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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

What Does Pinky Ring Mean Sexually?

Rings are essential jewelry pieces. The beauty of wearing rings is that you can play around and put them on different fingers. Stay tuned as I explain what does pinky ring mean sexually. I will also go through the meanings of singles and regarding social and professional status.

Nowadays, it is popular to wear a ring on the little finger. Some wear a ring on their pinky finger just to keep up with the latest fashion trends. 

But did you know there is more to it? Wearing a pinky ring has another meaning that dates since the 40s!

Keep reading if you are curious about the most common meanings of pinky rings.

What Does Pinky Ring Mean Sexually
Source: jewelrylab.co

What Does Pinky Ring Mean Sexually?

When sexuality was taboo, the LGBT community expressed their sexual preferences by wearing a pinky ring or piercing their right ear. A ring on the little finger was one way of embracing sexuality.

When Did LGBT People Start Wearing Pinky Rings?

Gays and lesbians started wearing pinky rings in the 1940s. This trend became incredibly popular between 1950 and 1970. 

The pinky rings weren’t just a fashion statement. In fact, they were a symbol of sexual preference. The oppressed community found a way to come out of the closet without saying a word.

Furthermore, pinky rings helped many queer individuals find a partner without being victimized and isolated by society. Some people even wore it to show their support for the queer community.

But what does pinky ring mean sexually now that the LGBT community is generally accepted?

Well, people are now turning to the other, non-sexual meanings of wearing a pinky ring.

I have to be honest; most meanings are linked to men. For women, pinky rings are generally seen just as a fashion accessory.

Non-sexual Meanings of Wearing a Pinky Ring

Non-sexual Meanings of Wearing a Pinky Ring
Source: jewelrylab.co

What Does Wearing a Ring on Your Pinky Mean for Singles?

Married couples have the ring finger, but what do singles have? Well, wearing a ring on your little finger as a single person has a deep meaning, just as the ring finger has for couples.

Generally speaking, men’s and women's pinky ring represents self-love and respect. The pinky ring is saying that you know your worth. It also symbolizes intelligence, persuasion, and intuition.

In the first feminist wave, women wore rings on their little fingers to show their independence from men.

If we dig deeper into history, we’ll notice that a pinky ring was a sign you didn’t want to get married in Victorian times.

What Does Wearing a Wedding Ring on Little Finger Mean?

Some married men choose to wear their wedding ring on their little fingers. Generally, this choice has no special significance but to respect tradition.

Back in the day, men with high stature wore their wedding rings on their little fingers. Some of them chose to put their wedding ring next to their signet ring.

To this day, King Charles III wears both his wedding and signet ring on his little finger. Another powerful person in history who wore their wedding ring on their pinky is Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean Regarding Social Status?

You can also wear a pinky ring to demonstrate your wealth and power. A pinky ring is more than just a fashion accessory. It is a strong statement about one’s success and ability to influence others.

Sometimes, pinky rings signify membership in a social group or secret society. For instance, there are mafia and cult-themed pinky rings.

What Does a Pinky Ring Represent in Your Professional Life?

You can get a pinky ring for your achievements in your professional life. It can start off with a class pinky ring when you graduate.

You might be rewarded with a pinky ring when you reach new milestones in your career. Furthermore, some companies have a corporate culture where they give their employees pinky rings.

Specific professions use pinky rings to show their work status or membership. For instance, there is an engineer's ring for people working in engineering or graduates in the field.

Other excellent examples are sports clubs and championships. It happens quite often for the management or organizational team to give the athletes pinky rings. 

What Does a Pinky Ring Represent in Your Professional Life
Source: jewelrylab.co

What Does a Pinky Ring Symbolize in Roman Mythology?

Roman mythology gives us a rather interesting meaning of wearing a pinky ring. According to their beliefs, our little fingers are connected with the god of messages, communications, luck, and travels, Mercury.

Mercury was also considered the god of interpreters and translators. As mythology says, the pinky rings can help you communicate freely

Therefore, if you are facing some kind of difficulties with spreading your message, a pinky ring can save you from the blockage.

A pinky ring is considered a charm for communication. Writers use it to ease writer’s block, while politicians and other public figures can wear a pinky ring to give flawless speeches.

If you want your pinky ring to be your guardian of immaculate communication, I recommend our island pinky ring. It will also remind you that you are in a safe and stable place.

What Is the Significance of a Pinky Ring Traditionally?

History can also teach us a lot about the meaning of the pinky ring. It is presumed that men wore the first pinky rings. 

They were called signet rings because the ring was used for sealing documents. More often than not, the signet ring had the family crest or the initials of the person wearing the ring engraved on it.

Traditionally, people from the high social classes wore pinky rings to show their royalty, power, and achievements.

What Is the Significance of a Pinky Ring Traditionally
Source: jewelrylab.co


Now you know what does pinky ring mean sexually. Plus, you are also familiar with the other widely used meanings.

Aside from embracing one’s sexuality and representing self-love, pinky rings are used to respect family traditions and show social and professional status.

Additionally, pinky rings symbolize open communication, intelligence, and confidence. For those who value history and tradition, pinky rings symbolize power, wealth, and sophistication.

After all, a pinky ring can sometimes be more of a fashion statement rather than a status symbol or sign of dominance.

To conclude, pinky rings are a stylish accessory; everyone should have at least two and combine them with different outfits.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.