differing definitions and meanings throughout time, pinky rings have had their rise in popularity and significance.

Right alongside engagement rings, pinky rings are most popular among men. This unique jewelry serves as a source of mysterious interest. It also adds sophistication, flair, and personality to your overall look.

Pinky rings come in a variety of styles, shapes, and forms. They can also come in various metals or finishes and stunning centerpiece gemstones. Pinky rings also function well with any type of outfit, whether it's casual or professional. These small rings will add glamor and confidence to your look.

Besides being an outstanding way to expand your style, pinky rings can also hold much more significance. Wearing pinky rings with diamonds or gemstones can provide you with endless benefits. As of late, numerous astrologers have highlighted their importance and purpose.

Choosing Gemstone Pinky Rings

A gemstone is a mineral crystal or stone used to create and enhance jewelry. This gem is also called a jewel, a precious stone, or a fine gem. Any type of gemstone can be a lovely and intriguing centerpiece of a pinky ring.

Choosing a precious gemstone or a pinky ring with diamonds can significantly impact your appearance. Whether it gives an edgy or sophisticated look, you'll turn heads everywhere.

However, it's important to remember that different stones have different meanings and significance. Continue reading this article to discover the most popular gemstone options for pinky rings and their values.

Popular Gemstone Options for Pinky Rings

Even though gemstones are most popular in engagement rings, you'll find that many pinky rings have them. These crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each gemstone has its own unique significance, which can add to your overall look. They also have deeper meanings of symbolism and spiritualism.

Certain rocks, like obsidian, black onyx, and opal, are also used in jewelry and are often considered gemstones. Additionally, you can find organic materials used to make these stunning accessories which are not crystal minerals.

In this list, you'll find the most popular gems used to create outstanding pinky rings. Their eye-catching attributes will add personality and uniqueness to your look. So, when looking for pinky rings, make sure you look for these popular gemstones on them.

Blue topaz

Blue topaz is one of the most popular and trendy gemstones used in the jewelry market. This precious gemstone comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, gold, amber, or even colorless.

You'll find these stones in many types of accessories. Whether in necklaces, bracelets, or rings, this unique gem adds a touch of elegance to your look. Topaz has been favored and loved throughout history.

Blue topaz was believed to have spiritual significance and holds many powers. Greeks gave this gem a special meaning. They believed that the wearer of blue topaz gains strength and wisdom. It is also associated with love, so this ring makes a perfect gift for a loved one.

This gemstone is relatively easy to maintain. Its durability is strong, but this delicate gem does require a bit of care. To keep the gem at its primal color, polish it regularly and don’t expose it to heat or acids.


Emeralds are delicate, precious jewels mostly known for their vibrant green color. This stone is a particularly charming choice for a centerpiece of a pinky ring. Even though emerald isn't a common choice for jewelry, this gem adds a certain edge to your look.

Emeralds are among the most praised stones throughout history, especially in Egypt. That's why these stones are typically used as centerpieces for rings - to add a mysterious touch to your appearance. They were especially celebrated and favored by Cleopatra herself.

Due to its historical significance, emeralds have a certain exotic appeal in today's world. However, even though emeralds are durable for daily wear, they're one of the softer gems. 

They require delicate and thoughtful care. You can also take your emerald pinky ring to a jeweler for professional cleaning and polish.

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Black onyx

Black onyx is an all-black, semi-precious gemstone most commonly used as a centerpiece for pinky rings. Choosing this stone brings a powerful and unique touch to your appearance.

This stone has been around from ancient Egypt to modern days. It has been used for adding detail to jewelry and ornamental sculptures. However, in recent times, black onyx has been incorporated into even more everyday items. This includes furniture, pottery, and utensils.

The rapid usage of this stone is due to its strength and durability. This makes the stone fairly simple to maintain. Black onyx can take exposure to various activities and conditions but should be kept away from harsh acids.

Wearing a pinky ring with a black onyx stone signifies strength, power, and protection. It can provide a boost in confidence and balance to your style. This makes it one of the most popular gemstone options for pinky rings. Its black color can be combined with most clothing and accessories, so you can easily create your perfect look.

Black onyx
Source: jewelrylab.co


Rubies are precious gemstones that are mostly known for their deep red color. This delicate gem has unique properties and symbolic attributes, making it a perfect centerpiece for a pinky ring.

Throughout history, rubies have been believed to be the representation of life. Due to their red hue, they were associated with the color of blood. Various ancient cultures highly celebrated and praised this gem. In recent times, Europe adopted its significance and named it the gem of love and passion.

Rubies are extremely strong and resilient, so they don't require any special maintenance. This stone can survive in intense conditions. However, try avoiding exposure to extreme heat to keep its deep red color. 

It's recommended to polish this gem once every five months but feel free to take it to a professional to polish it thoroughly.


Sapphire is both a traditional and trendy option for pinky rings. This precious gemstone is most beloved for its deep, intriguing blue color. However, sapphire comes in a variety of colors and hues. This includes yellow, black, white, rose, and many others.

Some of the most common interpretations of this gemstone include love, wisdom, and power. In ancient times, sapphire signified virtue. Royalties and aristocrats often wore robes covered in sapphires to represent their nobility.

This gemstone is very durable and easy to maintain. While they might get scratched, sapphires offer many years of wear. If your gem gets damaged, you can always get a jeweler to resurface and polish it.


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In conclusion, choosing one of the most popular gemstone options for pinky rings can significantly enhance your style.

While blue topaz and sapphire offer a deep blue color fit for formal attire, black onyx is the best for an everyday combination. Emerald provides you with an exotic and mysterious look, while ruby is the embodiment of love and passion. 

Now that you know the best options for centerpieces for pinky fingers, it's up to you to decide which one you want. Hopefully, this article provided you with enough useful information on the topic.

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